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  1. it will be refreshing to see a d8 red instead of the usual yellow. Good call!!
  2. love those kw's can't wait to see it! do you have some plans as for the colors? or you'll do the version that's on the box?
  3. yes i guess so. on the engine; secondary and the primary is the one mounted on the firewall. fuel coming from the tanks goes at the primary,then secondary or" final", then to the fuel pump on engine,then to the injection pump.
  4. yes part #18 or is the secondary the one mounted on the rad on right side . primary fuel filter is to catch all the debris/dirt from the fuel tank, secondary fuel filter is going to the fuel pump since fuel has been filtered twice before going into engine. usually fuel filters are mounted close together. i never saw live this kind of mounting.. i could be wrong as the one on the rad could be primary and the one on engine would be secondary... part #116or, that you circled is the power steering reservoir .the two tip that it has on the bottom is for 2 oil lines ,since it has 2 steer
  5. Thanks i'm happy that i could help a little. the exhaust pipe that i installed is some scrap plastic that i bent using a lighter.i know , it's not right in the real world but for me it was easier than fitting the exhaut pipe glued to the crossmember like they show in the instruction. i installed it once the exhaust was all set and dry. once done you can test fit the other to the one attached to the muffler. look at those pictures you'll see the pipe going under on both sides since it's a detroit engine as we have in our kits.also as you can see the mounting for the muffler is not the same.
  6. ok ,i just went downstairs and snap some pics for you, as for your exhaust questions, that i hope will be a little help..
  7. nice old looking truck. and what about the frame... red, black,brown or tan/beige like the cab???
  8. yes they are the short one is the fuel water separator and the other one is a primary fuel filter.
  9. 16 &18 are fuel filters, and 116 is the power steering reservoir ... if i'm wrong then somebody out here on the forum will correct me.
  10. lots of work allready. resin kits are a not easy to do. but i see that you are on a path that you've been to. keep it up!
  11. wow you're fast! don't forget to sand the tire treads..
  12. Your workbench is a lot like mine. lots of space but only working in a tight area like 12x12! or less. as i can see your doing really good so far. even after a year of not not building .. you see, it's all coming back. hope your having fun building it, and looking at your work once you've completed some steps. it's all satisfying work.
  13. really nice tires for a dolly.. don't forget the pull handle on the 5th wheel. keep it up
  14. call received! here's some pictures and models that i did not made found all those on the net. good luck finding your inspiration and let us know ,what will you come up to.
  15. here's a gmc general i did some years ago. still no decals on it...
  16. here's picture that i found... at least you have a base... this one do not have the dog in the grill. remember Ryder trucks are cheap rentals so you must use bud wheels no mags were on those trucks. show us some pics of your project when you start building it!
  17. Thank you much appreciated, all those that i posted were done like 3-4 years ago. as for the crouch boss, i had the peel and stick decals long time ago. i know it's not their original colors but... what the heck . we live in a other world with the kits that we build. as for the dented trailer i heat up the corner before it's painted and press it against my workbench.. in my "world" there's no trailer that's not dented or have a little accident...
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