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  1. Thank you all for the great ideas. Now to start looking. Stay safe everyone. BobbyT
  2. Thanks all for your suggestions. I would like to use them all. My house doesn't have enough space though. Too many model kits packed in plastic totes. That lawyer book case though, hmmmmm. Stay safe everyone. BobbyT
  3. Correct Cobra Man. Pioneer plastics make very good cases. I've bought several. They don't make them large enough for a 1/25th truck and trailer together though.
  4. Hey all. Hope everyone is safe. I've been looking at the dutch truck modelers fotki. I have seen pics of semi trucks with trailers in clear display cases. Anyone know where these can be found? I've found custom made ones, but they are north of $200 bucks. I'd like to avoid that if possible. Thanks for any help. BobbyT
  5. Nice job. Does this kit need the rear axle raised like previous Revell funny cars?
  6. Okay, got your info. First time I opened the box. This kit is HUGE! Tire diameter is 2.656, Width is .623, and opening for the rim is 1.620 . Hope this helps you. Stay safe.
  7. I have both kits. I'm at work now. If noone replies, I will look when I get home. Have a good day.
  8. Thanks Les. I thought that as well. The AMT 68 El-Camino rear axle and wheel backs look fine to me. I'm going to put the wheel backs into the tires I'm using, then I'll place them inside the body/subframe and measure inside wheel back to wheelback. Narrow the axle tubes to fit. I think I'll pin and glue the tubes to the center section to keep from sagging.
  9. Thank you espo. Thats what I thought as well. After thinking about it, I'm going to Set the tires and wheels I'm using in place and measure the width and cut the axle to fit. Make sense?
  10. Hey folks I'm a bit confused with a scale calculation. According to google, a stock 72 chevy vega rear axle has a width of 53.6 inches. According to the scale calculator I used, at 1/25th scale that equates to 2.144 inches. My confusion comes from measuring the rear axle of the amt 68 elcamino. The camino axle is 2.079 inches. So, I don't need to narrow the camino axle to fit? How can this be right? What say you guys? Thanks all and please stay safe.
  11. Over on spotlight hobbies, a fellow just posted pics of the kit contents. I'll be getting a few of these.
  12. Incredible workmanship. I have a question though. Is the staggering of the front suspension due to the angle of the photo, or a chassis engineering solution?
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