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  1. Over on spotlight hobbies, a fellow just posted pics of the kit contents. I'll be getting a few of these.
  2. Incredible workmanship. I have a question though. Is the staggering of the front suspension due to the angle of the photo, or a chassis engineering solution?
  3. Jamie, will your replacement wheels come plated?
  4. Thanks for that info Hakan. After looking at images of the Bandag Bandit, I can say I personally don't care for that truck. Santa brought me the Super Boss this year, I like how it looks much better.
  5. Got my 2 Papa trucks today. I wonder if they'll release the black one?
  6. Just got an email, Tower Hobbies has this kit in.
  7. Well done. This is a model that a 1to1 car should be built from.
  8. DaveM, notice my avatar above Dave Van. Love the Fat Jack 48.
  9. Building a kit of my avatar. Finally!!!!!!!!!
  10. The front and rear suspension will work. You'll need to come up with a chevrolet engine of course.
  11. I just got my 73 chevelle yesterday. Well worth the wait. I am very impressed. The casting is thin as styrene. All you need to provide is the drivetrain, front suspension and tires.
  12. Great work here. Where do you get the oversize tires?
  13. Seeing all these great builds is an awesome way to send out 2014. Thank you all.
  14. I'll also be glad to put 2014 to bed. The handbrake got diverticulitus in January and it took almost all year and 2 different hospitals to take care of her. All is good now.
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