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  1. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic wanted   

    thanks anyway,,got what I needed at a local swap group,,,
  2. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic Pocher car and the Creature   

    Git away from my wheels!
  3. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic wanted   

    sorry,,,not used to asking for parts,,,,,,for 66 nova,,,amt,,,,working on finding parts to start a project on a sedan delivery,,,bought the body at swap meet,,have chassis and other parts pretty much to complete ,,,,will be a future project when all parts are in place,,,,,thanks for the heads up,,,,,,Doug
  4. Doug Beebe added a topic in Wanted!   

    looking for hood and chrome strip,front and rear bumpers-with grille,for a project in the rough so far,,,,
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  5. Doug Beebe added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    been visiting for a long time,but it is time to be noticed,,,,,,,,,
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  6. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic Foose - Revell Partnership   

    well,,,,Mr. Foose does a great job,BUT,I personally don't think every car he builds needs those extremely large wheels,,,I don't like them myself. most cars of the past need some sidewall to look good,,,some look like buckboards to me with those big wheels,must ride the same also. In the northeast the potholes would ruin a set of them in no time. Im also the kind of guy that never builds anything right from the box,,,got to change something. just my humble opinion,,,,,,,
  7. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic Jacked '49 Merc Wagon 7/7/17 switched to Fotki   

    great job,,love the work you do,,,much thought gone into the project,,,,,,,,but,a wench is a woman that does housework,in the literal sense,,,,,,,and a winch is what you use to get unstuck with,,,,,,just a thought
  8. Doug Beebe added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    hello from Syracuse NY,,another old guy back into model cars
    not sure what to say,built for long time when young,military life,then marriage,job,kids,life as we know it,,got a real car,,46 Pontiac Streamliner,sat for 20 yrs did not cost me a thing,,,got to start building that with the help from some friends,,,,,met some guys that had a club in Syracuse,close bye,,,,,never got into building together with them,,,,but loved looking at works in progress,,,,,,,,,,,,i credit them with getting me back into the hobby,,,,,now im at it again,,,,,,and loving it more than ever,,,,,,,,,much more capable of things and learning more all the time,,,,,with the help of this forum thanks for reading Doug Beebe
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  9. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic Lindberg/Pyro '48 Lincoln   

    hello,,,yes kit is a CHALLENGE to assemble,,,,the right idea is to get the body together for paint,,,,i am doing one as a street rod,, "430" lincoln motor out of old amt kit,,,but with a single 4 barrel carb,,nice cruiser,,stripped chrome of grille to use as front connection for fenders,,have got chassis cut up for engine swap,and made up new spring mount in front,,,,,in the works,,,sorry no pictures,,,,,
  10. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic Lone Star Build   

    by the looks of the sides,,,the height is a real problem,,,bridges are only 14ft that would be just over the heigth of the cab,,,box is way too tall,,,,,,been working for Navistar Int. for 40 yrs,,,,seen salesmen take stacks off on low bridges,,,,hate too lose the whole roof of that trailer,,,,,,
  11. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic '50 Olds or Pontiac Torpedo bodies   

    49 - 52 pontiacs were the Silverstreaks,,,,,,,torpedo was the older versions,,,,,,thanks,,,Doug
  12. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic What thirties makes would you like to see cast in resin the most?   

    the 46-48 Pontiacs are my favorites,,,,,,some new grilles and different trim pieces would work on the Galaxy chevies,,,,,some older Pontiacs also would be nice,,,,,,,I have a 46 Pontiac torpedo street rod,,,,thats why im picky,,,,thanks, Doug
  13. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic '50 Olds or Pontiac Torpedo bodies   

    hello,,first time on here,,the fast back body styles are all close to the same,minor changes between Buick,Olds,Pontiac,,,,,BUT,,,the trim changes from year to year,,and the grilles are different from year to year,,,,,I own 1946 Pontiac Torpedo back street rod,,,very rare,,first year after the war,,wish someone would do grille options for the Galaxy kit,,I have a couple to do,,so those Chevies would be Pontiacs,,,,,,thanks for your time,,,,,,Doug
  14. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic faded 41 finally   

    eyebrow above right headlight,,,but real nice build,,,,couldnt decide weather to put them on or not,,,huh???
  15. Doug Beebe added a post in a topic Proxxon vs. Dremel Rotary Tools?   

    I have a rather old Dremel also,,worked fine then quit,no apparent reason,,curious? I took it apart and found a broken wire??,finally got the wire repaired,added a piece to eliminate break,and it works great again,,,,,,,hate to replace anything,,right next to the term LOW BUDGET,,is my photo,,,,,just a thought,,,,,