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  1. My 12 year old son and I had a great time at NNL North yesterday. He entered two of his Corvettes and I entered my '69 Chevelle. There were a ton of amazing builds.
  2. This is gonna be pretty darn cool when it's done! Keep up the good work!
  3. Can't wait to see more of this thing
  4. I work for a huge printing company and never would have thought of using those. Not sure if they'd like me taking one home since they get money for recycling them but maybe I'll slice a chunk or two out of one. Keep up the good work!
  5. Not a big VW fan but I gotta say I do like the chopped beetles. Looks good!
  6. Dang...this thing is looking like you should be able to put gas in the tank, turn the key, and let the Borrowers take it for a spin.
  7. This is gonna be cool as hell when it's done. Gonna follow this thread through so don't leave me hangin' for too long
  8. Still droolin' Can't wait to see the finished product
  9. Very nice work! I like how you discolored the exhaust. The car almost looks like you could get in it and drive it.
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