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  1. MJStyline added a post in a topic 1965 Chrysler 300, Update 1/28 DONE!   

    Absolutely love the paint! Very inspirational, I'll have to dig up the '65 I have buried somewhere.

    I love the lines of the '65s and owned 2, a 300 (non-letter) "beater" hard top and a New Yorker. I acquired the built-up kit when I had the the 300 and almost replicated my 1:1 but I'm thankful I didn't head in that direction...
  2. MJStyline added a post in a topic Some of my favorite Danbury Mint models part 1 (pics)   

    Th Cadillacs, especially the '55 and the Buicks are simply amazing... I would go back and forth about making the investment on a few when the usual flyers would show up in the mail ( I only have the 300C convertible) and regret not getting the '55 and '48 (?) Buick. I seem to recall a '57 New Yorker as well, identical to a 1:1 a friend owned, down to the color. Time to look in the secondary market...
  3. MJStyline added a post in a topic Building the Revell 1950 Oldsmobile - We're Finished! 10/30/12   

    Looks like a shade of blue; I have to dig up my '50 Oldsmobile dealer color/trim book
  4. MJStyline added a post in a topic 1/25 Moebius Tim Flock Hudson Hornet   

    Fantastic news- I've been waiting for a model of the original 300 for more than 2 decades, back when a 1:1 '55 DeSoto was in my driveway. I'll be picking up a few, can't imagine how Moebius can trump this release in the future...
  5. MJStyline added a post in a topic 5 model cars or trucks you wish were made.   

    I haven't read the entire thread but 5 I'd like to see: 1960 Chrysler 300F (Moebius?), 1956 Lincoln Premiere (both of these cars are gorgeous designs IMHO), 1957 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, Lamborghini Miura (though I know about the outstanding die casts available...) and a Series 1 Jaguar E-Type. These are my "marketable" requests lol... 1967 Buick Wildcat anyone??
  6. MJStyline added a post in a topic Yes, I'm crazy.......Pyro '48 Lincoln   

    Funny, I need to build this for a friend...
  7. MJStyline added a post in a topic My Inspirational Model Car   

    For me it's been Monogram's '58 T-Bird. I've built it twice and have a few unbuilts collecting dust. Something about the "just right" feel and level of detail, sufficient for me anyway. Liking the 1:1 car certainly has something to do with it...

    Oh, first post!