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  1. I finally picked up a ‘66 Suburban here in Sacramento- my thanks to the original poster! Many of the others were there as well but I didn’t want to be greedy...
  2. I’m handy enough with a Dremel, knife, etc. but that variance in the front fender opening is a surprise and something I wold have to correct. I’m amazed an error like that squeaks through these days but am grateful for the kit...
  3. Finally... an opportunity to build my old 1:1. Emphasis on build vs. remain in shrink wrap...
  4. I will certainly vote with my wallet to keep releases like this coming in the future- though for every new kit I purchase I must sell/trade 4-5 others to keep the pile manageable...
  5. I have a copy of Jerry Pantis’s book on “plastic” Porsche’s but it’s buried at the moment pending a west coast move. I’ll have to take a look when I land.
  6. I’m about to move across the country and I’m on the fence about what to sell/give away. I’m sure I can pare down the pile to 150 or so.
  7. This is one of the few truly collectible kits I own- I was amazed to find it and didn’t even know it existed. As such, I’ve always considered it ripe for “remastering” when the technology existed, much like the few JoHan originals I’ve been able to acquire.
  8. The built-up ‘60 I purchased a few years ago was less than $20; this was at a general car show flea market. Still in its as-found state unfortunately. I recall buying the first round of the ‘59 reissue from Dave at Carlisle; he almost had me convinced to buy a case at the time, I couldn’t believe the tooling still existed.
  9. Born in '68 and from an early age I was artificially nostalgic for the cars of my father's youth; his '57 Chevy, my uncle's '59 Fury and the '58 Buicks and Chevys due to the two assembled kits I had acquired from him. My recollections of 70s iron revolved around our family '73 Dart that developed rust at an alarmingly early point in it's life; I though it was inferior to my grandfather's '69 Impala in so many ways. In any event, from the marketing standpoint and independent of my own lack of interest in the subject, I could only recommend freshly tooled Camaros, Firebirds and pick-ups. At the same time I'd snap up a Continental Mark IV, curb side or full-engine.
  10. Makes me wish I still had my '65 F250 Styleside. I'd gladly have provided photos, measurements, etc. in any quantity Moebius desired... While I'm dreaming I'd suggest -- for maximum tooling flexibility -- a 1963 Pontiac Catalina. Otherwise, a 1960 Chrysler 300F.
  11. Absolutely love the paint! Very inspirational, I'll have to dig up the '65 I have buried somewhere. I love the lines of the '65s and owned 2, a 300 (non-letter) "beater" hard top and a New Yorker. I acquired the built-up kit when I had the the 300 and almost replicated my 1:1 but I'm thankful I didn't head in that direction...
  12. Th Cadillacs, especially the '55 and the Buicks are simply amazing... I would go back and forth about making the investment on a few when the usual flyers would show up in the mail ( I only have the 300C convertible) and regret not getting the '55 and '48 (?) Buick. I seem to recall a '57 New Yorker as well, identical to a 1:1 a friend owned, down to the color. Time to look in the secondary market...
  13. Looks like a shade of blue; I have to dig up my '50 Oldsmobile dealer color/trim book
  14. Fantastic news- I've been waiting for a model of the original 300 for more than 2 decades, back when a 1:1 '55 DeSoto was in my driveway. I'll be picking up a few, can't imagine how Moebius can trump this release in the future...
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