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  1. Nydirtracr added a post in a topic Racers from a new guy   

    Thanks guys. I'm going to go back & put in some descriptions. Sorry I thought they were there.
  2. Nydirtracr added a topic in Under Glass   

    Racers from a new guy
    Click for larger image

    Modified Stocker built for local racer Herm Flowers. Raced with this body until 2001.

    Pit scene. I've got a lot of pics of this if you guys want to see more. Monogram sprint,Galaxie trailer&AMT Dually.Fujimi pit crew & lots of parts box tools & equipment.

    Partsbox sprint. I built this way back when Fred Cady 1st started doing decals. Resurrected it from the parts box last weekend.

    Camaro Super Stock. Built on a shortened Super Stocker chassis. Body is from the Revell SCCA Camaro. Wide 5 wheels from Freds Resin workshop& the tires are SATCO units.
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  3. Nydirtracr added a post in a topic Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?   

    Ford Super Duty
    Ford Ranger 4x4 supercab
    IMCA/UMP/Grand American modified
    dirt late model
    Snow plows
  4. Nydirtracr added a topic in General   

    New Guy
    Hey guys. I've visited here a few times. Finally registered & plan to spend some time to see what you guys are all about. I primarily build race cars,but I like hot rods & Tuners as well(I know, odd for an almost 40 year old guy!). My kids like planes & I still like to play with trains so I'm all over the place. Looks like a cool place to hang out while the paint dries.

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