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  1. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic 3/4 ton Conversion Kits   

    For a medium duty chassis, and running gear, you could use any of the AMT Ford Louisville or Ford C model kits.  I believe Herb Deeks used to offer some 1950's medium duty resin frames and cabs.  I'm sure someone will verify if I am losing my mind of if indeed those recollections are correct.
  2. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Mack R-model Engine Tanker 27(update 11/12)   

    Hi Dave,
    Excellent start!  Another option for the elliptical tank is a 1/32 scale New Ray tank.  They make several elliptical tankers that work well in 1/25 scale.   Because they are narrower than say the expensive OOP Revell Beall tanker, they can accommodate the addition of portable tank holders, compartments, ladders, hard suction, etc.  Unfortunately, with the recent Photobucket issues, I can't post photos of how well they work. This is an early photo of a WIP that has come a long way.   Look forward to following along!


  3. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Warning Lights   

    You can also fashion them from clear acrylic rod.  Plastruct makes several diameters.  cut a piece, chuck it in your drill and you have a "poor man's lathe".Shape as desired, get a piece of K&S aluminum tubing, polish to a high sheen and add color with Tamiya clear paint.
  4. hooknladderno1 added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT American La France Pumper Re-issue?
    I recently saw a photo of 2017 scheduled models in which the AMT American LaFrance Pumper was featured.  Can anyone confirm this?  Thanks!
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  5. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic 1979 Dodge Power Wagon Brush Truck   

    The Briggs &Stratton engine is a Don Mills Models piece cast in metal.  I have since added additional components to replicate the 1:1 emgine. 

    Over the weekend I can get some updated photos.
  6. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Dodge welding rig   

    Super build!
    I use the Rustoleum texture paint for pickup bed liners like Rhino Liner and Linex.  Great stuff!  I have also used it to replicate the texture material on the pump panels of fire trucks.

  7. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic 1979 Dodge Power Wagon Brush Truck   

    Hi Mike,
    I was fortunate to pick up a monster truck several years ago for the long bed body and cab.  I also had the good fortune of buying a glue bomb 70's pickup that had the correct 4x4 chassis.  Thanks for your kind words!
  8. hooknladderno1 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1979 Dodge Power Wagon Brush Truck
    Hi Gang,
    I thought that I had started a thread on this build some time ago.  But, after an extensive search, I can't find it.  So, if this is "old news", I apologize. 
    The truck I am modeling is a 1979 Dodge Power Wagon brush truck owned until very recently by the Independence Fire Co. No. 1 of Palmyra, NJ.  Otherwise known as the Palmyra Fire Department, I was proud to serve there in the early 1980's. 

    The truck had many unique features including dual booster reels, lots of equipment packed into a compact package!  But probably the most interesting was the pedestal mounted deck gun that sat atop the pickup bed.  Why would you put such a thing in a brush truck?  Well, Palmyra is a small town across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.  Typical of such towns, The main street through town had rows of shops and businesses with residences above.  Firefighters call these "taxpayers", as the businesses generate tax revenue for the town, while also providing living space for the owners or tenants.  Behind these taxpayers, was a narrow alley.  It was too narrow to fit a standard fire truck down.  But, the pickup truck fit just fine!  With some modifications done by a local metal fabricator, we were in business.  The angle irons at the back of the truck could support the hose lines drug to the rear of the truck.  the pedestal mounted deck gun would have a manifold that could accept up to three supply lines.  As seen in the photos, the truck had a few different pairings of wheels, rear emergency lights, and nozzles for the deck gun.  Interestingly enough, it's replacement, a 2007 Ford still retains a similar pedestal mounted deck gun!  That truck is also "on the drawing board"


    I am a nut when it comes to details.  This is the reason it has taken so long to do this project, because everything had to be just right!  One of the big challenges was the grille and headlights.  To my knowledge, no manufacturer  or resin caster had ever offered this combination before.  I am not gifted with "sculptural abilities", but recently, a fellow modeler (thanks John) encouraged me to work through it.  While probably not up to the level of quality of somme of our builders here, I am pretty happy with the results.  I still need to do some additional modifications to it, but I hope to be on my way to wrapping this one up soon!

    Thanks for looking!
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  9. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic '55 Buick Century sedan..... modified from Maisto police car   

    Very cool!  Didn't know about this particular diecast.  Makes me think of doing something like this:

  10. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Planned Project...   

    The ground work was then covered by a layer of Celluclay.

    Next came some acrylic craft paints to pre-color the ground work

    Next, came several applications of different grass, ground cover and ground foam.

    The ramp composition to the firehouse is not very clear.  Thus, I made the base look like crushed stone over a dirt base.  The original sanded tile grout and ballast was given a wash of dark gray.  Then, medium and light gray was dry brushed onto the stones.  I attempted to place a darker gray shadow towards the apron where the building meets the top of the ramp.

    So this is where we stand at the moment.  Still lots to be done, but happy with the progress so far.  As always, comments and criticism always welcome!
  11. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Planned Project...   

    Hi Gang,
    After a long while on the back burner, this project is back on the bench!  Lots of progress since the last update.  I will try to do this in some hat of a chronological order.  When we last left off, the block work was filled with acrylic artist's gesso to give the appearance of very thin mortar lines as on the 1:1 building.

    Pink foam polystyrene insulation was added to make up the bulk of the ground work.

    Meanwhile, the apparatus bay door was scratchbuilt.  As it was my first such effort, I was quite pleased.

    While the only two original photos that exist do not show it, it is logical that there was a cellar door to the rear of the building.  So using some artistic license and a period correct design, a cellar door entrance was fashioned...

    The polystyrene was covered with a mix of toilet paper and white glue.  You may also notice that a tree has grown behind the firehouse as in the original photo.

    Below is my first attempt at growing a tree.  As you can see, my efforts were a little short.  So, the tree was cut, a new base was formed, and you see the final result.

    The wire was covered with acrylic latex caulk that was textured with a tooth pick and bamboo skewer. 

    While it looks more like something from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", I'm pretty proud of my first tree.  It remains a workin progress...
  12. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Aussie shed   

    Awesome project!  I too will be following along.  I have always wanted to build a "barn find" diorama featuring a 1920's - 30's fire truck.
  13. hooknladderno1 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Converting 1957 Chevy Cameo P/U Into 1957 GMC "Calamity Jane" Civil Defense Rescue
    Hi Gang,
    I am not an expert on vintage Chevy/GMC trucks, so I am asking for your help.  My first fire department's second rescue truck was a 1957 GMC "Calamity Jane" style Civil Defense Heavy Rescue unit.  A huge step up from their original panel van.  From the few photos available, the hood looks similar to the AMT 57 Chevy Cameo pickup.  I realize that the larger GMC chassis would be wider and taller than the standard Cameo sheet metal.  I also plan on adding the round front wheel wells with Evergreen strip stock.  Below is a photo of both the AMT kit and the eventual goal. Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated!


    Thanks in advance!
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  14. hooknladderno1 added a post in a topic Eisbrenner Seagraves   

    Works of art as always!  I have often thought of buying one of the Uptown Automotive incarnations to build this 1951(?) Seagrave TDA.  It originally served Mount Holly, NJ.  It was later purchased by Masonville(Mount Laurel) NJ.  It is maintained by a good friend of mine.  As much as my heart would like to take on this project, my head reminds me of the many unfinished projects that I already have "on the shelf"...  I know it would involve modifying the grille, front fenders, body AND fabricating the trailer...

  15. hooknladderno1 added a topic in General   

    MicroMark Home Photo Etch System?
    Hi Folks,
    Just wondering if there are any other owners/users of the MicroMark home photo etch system out there?  Is there a forum or group of users to share tips, techniques, etc?  I have searched here and on Facebook.  I purchased my system about 6 years ago.  I was pretty happy with my first couple etches!  It was packed away for a move, and only recently unpacked.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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