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  1. Hi Guys, made some progress over the last few days. What i did was scrape off as much of the paint that was left on the interior( after soaking in brake fluid) and repainted with bottle and brush. Also added BMF to the body trim. What I'm planning is to finish completely before posting pictures. Roy Oh BTW, Rex I found that my Mach body does not have the locating holes for the twist down hood pins.
  2. Very nice looking Charger Geno! I like the "SNAKE-FUing" You've done.
  3. Well, someone must not have been paying attention. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2017/10/20/gm-settles-deadly-ignition-switch-cases-120-million/777831001/
  4. Sorry to hear, my wife and I had recently been talking about '80's music, and artists...and Roxette did come up in our conversation. So, I remembered when that video came on she would say that she would like to have her hair cut the same way. R I P Marie Fredriksson
  5. That is a nice Torino Tony, actually I like both, yours as well as the yellow version. But I have to say that Cougar Eliminator ROCKS!!
  6. Cool! the ones I remember Randy, were a 1966 Fairlane, '67 GTO, '70 GTX, and a '70 Chevelle.
  7. Rex, I remember those being in the Parade magazine! They were sold in sets, as I remember and I bought the first set. Right now I have no idea what I did with them?
  8. Just FYI, I haven't given up on this project. My Wife has health issues (COPD), so that's top priority. Anyway, brake fluid soaking of interior parts did not remove the paint I used, trying something different. Hope to post more progress soon.
  9. http://www.mustangandfords.com/features/1907-remembering-lido-anthony-iacocca
  10. This song may not really be spooky, could just be the use of the theremin that gives it that effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqCn35UQeIw
  11. Sorry to hear of the passing of Ginger Baker. I loved cream as well, their music was a big part of my youth. R I P, Mr Baker
  12. I myself would not use SuperClean to strip a die cast. Tried it a few years ago, and the whole body was "pock marked". That air craft stripper works best, or brake fluid.
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