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  1. Hey Snake, i checked that site for the Cobra. It's the same as the Welly. And I was not a fan of that one
  2. https://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2020/0910/1164360-avengers-actress-diana-rigg-has-died-aged-82/ Had a mad crush on her back in the day. Rest in Peace Lovely Lady
  3. Great finish Tyler!! Lookin' really good!!
  4. Yeah! 81 is a good run!! It was time to fold 'em...RIP
  5. Hey Johnny I'm in the same situation with my wife. COPD and ASTHMA thankfully no heart issues. Recently I signed up on Facebook and we've started video chatting, not the same as being there but we can at least see the Gran Kids cute smiling faces.
  6. Hey Jim is that a Fender Jazz Bass? Nice! When I did play, I had a Rickenbacher 4001 sunburst, and a Peavey Centurion amp.
  7. Hey Tyler, No worries my good man. Believe me I understand very well how life is. As You might remember I was falling behind because of "life" too. And I chose a simpler build for just that reason. Plus, I couldn't wait to see it finished
  8. COOL! I'm starting on the same project, but there are others that I'm wanting to work on ahead of it so not sure why I did that. Nice start on Yours Rex.
  9. Hey Tyler, have You had time to finished your Mach 1 yet?
  10. Hey Snake, I bought one of those as well, Ebay seller took my best offer of 10.00. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/130937-hey-snake-heres-what/?tab=comments#comment-1902004 The biggest difference between the 2 is the Crown Premiums version has opening hood, doors, and trunk.
  11. Well Snake, removed some tampo printed numbers and renumbered with a Fred Cady sheet, added a combination of Slixx and old kit contingency decals. Painted the headlight buckets and continued the white stripping ( and not very well..shaky hands) around the same area. Dechromed the wheels and repainted them. Removed the rear plate that read 1969, and it also had a gas cap on the rear panel. You know the tampo was surprisingly hard to remove from was the tires?
  12. Snake FU'd Crown Premium Boss 302
  13. Hey Randy, This how I got mine.......I Snake-FU'd by combining these items. Removed almost all the tampo, and ended up where it is now. Thanks for looking https://www.ebay.com/itm/Richard-Brickhouse-99-Crown-Dodge-1969-Dodge-Daytona-1-24-University-of-Racing/233363900360?hash=item36559287c8:g:P~IAAOSwFWVdnO29 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ace-Powerslide-99-Dow-1969-70-Charlie-Glotzbach-Nascar-decal/202642044268?hash=item2f2e68356c:g:FiEAAOSwR2xcojUT
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