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  1. Too Young also. Would loved to have seen this performance that happened on Saturday afternoon of that weekend:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhUPCIiYC2w
  2. I'm raising a glass to Captain America. R I P
  3. Oh Yeah! I also did not remember "Night Hawks" porn actor Jaime Gillis was in that too, LOL.
  4. NO!! But I did think when he was on the run....never a Bronco around when you need one, right?
  5. Thought he was really good in Blade Runner, and maybe much better in The Hitcher. R I P
  6. Some interesting stuff. On Saturday I commemorated the moon landing by watching the movie : "Capricorn One".
  7. Thanks Carl. it was meant to be kind of a tribute to Farrah. Now repainted in Testors white lighting, roll cage and racing seats gone. But the twin Paxton supercharged 289 from the AMT Surf Woody is still there.
  8. Hi Rex, I know what You mean about the rear spoiler sitting too high.....but I did not notice that the holes are so far forward. Originally I had planned to strip and repaint Grabber Blue, that would have been a good opportunity to then fill those holes. Maybe in the future
  9. Here's II You Lee Iacocca!! Thanks for the memories. This was just a redo that I'm recently completing.
  10. This is where I'm at: added Magnum 500s from a Maisto 1970 Boss Mustang along with the kit (Testors) white lettered T/A radials. The side mirrors were missing from my kit so, I lifted some from an MPC kit that I have. I'm also raiding my NASCAR Thunderbird kits again for 351 engine parts'....this the 3rd one of these TESTORS's kits that I'm putting together so I'll have to start searching for more of them soon. As far as the interior, the seats and door panels will be white, ran into a problem with the spray can I was using so I'll have to strip and repaint 'em.
  11. It's nice to see no one is saying anything bad about Lee Iacocca also being the father of the Mustang II. My 1st Mustang was a 2 year old '77 black n gold Cobra II. I have owned 3 II's. 2 '77's, and 1 78 King. R I P Mr Iacocca
  12. That's a great color, and nice details as well.
  13. Happy 4th to you all, I'm not the quickest of builders, so this is what I'm entering in this project.
  14. Billy Drago died on 24, June 2019 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/28/movies/billy-drago-dead.html
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