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  1. 1972 Mustang Funny Car

    I have many decals that I draw for this Mustang body. Here is my email - stang1forever@yahoo.com if you are interested in seeing what I have. Thanks Chuck
  2. Hi, Here is of my newest dual 1/25th scale decal- Gary Burgins Orange Baron Mustang II and Monza funny car. I re-drew this decal using Corel Draw to ensure the best quality graphics. I do use a Alps printer to print my decals using clear decal paper with a white undercoat where needed. This decal will not be printed with the green background. With this decal you can build the 1976 Mustang II using the Comp. Resins body and the 1977 Monza. With the Monza you can build one of two versions as I included graphics to do so. The Monza uses the Jungle Jim kit. The price of this decal will be $25.00 plus $2.65 shipping. If anyone is interested in buying one I can be contacted at stang1forever@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. Here are some pics of my latest 1/16th scale decals that I have drawn up. They are Keeling & Clayton's 1973 Mustang, Larry Fullerton's 1973 Trojan Horse. Both were 1973 cars but the one with the light purple,yellow and red stripes was ran in 1974. All can be used with Greg Fox, Mike Garland or Comp. Resins 1/16 Mustang bodies. They are $28.60 with shipping. Anyone interested can contact me at stang1forever@yahoo.com. Thanks Chuck
  4. Hi Bill, Do you have any pics of the Charlie Allen blue car? Give me a call at 317-747-4349 and maybe I can do a decal for you. I don't know if I have any pics of the 68 Gene Snow car. Thanks Chuck
  5. Great looking model Chris! You did a outstanding job of building and detailing it. Thanks for posting. I will include them in my Photobucket album. Thanks for sending me the pics of it. Take care P.S.- I will try to start on the Custom Body Challenger (Cuda) soon.
  6. Funny Car Summer 'Cuda

    Hi Bill, Yes, I am going to be doing some of his cars. I will see what pics I have and maybe if I have some good pics I will do them. Thanks Chuck
  7. Thanks for the good words Aaron. I really appreciate it. Like Aaron says I do have many 1/24-25th scale funny car decals many never done before. You can click on the link above and it will take you to my Photobucket album where you can see all that I have. I use a Alps printer and print on clear decal paper. If anyone has any questions I can be reached at 317-747-4349. If I am not there please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as can. Here are some samples Thanks Chuck
  8. Funny Car Summer 'Cuda

    Great job on building this model Aaron! Beautiful looking model. I wish you would have contacted me about the Slixx screw up with the pistons words. I would have drawn them for you. Still a winner though!! Chuck
  9. 1/16 F/C Decals

    Anyone interested in seeing this and some other of my decals I posted in the Aftermarket Secton. Thanks Chuck
  10. your welcome Doug. I have had the same problems at times.
  11. I just picked one of these kits at Hobby Lobby for around $20.00 with the 40% off coupon. Here are some pics of the model and decals.
  12. Here is my latest decal I just printed up- the black version of Phillip's & Shore's 1975 slant nose Vega. It is intended to be used with Mike Garland's newly casted slant nose Vega resin body. Mike took a Jungle Jim body and put the front and rear from the Snake body to make a body without that crappy looking hump on the hood. He also casted the wheel bumps to go with the body. Let me know what you think. Anyone interested I can be reached at stang1forever@yahoo.com Thanks Chuck B.
  13. Funny Car Parts site

    What a RIP-OFF! NO THANKS.
  14. You're welcome. Take care Chuck (
  15. Thanks Chuck. I know we have talked about this in the past. Oh well if they sell they sell and if they don't that's O.K. The main reason I drew them is I always liked the way the car looked and will build it someday. This is the way I feel about most (not all) of my decals. Take care Chuck
  16. Thanks Randy and Bruce for buying. I do appreciate it. Take care.
  17. Hi Gordon, You cam click on my profile at top of the page and go to my contact info at the bottom of the page. You will see a link to my Photobucket album. Thanks
  18. Hi Randy, Sorry, I forgot to say that these are in 1/16th scale. I just about (should have them done tonight) the 1/25th scale. Thanks
  19. Well Steve it's being a week and you were the last one to post. This is why I won't bother to post on this group anymore as it's not worth the effort to do so.
  20. Thanks RAT-T. Due to the overwelming non response to when I post these I am not going to bother posting anymore. Apparentely nobody gives two shits so why bother. Everybody have a good day.
  21. Here are my latest decals- Lee Maybeck's 1972 Screaming Eagle funny car available in both 1/25 and1/16th scales. Art Loveland helped with this decal by drawing the eagles. He drew great detail and with them printed in metallic gold ink they really look good. This is one of my best looking decals and I think will make a awesome looking model with the red, blue and gold graphics on the white body. Thanks for looking Chuck B. stang1forever@yahoo.com
  22. 1/25 Revell Don Prudhomme Army Vega Funny Car

    Thanks Simon, I look forward to seeing your model when you get it finished. Take care.