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  1. 85gt4bbl302 added a topic in General   

    Attention K. Shermann please contasct me asap
    Hey Everyone,

    lost my job, Got "let go" terminated It is important that K. Sherman needs to contact me

    you send me a box friday i'm guessing
    I know I need to send you some dodge dusters I need to know from you which "other " items I need to send to you as well
    please contact me asap at 228-223-8317 so i can promptly get your order off to you all info i had and your e-mail adress is lost in what was my work computer and i am no longer there please text/ call me so i can get your stuff to you like i say i lost my job and appologize for any delay for got what the k. stands for lol

    get back with me and let me know
    thanks, danny
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  2. 85gt4bbl302 added a topic in General   

    My NASTY note to Brians model cars webpage
    I figured i'd post this here i'm pretty peeved they deleted any/ all pics i posted to the "galleries" section there and noone ever has anything nice to say to me so I guess i belong here with all my "friends" can you tell i'm peeved I'll have to ask doc cranky what he prescribes to "calm the nerves" lol probly something with styrene and glue and some paint thats what i like though

    I feel that I am just going to dissapear alltogether from this webpage,
    I much enjoy my time much better on model car magazine web forums! Those guys there do not discriminate to whether or not your a perfect photographer, those guys do no DELETE ones posts/ galleries....... overall i feel welcome there, Here is a totally different story ya'll remind me of the elder man and woman running the local hobby shop here in gulfport (unless you are feeding them tons of $$$ they don't want to give you the time of day) It seems to feel the same way for me here. Unless I conform to somekind of upity up "i'm better than you" sort of way of life..... Sorry I am not that ways i'm just an ordinary average guy ( yes i borrowed part of those words from joe walsh) I do not feel part of your forums when i come back from a small absense and find out that all galleries I put up except for one ( ya'll must really like my brown jeep Renegade!) it's still here! everything i pretty much put up is gone alot of pics get erased, so why did i bother All I have gotten from day one here was negative feedback. " your punctuation is not good enough" " you cannot post pics here" " you have not been on this site long enough to post pictures"

    well you know what so Be it please tell me how i can Delete my account here so i can spend more of my time somewhere else If I have offended ANYONE? ANYBODY I do appologize formerly upfront. I thought all model car/ truck builders had the same Idealistic morals I guess I was wrong about here i am shamed to have bother wasteing my time at brians model cars. So please let me know how i can delete myself from here ( or someone do it for me) and please take my jeep out of the gallery so no imposters can lay claim to my workings! thank you
    Good luck to all
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  3. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    sorry not all of us are technilogically advanced I have many pics of my daily driver 2004 saturn Ion "REDLINE" 2.0 supercharged with a 5 speed stick....... but no way to put up pics sorry..... Half the time i can't even see pics that have been posted on this website maybe cause its a work puter, i don't even have internet at home
    but i will post a link that has many pictures of "redlines" mine is silver if i did not mention Its a Family + fun ride

    heres the link to what my car is......
  4. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic SCREAMING YELLOW ZONKER   

    wish i could see images of this!
  5. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic History of Monogram's Dodge Ramcharger   

    i like the sunroof lets you mildly detail the interior and peer in from above! my 2 cents
  6. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic History of Monogram's Dodge Ramcharger   

    pm'ed you wraith let me know if you want pics of the "junker" 2 wd ramcharger i've got built up
  7. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic motor question   

    I beleive the corvette 57' had a "street version (purple) it comes with i want to say a 502 big block its a nice lookin motor too
    also amt didt a 57 bel air street machine version with the same 502 i think just throw on some diff valve covers and call it good
  8. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic Building Original Issue Kits vs. Reissued Kits?   

    all of the above plus more I cannot leave a model in the plastic wrapped box! it must come out and run my imagination!
    i don't care if its old issu or new issue or reissues, (although theres something about the nostolgia of the old kits and the old box art) very cool ! i will build it wherever it comes
  9. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic Ford Escort mk2 RS2000   

    i've always been a rallye fan * thumbs up* but it looks darn good as a street car too! i'd say drop an ol school 289 h po v-8 in it and call it a euro sleeper!
  10. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic model kits in unexpected places   

    i've got a pretty good one, I didn't even know the place existed ( right behind one of the local o' reilys auto parts stores)
    theres a guy that has a good sized Garage! but 3/4 of that garage is his own personal museum ( I need to go take pics)
    on a friday that i get off at noon on and try to post em here........
    long story short the guy restores older cars hes got good taste and a wide variety (he just recently finished a nice Black Panera (pantera? sp?) anyways nice car i'd say very rare here in the states
    and this is all right around the corner from me
    long story shorter he has a small "gift" shop up fron i need to go see what model kits he keeps on hand again and how much they are going for!
    i'll let ya'll know
  11. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic model kits in unexpected places   

    I got real lucky at a walmart here on the ms gulf coast i was looking at clearence toy racks( i'm always in the toy dept.) lol
    I happened to turn around and right in front of my nose was an endcap of (very few) model kits on clearence 8$ originally 15 bucks heck 15 wasn't too bad of a price for new..... long story short i quickly grabbed 2 it was all my wife would allow
    they only had 1 65 el camino "california wheels" version left so i nabbed they had (2) 85 svo mustangs nabbed one of those too then there were a ton of a more recent revell ferrarri kit! but i went all over to the 5-6 other stores in the are down here along the coast and not one other of the walmart locations had those model kits..... i was discussing with bartster that maybe it was some fluke shipment they were not supposed to get so the sold them as clearence?
    i have not seen models for sale at any walmart for a good 10 plus years or so! so that was real rare i thought
  12. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic History of Monogram's Ford Pickups 1980-1991   

  13. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic Great people   

    sorry mr. Ben thats the list so far of people i've traded and sold things too ( and created a couple friendships along the way too) i've got a guy to talk ford with now ( fox mustangs) and barster to the west of me in tx we talk regularly now! its so great
    and i am very sure Your very great too mr Ben sir, hopefully i can add you to the list soon! do you trade regularly? lol
  14. 85gt4bbl302 added a topic in General   

    Great people
    its not too often you find great people now days i sure have done so here at mcm wesite

    I know I posted this in "great trader" too but not everyone goes straight there!

    so here we go again

    These names are in no particular order

    I would just like to say a big "thank you" to all the great fellow modelers out there i have been dealing with over the last month+ here we go hope i havn't left anyone out

    * Rick schmidt
    *Curt Lee ( ford truck parts 3 way trade }
    * kenny hiusser (canada) Engines trade (still waiting for shipment)
    * mark rogers
    *Tim cooper (vw rabbit) great trade
    * Randy lyons
    * Gene walker ( bought the cougar drag race set and dodge funny car)
    *Bart deatherage (FIRST SALE) and now good friends !
    *Mike laliberte ( Gtx's)
    * chris martin (canada)
    * Josh clark
    * Al wickham
    *karl bates
    *patrick myers
    * Ian matthews
    All of you are a great bunch of fellows and would/ will do anything for you all anytime and trade/ sell again anytime you are all fantastic!
    thanks again,
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  15. 85gt4bbl302 added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Custum Clone Daytona   

    inline 6 turboed would mean an all wheel drive! as nepolean would say F 'in sweet