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  1. NITRO FUELCOUPE added a post in a topic 83 Ford F150 4x4 Long Bed   

    I'll buy a resin cast of it for sure whenever you get it done!
  2. NITRO FUELCOUPE added a post in a topic Who's built the AMT SS454 Pickup? Show 'em off!   

    Here's one i built 8 years ago.

  3. NITRO FUELCOUPE added a post in a topic My Fuelish Pleasure funny car WIP   

    Thanks,5 coats of Sapphire blue over 2 coats of silver base.
  4. NITRO FUELCOUPE added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    My Fuelish Pleasure funny car WIP
    This is the fruit of the loom kit,mustang body,magneto's,decals i got from nitro model a few years ago.
    The side plates and wing were made from sheet styrene.All thats left to do is make up some windows and she'll be done to my liking.

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  5. NITRO FUELCOUPE added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    79 ford monster truck WIP
    Got back into the hobby about a year ago after a long hiatis,Here's one of my work in progress vehicles.
    Found an old firestone super stone's ford pickup kit that was very partial started by somebody and never finished so i got the kit real cheap and decide to bash the bigfoot monster truck kit with this one using the bigfoot tube frame and the firestone pickup frame along with the firestone engine/tranny and started bashing things together.This is what it looks like so far.Not sure what color i'll paint the body yet.

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