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  1. zenrat added a post in a topic Monogram 1/24 "High Roller" 4x4s   

    I just picked up a Chevelle for $20. Opened, tape marks on the box but complete with usable decals.
    The same guy had the Ramcharger for the same price but I didn't get it as i've already built one. Hmmmm, maybe that was a mistake?
  2. zenrat added a post in a topic Light Commercial Vehicle CBP   

    Here's one I made earlier:
    Dodge body, Chevy chassis, Toyota engine, Ford transmission, resin winch & scratchbuilt tow gear.

  3. zenrat added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    The interior parts and the engine are just propped on top of the chassis to give some idea of where everything will sit in relation to everything else.
    I probably should have said that.
    I need to check the accessory drive but if it'll clear the front suspension then i'll leave the engine where it is. I then won't use the Prowler interior tub but will scratchbuild a firewall up tight to the back of the engine. This will then allow me to position the seats roughly where the B pillars are.
    I hope.

  4. zenrat added a post in a topic Cheater slicks ?   

    The MPC Dodge Dart Sport they reissued in the last year or 2 has cheater slicks.

  5. zenrat added a post in a topic Updating a Duece ?   

    Another source for a scale Mustang II IFS is the Revell '41 Willys Street Rod. Rear end on that is a 4 link set up.
    I used the complete rolling chassis and engine.

  6. zenrat added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    Always one to buck a trend i've actually got something done. Maybe because the weather has got cold and dank here as winter starts making it prime scratchbuilding season.

    Here's the stretched body alongside the Prowler chassis with a 440 Magnum donk shoehorned in. The V8 wouldn't fit with the Prowler body because the radiator sits between the engine and the front suspension. However you can see I have a lot of extra space in front of the front wheels so I can put all the cooling gubbins there.
    Also not that if I don't move the seating position forward a touch the driver is gong to be looking out of the rear side windows and is going to have fun getting in and out.

  7. zenrat added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    I've actually been doing some work on the Citation.
    I've been adding more plastic to fill in where i've extended the body and i've pulled apart the chassis I fixed together with white glue (to get the wheelbase correct) so I can use real glue and paint it.
    It seems that the driver and navigator may be sitting in the back.
  8. zenrat added a post in a topic Roads? We don't need no stinking roads.   

    "Steering the Kettenkrad was accomplished by turning the handlebars: Up to a certain point, only the front wheel would steer the vehicle. A motion of the handlebars beyond that point would engage the track brakes to help make turns sharper. It was also possible to run the vehicle without the front wheel installed and this was recommended in extreme off-road conditions where speed would be kept low."

  9. zenrat added a post in a topic Cylinder head alignment for Chevy V-8   

    Unless it has knife & fork con rods...

    Sorry Bill. Couldn't resist.

  10. zenrat added a post in a topic modifying or adapting wheels   

    Keep an eye out for the "Muscle Car Hop Up Set" aftermarket wheel/tyre sets made by MRC. While some of the tyres may be a bit square edged each set contains a number of sprues having about a million (I may be exaggerating slightly) different sized adaptor bosses which make adapting wheels to kits they are not supposed to fit much easier. You can always buy them for the adaptors and send me the wheels and tyres if you don't like them

  11. zenrat added a post in a topic AMT Plymouth Prowler Issues   

    Yep, that bit of the chassis gets in the way.
    All the kits AMT produced around the time they did the Prowler have great detail and go together well 9although they cane a fiddle) until you find the flaw that drives you insane.
    With the '41 Woody it's the fit of the interior into the body, with the '66 Olds 442 it's the bumpers and with this it's the rear tyres/chassis.

    Did you prime and/or undercoat the plastic before you put colour on it?
  12. zenrat added a post in a topic Primer rods CBP   

    When building a car with the trim removed and the mounting holes showing it pays to drill the holes through the trim before you shave it off.
    Kind of obvious but something I only thought of doing the second time I tried it.

    Way back when I built a decade of Chevys all finished in satin black - '50 to '59.

  13. zenrat added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    Thanks Dave. I might use that scheme.
  14. zenrat added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    Still here, done nothing.

    Dave, what colour was your Citation? Got any pics?
  15. zenrat added a post in a topic Suppose there's an IRS under there?   

    Once you've worn out one side you can turn 'em round and use the other one...

    5 years ago this thread would have been about Donks.
    35 years ago it would have been about jacking up the rear.