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  1. Good idea, I like it !
  2. I built one of those, pretty cool little kit. Have fun. I will be looking in .
  3. Listing is pretty simple David. Just make sure you list in the right catagory, give a good description and some good photos.Try it , you will like it. I have sold several items without problems. make sure to charge the correct shipping charge so you don't short yourself. Good luck 1
  4. Thanks guys. Rex ,I am working up the nerve to start the 1/12 Mustang and then after then after that the 1/12 scale GT 40.
  5. I got these two Cobras donated to me by a fellow member ( thanks Dave ) . The Monogram needs very little work and the AMT needs a bit more but I think I can save it .
  6. Maybe bidders can't/don't build ?
  7. Finished this one up a bit ago . Pretty nice kit with few problems . The PE parts were rough ( maybe just me ). The hood doesn’t fit quite right ( me again ? ) . Also the kit headers do not clear the frame quite right . HRM sell a set that solve that problem but site showed them out of stock . Although not perfect I am pretty happy with the way it turned out .
  8. Looks good. I once owned a 67 Monza. I really liked that car but it got totaled by a jerk in a 59 Buick. The Buick won the battle.
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