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  1. Funny, I thought it looked like a Cougar also. Very nice custom.
  2. cobraman

    MY Mach1

    That POPS, I like it !
  3. Making all those roof windows will be a chore.
  4. I have been building models on and off for over 50 years. Ships, tanks, planes, cars, ect. I have quit building several times but I seem to always return. I do enjoy it and really close out the world when I build. I have not thrown a model against the wall in several years. Plus, model building is the one of my two favorite hobbies I can do inside.
  5. Thanks guys ! Heads up Michel, it is not a very good show but they do show the Cobra quite a bit, She also sometimes drove around with her pet Cheetah (?) a times.
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