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  1. Looks great ! I like the color combo.
  2. Cool little buggy.
  3. I did a wheel swap on that kit awhile ago using the wheels from the Revell 57 Chevy Snap Tite Max. I don't recall having a big problem doing that. Can't show you because I don't have it anymore. Not sure those wheels would be more to your liking. I'm working on that kit now but using the kit wheels. I just painted the spokes.
  4. Sorry Claude, I forget to mention I used the same color on the interior as the roof. I just did not clear the interior pieces.
  5. Thanks fellows. Claude, those parts are painted with Mr. Hobby S.S. and aluminum. Brush paint. Mark, I did use the metal axle on front and rear.
  6. Just a mock up . Tamiya Metallic Green with a Tamiya Titanium gold roof and interior . Mr. Hobby brass paint on wheel spokes . Nice kit .
  7. Cool scoot. Watch out for the crazy drivers in their cars !
  8. Just watched an episode of his old half hour tv show on youtube, pretty funny. I was working nights when it was on and never had a chance to watch it.
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