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  1. My first gas job was at a Texaco service station . Remember service stations ? I filled the gas , washed the windows and checked the oil . Also checked tires when asked . Times have changed ! Anyway , I thought I would build a Texaco gas truck . This is a 1/48 scale kit with a multi piece body . I built one of these many years ago and it wasn’t pretty . This kit was issued years ago and was either a Revell or Aurora I can’t recall . Hopefully this will come out better than the last one .
  2. cobraman

    41 Willys!

    Sweet looking model.
  3. I would keep it by your computer as a reminder to be more careful. I have screwed up a time or two on my 20 years on ebay. Hold on to it for awhile and list it. You maybe able to recoup a lot of your money.
  4. Wow Dann ! You knocked that interior out of the park ! Much, much better !
  5. Very nice. The roof line looks a little off to me but that could just be me.
  6. This year for Christmas I sent my friend of over 50 years two kits as he just started building again. I sent him a A.C. Cobra kit ( of coarse ) and the 3 way speed boat kit.
  7. Beautiful model ! Love the color choices.
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