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  1. Cobra racing team

    No, only about 60 bucks !
  2. Cobra racing team

    Thanks much guys.
  3. Cobra racing team

    Just completed . Truck , Icy Blue , pancaked the hood, rest is from the kit . Trailer , swapped tires and wheels, added spare tire , added brake light and plate, added stained wood to deck . Cobra , again Icy Blue paint, kit decals , added splitter in grill , swapped tires, used aluminum wheel discs, flared the rear wheel wells, rest all stock . Comments pro or con always welcome .
  4. Cobra painting

    This a small PBN kit I found on Amazon .
  5. Cobra Racing Team project

    This set is done . Pics in Under Glass soon if interested.
  6. 63 Tempest AWB

    That's going to be wild !
  7. Cobra Racing Team project

    Thanks guys.And yes, I did say I quit building except for Cobra once in awhile. I have also built a couple for friends. I have cut down a bunch but I guess I will always build at least once in awhile at least. Hard to totally quit after over 50 years of building I guess. Perhaps I just needed a break.
  8. The Twister Vega

    Sharp model.
  9. 66 Mustang GT Funny Car

    Looks great ! I really like those AWB kits. Simple kits but build up nice.
  10. Cobra Racing Team project

    Thanks Jeremy.
  11. Your favourite Box art

    That looks like a cool little kit.
  12. Yes, those pens work great !
  13. Frankenrod.. Creation

    That is one heck of a project !
  14. What did you get today?

    Something along those lines but for a single car.
  15. Any body watching Barrett-Jackson ?

    So I'm watching just now and they bring up a drag Cobra ( Dragon snake ? ) and what do they do ? They go to a commercial !!! I think it sold for 550,000.