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  1. Hey Alan, it's true I am a Ford guy but i do build lots of different makes and models. I have owned several Chevys as well as Datsun, VW,Austin ect. there is a lot to like about many different cars. 😀
  2. Thanks Carl. Since the LSR is not a replica I have to come up with my own color scheme.
  3. Here’s another pic of that car .
  4. Thanks a lot guys. And thanks Stuart for the pics and article.
  5. Got this resin 1/43 scale model of an LSR car . It’s a design study and not a replica of a real car . Also 5 sets of custom wheels and tires for when I modify Hot Wheel cars .
  6. Started this a couple days ago . Not much to show yet . Going for the look of a photo I found but not trying to do a replica of it .
  7. Nice work ! Great looking model.
  8. cobraman

    427 cobra

    My my, that is really something ! Love it !
  9. I used my iPhone 8 . Forgot to post this info card on the Cobra .
  10. I may add that you have to be mindful of the space you have between the bottom of the door and the sill. i had a problem trying that. Not saying it can't be done. I didn't have the PE ones. I tried very thin sheet plastic covered with BMF. Good luck to you >
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