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  1. I agree with all above.
  2. Purple ? Ya, I don't think so Jim. 😀
  3. Thanks Carl . Bored at home even though retired this feels different . Just trying to use stuff I have on hand and not watch so much news . Got the body painted and added decals . Still need to shoot the clear and finish that weird front end piece.
  4. Oh Boy ! I will be watching for sure.
  5. That is what I have to do Tom. I am leaning towards a light grey or a steel or a tan.
  6. Very wild ! I really like it.
  7. Great looking Cobra but,,,,,, too clean ! 😀
  8. Another project . Resin body on a 29 frame with a 4 cyl engine . That’s the plan . Beyond that I am flying blind . I have no idea at the moment what I will end up with .
  9. Another project . Jimmy Flintstone resin body to me mounted on a funny car chassis from a die cast with a few mods.
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