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  1. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic How Old Were You When You Built Your First Model   

    Wow ya all beat me in starting to bild models, would U belive m eif I said I didn't start until I was 24 yrs old or somewhere around that age and that is because before that I was into (when I had the spare time) fishing, scouting, bush walking camping and all those outdoor stuff etc;. When I lost my license as an interstate coach driver and had to work in a factory to get money I then had to look for a hobby that didn't need a vehicle to get around and seeing that the LHS was walking distance away I swung into model building and mainly trucks.

  2. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic "American" cars?   

    Well I drive a car where the doors, front and rear fender where made in Japan, the hood roof and bootlid made in Australia, the motor and trans (5 speed) also in Australia, the rims again in Australia and the tyres well only God knows where they may have been made as there is no "Made In " label stamped on them at all. The car I'm talking about is our Mitsubishi Magna a car where the Mitsubishi name is Japanese and the Magna name is Australian so figure this one out oh yea I almost forgot it is built and assemble in Australia by a mixture of workers from around the world.

  3. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Risen from a Wreck   

    Man having a diecast car hit U that would hurt, even a plastic one is bad enough guys, I'm glad I wasn't underneath it although if I was it probably wouldn't have been as bad, then again it might have been worse as I could've thrown it in fright of wot it could've been in the dark hey. Oh at least we all OK an survived our little crashes I just wish I couldv;e done better with this rig BUT with some parts missing it's a bit hard.

  4. Dingo5162 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Risen from a Wreck
    Back in March my Volvo VN760 took a tumble from it self some 6 feet above the floor, for the model in scale height I would say somewhere around 40-50 feet (who knows who cares really) anyway below is wot it looked like after the tumble ( cat not involved this time). The fall took place at around 3am so I didn't get up till 8am to find out wot the noise was and I have no idea why it fell as no earth tremors happened that night maybe it was our spooky Angel again.

    This photo was taken with a cell phone as no digi camera was available at the time.

    This past week I decided to start putting it back together and although it does have a few pieces missing and doesn't look all that great below is wot it now looks like, it is actually held tgether with a for of supaglue that has a tougher bond than the supaglue we normally use so this time if it falls it won't be repairable and will beconsigned to the recycle bin.

    Remember this is not a first class rebuild it's just to get it out the way. No the second exhaust pipe is not being replaced as I don't have an elbow to replace the one lost, I do have the up-right pipe as that is just a drinking straw.

    One day I hope to buy a new one and complete my B-triple flattop that this rig should have been, it is now built as an American rig and sort of out of the box with the exception of a few things see if U can spot them.

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  5. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic How important are panel lines to you?   

    Harry say that drawing the panel lines on a model car makes it look horrible BUT when I look at my real car which is white guess wot the panel lines R black and it doesn't look horrible so I gather it's wrong to put black lines around the panels even thouhgt my real car has it so wot do I do when the real thing has it and the model car can't, please tell me.

  6. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Hobby room squalor- I'm not the only one...   

    All I can say is my work area is a total disaster with one huge 1/8th scale model airplane sitting on it at the moment and its been like that since November last year wit no work done at alll.

  7. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Rally Car CBP   

    Patrick, wow ya going to convert a Clubsport to a V8 supercar good luck with that and I will look forward to seeing that on another part of the forum. Again sorry that I have been slow no so slow in posting on my thread here it's just that I been very busy lately with our gun club you see Patrick it's coming up to our AGM in July and as well its also the tme when we do our trophy presentation and ofcourse me being the club scorer I have had to along with another member get all the trophies p to scratch, it has been no mean feat with so many winners both as club champions for the month of March when we have our club champ matches and the yearly trophies for thoe who have done well and won with big scores during the year, anyway hopefully by the end of July I should get back to doing something on this thread and getting moore of my cardstock cars on here for U to see, as for the plastic ones well I'm sorry tsay they have come to an end as I can no ,onger afford to buy any with the Aussie dollar dropping in value like it has now at 96cents to the U.S dollar it makes a model here around $45 a kit now and I just can't afford that anymore so it's cardstock from now on FREE of the net.


    My brother years ago had a Holden Panel Van here in Australia that needed a new door so he went to a shop that deals in so-called authentic parts, he paid for and picked up the door took it home and set to work tranfering all the gear needed to work the window and lock system only to find out it wasn't fitted with an anti-intrusion bar the van needed it by law as it wasn't an earlier model, after returning to the reputal dealer of these so-called repo parts he was told too bad ( language left out due to censordship) he was not happy as it made his van unroadworthy and could have copped a heavy fine. Upon inspecting the door later he found a stamp saying "made in Vietnam" who'd think that hey guys and this was back in the 80's not now or the 90's.

  9. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic 1963 Studebaker Avanti, in cardboard.   

    Wow Mark where did you score the Studie from, as a cardstock builder myself I've been hunting hi & lo for that model BUT can't fond it anywhere, please tell me where I can get it especially for free.

  10. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Scratch Building an Aussie Ford Falcon **New update,24/6/17**   

    Shawn if U sold this car I'd buy one as I need it for my rallycar collection in the Australain section, also I have heard the the use of the word hood creeping into the Australian language everywhere I go people especialy the guys still use bonnet, come on Shawn keep the word floating on this thread after all we R Aussies not Americans or even Continetal man call it wot it is. This is one great scratch build Shawn and I'm keeping an eye out and Shawn I'm pleading with ya U've got the bucks make the car for for us Aussie builders at least.

  11. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Models at Toys r Us   

    Toys-R-Us where I live in South Australia have never had models I think it's coz they don't recon they're toys which is kinda strange as our Government taxes them as toys.

  12. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Thank You! update 5/15 Prayers please,if I may ask.....   

    Mike, as a Spiritual Jew U have my prayers for U'r loved one, keep us informed of her progress please. Dingo
  13. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Retiring from moderation   

    Rom, after seeing some of U'r creations U deserve a rest as a Mod, I know wot it's like to run 2 different jobs like U have one as a Moderator and one as great model builder. I myself run one job as a scorer for a gun club as wella s shoot and then I build models like U but also I'm a Moderator on another forum and it's damned hard U've dun a great job and the rest is well earned. Hope we all see U'r great models to continue to come up here on this forum as thet would be sadly missed by all.

    Thanks a Millin for wot U've done

  14. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Foreign Vehicle build (Started)   

    Pual, the 67 Ford Mustang is suppose to fit it but only the chassis,wheels and motor R any good I then have to go out and buy the interior as it is completely different to anything on the market. We Aussies knew how to build a great 60's - 70's muscle car using the floor pan of the Mustang but from there on it was pure Aussie. Oh and by the way if U think it looks like the Falcon of that era well there is some resemblance but that's all, where U had 2 doors we put in an extra 2 at the back.

    Paul U may be able to see that our Falcon is some what longer and the 2 extra doors making it a 4 door oh yea by the way back then it was the fastest 4 door sedan in the world topping out at around 150mp/h.

  15. Dingo5162 added a post in a topic Foreign Vehicle build (Started)   

    I must applogise to all the guys on this thread for not getting my Falcon GT up and running but after spending some $33aust on a kit that I thought was a complete kerbside job only to find it was just the body, front and rear bumpers plus the grille I was more than a little peed off, I've now got to go to the guys who built this thing and buy the rest of the car at around $65aust to complete it, so U can see Y I've been a tad slow with it. Money ain't easy this end with me but I try and saving is the one thing I'm doing real hard to get the rest of this darn car.