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  1. I start with the bottom bracket first then top and squeeze in the mirror. Not the best but it works. American industrial truck models has some nice metal ones you just bend.
  2. No but will be finishing it soon as weather allows.
  3. Talk to dave at aitruckmodels.com you can get those wood spoke mack wheels 'chain gaurds' and older style hood
  4. Rebuilding old model into a hotvrod tow truck with chain drive.
  5. Nice looks good i made one out of the renault tn6c
  6. Bodys 71 galaxie, chassis is the super boss kenworth.
  7. Binge watched all 4 mad max movies. So i wanted to build something different.
  8. The cab ill have to do custom and the engine is the inline 8 the bugatti came with
  9. Tracks are lego chain link. Come 100 peices to bag for 18 usd
  10. Just never saw a delivery model t snowmobile. So made one up as i would
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