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  1. I just checked their web site, it now goes for $59.95! If you do get them for 29.99, you just made out like a fat rat in a cheese factory! Would love to see the for that price, I would buy 12 each, for that price!
  2. Man that looks Awesome! Those Rims and Tires, just add the Extra touch to the model.
  3. WOW!!!!!! Thanks for the Information! One of the Holy Grail's of truck models is coming back! The Truck is Just Awesome, the pictures of it built not painted and painted, just shoot this out of the park. Also love the pictures of the parts! You have just made my day.
  4. I guess, I be putting a few away, for the future! What Great news! Still like to know what the New Big Rig kit, is going to be!
  5. Are you going to add on to the House, to display the model? A well designed project, thanks for the great detail pictures.
  6. Looking Good! I like it that you added to the frame!
  7. I will be following this build! I want to see how the Auslowe kit looks like! Have you decided, if you are going tom use single or double headlights?
  8. I will be following your build on this! Interested on the KW Alaskan conversion kit!
  9. Wow, looking good! This was the first truck I built. Brings back Good memories.
  10. Wow, what an awesome looking trailer! Hooked up to the Pete, makes it a great combo!
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