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  1. Looking Good! I like the way you got the Cab built, no visible lines to see! It looks like one piece!
  2. That's Awesome News! It was a shame, that he was closing down! I will be keeping an eye out for the updates!
  3. Wow, what a Great looking Cab! Can't wait to see the complete model!
  4. Hallo Jacobus, Awesome looking model! Quick question, where di you get the Krupp cabin from?
  5. Wow, that Patton sure looks good on it! Can't wait to see, the finished Model! Keep up the Good Work!
  6. Thanks for the Info, I would be interested, in getting a copy, when it is published! The last picture, was it taken in Germany? The red car, looks like it has green License plates! If this where to come out as a kit, I would buy a couple of them! Thanks for your Great scratch building!
  7. Wow, what great looking pictures! I'm surprised, that such a beast and trailer are still around! Guilbert, you said you drove them in the Military, when and where you stationed at?
  8. Wow! Awesome looking Pictures! They look like they where taking in the Middle East like Lebanon or Israel!
  9. That's an awesome looking truck! Your link, has some interesting Trucks too! Thanks! I will be following build!
  10. Cool, what an interesting build! What a different subject model!
  11. WOW, what a build! Do you own the truck, where you get your pictures from? I don't think, that many have survived the years!
  12. Nice, what an unusual Tractor and trailer! I have only seen pictures of the vehicles only! My hat is off to you, for Scratch building skills! I will be following this build!👍
  13. Man, Really miss those old days, when those styles of Designs, where printed on t-shirts! I really loved those old style drawings!
  14. Love your Fuel tanks! The chain to the fuel cap, takes the Cake! Well done!
  15. Awesome, that looks like it's ready to get a load and drive off! Well done!
  16. I remember when the US Army was using them in Germany! They where in OD Green!
  17. Warren, you did an awesome job on the Model! It looks like the picture you posted! Those white rims and the half moons, make it special!
  18. Ryan, you care for your Mom, I had to deal with my mom's health issues for almost 30 years! Spending time with her, will help you further down the line! I wish your Mom, all the best, and take care of yourself too! When the model is done, it's done!
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