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  1. yes i do. there is a few online for free also. i have found a few things of of thingverse but nothing really what im looking for. carbs, intakes, valve covers, headers, race parts ect.
  2. hello everyone. I have searched the internet for files for scale turbos and engine parts with no luck. i just recently got a resin 3d printer and want to get some projects done. thnx
  3. so i found the coil and should have it installed later. i have changed the exhaust on it to a couple cherry bombs and exit rite in front of rear wheels.
  4. yes the stacks might be a little bit big but when it is all together i think it will look cool.
  5. Thanks guys. For some reason i seam to have temporarily misplaced the coil for this car so i have to find a new one or make one. I had a freind over last night and tried talking me into rebuilding it lower with open trunk and install batts and a pump to fully complete the look. im not sure if it will happen sooner than later but for rite now it can stay like that.
  6. So for some reason i am having dificulty posting photos rite now. gunna try in a couple hours again.
  7. Thnx guys. it didnt cost a whole lot actually. I am still waiting on stuff from BNL resins, the parts box and scenes unlimited. So once i have everything i will think about buying a desk from ikea or somewere to use as a build station.
  8. Hello, I love when new parts and stuff come in. just received my latest shipment from model round up.Now i can get some serious building done. I had a few of the tire packs and the corvair motor and a couple distributors and wires for a few months now.
  9. Thanks guys. I am currently searching my parts box for a set of bomber seats or some small buckets to replace the huge bench seat that sticks up out of the body. i know i have a set somewere if not i might try and fabricate a set out of styrene. I did manage to get the interior painted using testors flat red with a few drops of flat black mixed in to create a dark flat red color. it looks pretty good. ill get a pic or two up tomorrow morning.
  10. Hello, I am not to sure what the color is as the label was falling off the can. but it is a testors color. it is a light blue. I have also found the missing coil for this build so i will get it installed today.
  11. so i have a little bit more done, chassis and motor parts painted. Still not sure if i want a red interior or keep with a all black theme, ill leave the interior color to you guys to decide. best choice wins lol.
  12. Here are 2 that i have so far. The 67 427 Impala just needs a coil and the buick nailhead needs the starter and oil filter installed and will be complete
  13. Hello, After completing my 67 impala i decided to start on a roadster to kinda kick start my intrest in the hobby again after a long break. i have lowered the front a bit and shortened the shocks. I added the injector stacks from a AMT 72 blazer kit and Prestons Car Parts magneto and red wires. Not to sure on what colors to paint the interior yet, it is just in the same color as the body wich is testers flat black with tamiya semi gloss clear coat. I have the chasis and motor almost finished then it is on to finishing the interior and body and calling it done. will update a little more as i continue on with it.
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