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  1. I recognize those now, I have those on my to-do list. I get and have done allot of the models off of Mr. Leslie's site.
  2. HMMMMMM don't tempt me, I might do it I don't think I have the link, I would like to see it myself.
  3. Well guys I have been off line for a while and hadn't been able to post. Figured I would post pictures of my new addition to my trailer. This is a Rolls Royce Trent 800......and yes it is all out of paper as well except the tubing, that is telephone and speaker wire. The rack it sits on was a bugger to build, all I had was two crappy pictures to look at. It is not all correct but it is close. It is also paper. I still need to do the chains and binders but been too lazy. I hope you enjoy. P.S. The dunage is not paper, it is real wood. HAHAHAHA
  4. I am terrible at explaining how to do stuff but I will try. "What do I print it out on" ...........You print it out on a printer. HAHAAHA sorry, was just joking around. Allot of us use 110lb cardstock, you can find it at Walmart in the office supply area. As for assembly, I don't know how to explain that part. Usually I never read the instructions, I just look at the pictures. The main tip I can say is, When doing a bent piece you want to score the line so it will bend easier. Also a thin amount of glue is the best, I usually use a small paint brush to apply it instead of applying it straight out of the bottle. I use elmers glue. You might want to read some of these threads to help answer some of your questions and give you some tips. http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/tips-tricks/ Check out allot of the other threads in the forum, I know you will be blown away at some of the builds.
  5. That's what I like about paper, you have more subjects to choose from, allot of subjects that you can not find in plastic. Another thing I like is, once you have the design you can build the model as many times as you want. The best thing is, if you make a mistake all you have to do is print that part again and keep going, cant do that with plastic. Another big plus is, you can scale the model as big or as small as you want. And the biggest plus of paper models............... you don't have to add an extra room on you house to store all your unbuilt models. LOL
  6. Chris, The only reason I doubt myself as a modeler is because when I look at all the other builders pics on here they are fully detailed, spot on paintjobs that have been done like real cars, these modelers go to the extreme with there builds. I wanna do that but I don't, I tend to start a model and want to get it finished as quick as posible. I am self tought in every thing I do till just a few months ago when I started getting on the model forums, man have I learned allot from reading all these post. I know I am my worst critic, I am a profectionest and every thing I do never seems to be perfict to me but to others it is. So thank you for your kind words and thank every one else also for you words. As for the liking of the kit... to me a model is a model. I liked working with this kit, it was pretty easy. I do wish though it would of had more detail to it. I want to get the Pete and do it also with a stretched sleeper. I do like stretched and custom trucks. Maybe some day when I save up enough money I will be able to get the Pete and a few others I want. Thanks again guys for all the kind words. But get ready because here in a few more days I will be posting a scratch built Rolls Royce Trent 800 jet engine and stand for this flat bed. LOL
  7. Get ready to say, "Holy *^%$" again, believe it or not, allot of the things on the truck are paper, Texas bumper, sun visor, a/c unit, wind deflector, hood vents, side tool box, back tool box, light bars under sleeper and cab, exaust stacks, rear bumper light bar, and most the frame work from the sleeper back. I like working with paper, you can do any thing with it and it is cheaper than plastic or styrene.
  8. It's magic, HAHAAHA I use 110lb card stock, to get it stiff you just glue two or three sheets togeter to make it stiffer. Super glue works good on the small and thin stuff like the rub rails.
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