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  1. Loosing parts and gluing windows! I work on model trains a lot, and boy, it's a good think I have a hoard of small parts! I'll go to look for something, and I'll find something from a previous repair or build or project!
  2. JMD904

    The Wreck

    Worst wreck I've seen in years! Can't the car's front end got snatched off like that! To bad ya can't walk the engine out of there!
  3. That's a wicked roadster! Its parts custom part hot rod.
  4. That is cool! Yep, plane movers are built with what ever is handy and cheap. I seen the US Army take a 70's Dodge truck, bob the rear frame and use 2 1/2 ton axles front and rear for 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer. To move helicopters.
  5. The Lindberg Lil' Red Wagon has a Hilborn injected 426 with the ribbed cover.
  6. OK, after watching the chase scenes from Bullit, I want that GT now! I see Revell makes a '68 Fastback. Is that close enough model? The car in the movie wasn;t a super cobra jet. Also, where could I get those wheels from?
  7. Lovely Fords! 57peppershaker, Uncle Jesse's truck was a '73-'77 F-150/100 short or long bed. They used many varied F-series for different seasons. Maybe when can expect a '73-'77 then a '79 F-Series or even a '66-77 to '79 Bronco soon!
  8. I wanna take the R-M snow plow 4X4 GMC and make a good ol' southern mudder from it. Where could I get Super Swampers or Ground Hawgs from? I see that BNL Resins has the boggers, just limited source. Where else can these be had? Seen them on eBay, just not gonna spend $40 a set!
  9. I have a AMT re-issue of the Trophy Series double dragster kit. I'm building the Fiat with the Hemi. What's a correct color for it? Not specific. I seen them paint it gold or the classic Hemi orange.
  10. Great work! Got any that'd fit a Tyco 440-series chassis?
  11. I just tested out a '48 F-1 axle and leaf springs from the Monogram kit, prefect!
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