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  1. i am in the finishing stages of turning these 12 first gear 1/25 scale diecast Christmas series pick up trucks from speedway gas stations into a series of junkers. i have one complete that i am going to put on ebay soon. the rest will be done basically the same with some differences like paint color dent and rust locations and accessories. most i will most likely take to car shows to sell there. i have a number thirteen truck that is going to be done a little different that will go into my junkyard display. i will include the work done to these trucks in the ebay description when i list it.

    this is all 12 of the trucks unfinished except for the one in front.

  2. this is one of my prized possessions, franklin mint freightliner in 1/32 scale.

    I purchased it after seeing the ad in the tv guide (remember those ? )

    I also have the matching trailer but due to space limitations it is packed away.







    no space inside!! park it in the driveway.:D they are nicely done trucks.  i only wish they had done some in 1/24

  3. awhile ago i posted a few pictures of the sunstar 1/18 scale 1959 Pontiac Bonneville all apart. well its done now as a barn find car needing restoration. i accidentally sat on the windshield and cracked it most would freak out after doing that but for me it's an improvement and looks good. bunch of pictures so i will split into two parts.hope some like it.








  4. great job.  anytime you have to cut up a diecast model you will have to solve a lot of issues. i have done a few of them and everyone is a challenge.  when i did the 1/24th scale bonnie and clyde car i had to use 2 diecast models and 1 resin model in order to get it to look right.  so i know how hard it is to do. again great job.B)

  5. i don't think i posted this but then i can't remember what i had for breakfast either.  i did this model for one of the guys at a local car show who had one wrecked like this in this color scheme. it is 1/18 scale. when i got the car the grill was already damaged so i had to piece it together.


  6. 1932 iam looking for the 1/24 scale and the 1934 is  1/24

    i may have a franklin mint 1932 coupe i will look first chance i get.  after this winter things are a mess in the shed. i did a junker many years ago of one of them.


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