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  1. here's mine this car show dio is part of my muddy flats junkyard. this was at the lead east show 2012.i will show a little more in the diorama forum later
  2. over the summer i built a business card holder for my friend Sal who ownes a speed shop in Ramsey nj. i wanted nothing for it just thought it would look good on his counter.he insisted in having some buisiness cards made up for me so i sent him a picture of the d.m. 51 Studebaker that i junked. here is a picture of the holder i made for him and the cards he sent me the card holder i did for him and the cards he did for me he said he would have 500 cards made up but when they arrived there were 2,500 cards and all glossy. he said he put all the info on the back of the card so it would not interfere with the photo.the picture is much clearer on the actual card. to cool
  3. film from rumble seat w/sound An early "dashcam" style film, showing a trip along Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California in the mid 1930's. The rear facing camera captures many classic vehicles from the 1920s and 1930s including a Rolls Royce, a tow truck with a vehicle clearly damaged from an accident, and of course many Ford and General Motors vehicles that were so common during this period.
  4. every now and then i will pick one of my older junkers so some of the new guys can see them. this one is a cheapo 39 chevy coupe diecast done a couple of years ago.
  5. i am not a race car fan but super job on a 25cent model. by the way what scale is the goose.lol just kidding.
  6. i guess you can say i took a little hiatus. i have been working on a couple of projects this one is my rendition of the 1957 plymouth belvedere that was buried in a vault in tulsa ok in 1957 and then opened up in 2007. this model is far from done this is just where i am now.this model started out as a franklin mint 1/24th scale 1957 fury had to do some modifications on it. it started out looking like this one. i forgot to take a picture before i started so i took this before picture from ebay of a 43rd scale model of the same car i did. here is a link to the story of the real miss belvedere buried 1957 Plymouth time capsule unveiling, 2007 still got a lot to do but here are some pics of the progress to date. i have removed the antennas and the fender mirrors and changed the side trim from fury to Belvedere. the first picture is a comparison of the real miss belvedere next to little miss Belvedere model. i don't know how to get good interior shots but i tried some anyway.
  7. i look for them to. i make them more scratched and dented than they were when i got 'em. i have also got a few danbury and franklin mint models that were listed as damaged and all they needed was a box and a good cleaning and maybe a small part thats an easy fix. those i don't junk. here is a couple that i recently got.
  8. i like it. this is a good model to modify any way you like. yours looks real neat.
  9. i thought you might like to see the last model i have done to date. i did this diorama for a guy i met at the lead east car show.he wanted the green Packard in the picture that was in my display at the show and also wanted a 1955 chevy barn find to go along with it. i made a small diorama to fit both cars.the chevy is a 1/18 Ertl tilt nose.
  10. i am just starting to come to terms with things.anyways i just want to thank everyone for all of your support in my time of need. i can't begin to tell all of you how much you have helped me get through this.whenever someone here loses someone close or even when someone loses a pet it seems the whole board has lost them to. thanks again to everyone. i have been doing a little junker building and sold a couple on ebay just to pay a few bills off. i wish i could do a little more but it is a little cold in my shed right now. i hope all has been well with everybody and happy holidays Manny
  11. i just want to thank everyone here for all of their prayers.i will never get over this and i am still looking for answers. they say time cures all but in this case i don't buy it.i will be back soon and posting things if not for anything but to just occupy my mind. anyways thanks again Manny
  12. i found out tuesday evening that my only daughter has passed on at the age of 39.i am having a bit of a hard time but i am trying to be strong for my wife and grandchildren.
  13. the red one is a danbury mint 1959 caddy series 62 convertable. i have it and the retractable is a real cool car.here is the same car that i cut the fins off of.lol
  14. very cool and expensive model. i like that color the best.great pics.
  15. the diner is a combined effort by brian dunning of west coast precision diecast and myself. we got together to do this diner our way with our colors. there are only a few of these diners right now but we are trying to get the rest of them. they are made of resin and you assemble it and do the interior the way you like. it comes with booths four figures and a roll out parking lot. it comes pre painted i added chrome and painted the steps. i made the cakes and used some dollhouse items and added some fugures of my own. the phone booth as George said is by scale modeling by chris that i did my way. thanks for asking Harry
  16. i can only echo what everyone has said. i love all animals in fact i am raising a baby squirrel right now. i sure do feel your pain and god she was a pretty little girl
  17. i have been having trouble with photo bucket but here is one of my favorite show vehicles at lead east.i will show more cars as i can. i am still wiped out.
  18. had you there!!!!this is my d.m. 57 chevy cameo with a driver.
  19. sweet''' show more when done and in place
  20. busy place''' looks like everyone in town is there. i think i see bonnie and clyde
  21. i never heard of fimo clay but i will give it a try. where do i get it. i like all your ideas and the dio looks great. thanks
  22. thought you might like to see the food stand and registration booth that i am building for the car show diorama. i made the grill out of aluminum. the hamburgers are made of painted glue and dirt. the hot dogs are made of painted solder. the buns are painted toothpicks.the straws are painted fishing line the bottles are reworked d.m. coke bottles. the ketchup and mustard bottles are painted and shaped dowels. the paper plates are made of painted paper. the ice in the cold drinks is crushed glass. the canopies are made of plumbing solder and hockey goals and covered in thin vinyl.the trash cans i made from old Dremel cutting wheel bottles. the cook and customer were converted west coast mechanics figures. i am not yet done with this but this what i have done now. cook getting ready for the rush thats about to come the cooks helper has showed up some customers are starting to show up. a couple of shots of the registration booth. they will be set up differently at the show.
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