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  1. well lets get started i want to see it when its done. i want to do one but i just don't have anymore room.
  2. i have put the finishing touches to the business card diorama for Sal. i added some signs an old wooden keg on the front bumper a family of rats under the hood and a hornets nest under the roof.
  3. this is a diorama i made for my friend sal who ons a speed shop in jersey. just something to put his buisiness cards in on the counter. i scratch built the shack and rusted and aged an old hubley 1/20 scale model a. it was a coupe but was missing the roof section so i cut the windows and made a roadster out of it.it was missing the steering wheel so i made one from wire. it had no windshield so i made one for it. i made the tires for it and filled it with hay and other things that were lying around the farm. the first picture is sal inside of his shop.he does not know i did this for him he will get it next week. i hope he likes it.
  4. i did this one a couple of years ago. sorry some pics are a little blurry.
  5. harry is right on the window tint. you can also use some stained glass clear color paint to get that look.craft store item.
  6. old model or not its a great looking car. i can't wait untill you finish it as it looks so great now. by the way i realy like the way you do your flocking looks exactly like the real carpeting would.
  7. i guess i am old school!! i love the whole car except for the wheels i just never liked the low profile look. but i know i am in the minority there lol i think this car would look super with a set of old style craigers.
  8. simply awsom job detailing this fine looking car. i love the color on yours to. my only complaint with a lot of diecast vehicles are those darn dog leg hinges especialy on a convertable. if i don't do away with them altogether i usually paint them flat black. as i was looking at your car i was thinking a little blacking would make those interior dash parts pop a little.
  9. your so right lol i actually copied some of what i did from real car pictures. if you think mine is bad here is a link of some real shelby junks http://www.carsinbarns.com/Blue%20Ovals%20In%20Barns/pg47bo.html
  10. this is a franklin mint 1/24 scale mustang that was badly distressed when i got it. it had a broken front end and a broken rear plus some other issues perfect for a junker project or parts car. i made it to look like a car that had been hit and has been sitting in the guys yard for to long. maybe someone will rescue it if they can convince the owner to sell it.i put a lot into it like i remade the seats headliner and front fender. i made a couple of brake drums and made the front tires for it.i still have a few things to do to it yet to make it a little better like the antenna and i am looking for some decals for the dented fender. if you have a weak heart close your eyes and get any mustang lovers out of the room.
  11. i love it. excellent work and detail.
  12. this is one i sold on ebay a few years ago.it started out as a coke truck that i turned into a work truck.i aged it and remade the rack body out of wood.
  13. excellent work and not over done i love this ara of trucks.
  14. this is a great looking model. i may have to junk one one of these days.
  15. yea the tuck is mine but it won't be shiny for to long.lol and if you worked in a golfcoarse then you should like this one.
  16. gotta love that stuff!!! they look great. if you realy want to get carried away you could wrap very thin wire and make different sized eyelets for them and attach some very thin wire as line. they are to cool.
  17. most know that i mostly do diecast but this trailer is a 25th scale plastics model that i had lying around for god knows how long so in between getting ready for car shows i threw this together. it had broken rails and a broken axle so i made metal rails and fixed the axle then proceded to turn it into a well used trailer loaded with junk to take to the dumps.
  18. super clean perfect color and a bargain to boot. sweet job.
  19. this car looks super. i realy like the color. as for the hatch closing hard to tell without having the model in hand. you may have to trim the back door panel. if you can get the door panel off you can see if it closes without it' if it does it will need to be trimmed. also will it close with the window in the up position. you will have to do a process of elimination.
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