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  1. i like it gotta love those bugs. in the late 60s i had a 1:1 63 chevy conv that was painted midnight blue deep metalic man did that car glitter in the sunlight. great job on the bug
  2. i did the wagons and i also did this promo junker just to sit in the yard.it had some cracks and warpage so i covered the cracks with foliage and made it a junker with many parts still intact.lol can.t get enough four doors for the yard.
  3. sorry i have not been on the board lately as things have been kind of hectic around here.in between i have been turning these old warped promo's into daily drivers. they will be used in a few different ways either in the car show dio the diner dio just a car on the street or wherever they may fit in. all i did to them was add some chrome and paint and gave them the average use look. nothing great here just meant to ad some flavor to the muddy flats diorama. on some i may add figures later. i have some more of these that i will do as time allows me. i started with the 1960 rambler then did this 1962 rambler wagon then i did this 1961 olds f-85 wagon
  4. just for the heck of it.its a cheapo tow truck that i aged and i put a little detail on a promo 1960 rambler wagon to make it look like it only needs a mild restoration to make it a show car.this will go on a road somewhere by the junkyard.
  5. i did three of these fm 48 tuckers two gray and one green. the green one will be in my junkyard display one of the gray ones is going to brian dunning and the last one will be on ebay tonight at around 8:15pm i will post some individual pics of them as time allows me.
  6. the cars are done i still have to do the diorama. the figures i made from other figures. [url=http://s467.photobucket.com/user/jerseyjunker1/media/bampclessdirt6_zps413cfa78.jpg.html]
  7. tiny gun. actually on the metal two different size dremel bits. one for the small hole the other to make the bullet dent then after the car is painted i put a little silver paint in each hole. for the glas i laminate real very thin glass the with a small punch i tap the holes where i need them.
  8. i am doing two of these and they will both be on a diorama setting.here are a few pictures with most of the mud removed. i think its better this way. i will post more pictures later.
  9. its road dirt. the car was new it would not have any rust. you are right tho. THE MORE I LOOK AT THE PICTURES I THINK I DID PUT TO MUCH DIRT. I THINK I WILL REMOVE ABOUT HALF OF IT
  10. here are a few pictures of the Bonnie and Clyde death car. this car drove on a lot of dirt roads. let me know if you think i put to much road dirt on the car.this one is the first of the two i am doing.
  11. just showing where i am to date on the Bonnie & Clyde cars. i have placed the Franklin mint Dillinger car that i used to do the models in the backround.the two white parts cars are resin 25th scale body's of a 34 ford four door that i cut up with some shaping and filling they come to scale. you can see on the gray primed car how much cutting had to be done in order to make the car the right length. the rear doors and port windows had to be moved further back. the original car was cordoba grey i mixed some paint and made it a little on the thin side as i brush painted the car and being thin it flowed easier.then clear coated it.the car will have some shine to it with it being a little dirty from driving on dirt roads as it was only a few months old when they got ambushed.i made the figures but i may do some changes to those later.still far from done.
  12. looks great so far. i have this model that i use in my dio.for a cheap model they look darned good.can't wait to see it done.
  13. hey guys if you don't hear from me for awhile it is because i am in the middle of doing a couple of projects both at home for my regular work and on models.i have started doing the bonnie and clyde car again. i had started it last summer and put it aside to do a few car shows and other things came up so in the box it went untill a couple of weeks ago. how i am doing it is i am using the franklin mint 1933 ford tudor sedan and turning it into the 1934 four door sedan death car.i am using three cars to do this. in order to make it look right i have to extend the body and frame about 1/8" in order to make the back door and windows look right.it was to darned cold in the shed to take any progress pictures. i will show it when done.i am doing this as time allows me.if possible i will take a mock up shot just to give you an idea. the other thing is i am doing two at the same time.
  14. this is coming along great i can't wait to see it done. i am building a Diecast 1 24 scale model right now of the bonnie and Clyde death car and i have to stretch it around an 1/8" in order to convert it from a two door to a four door or it won't look right.what i did is cut the car in half then glued in flat aluminum flashing for strength. then filled it in with fillers. ( i like lab metal )
  15. what kind of car do you have in your engine. great gas mileage and superb visibility.
  16. i will suggest the same thing i tell any kid or anybody that wants to learn how to build a model.on the first on get one that you like and if you can get two of the same.on the first one open the box ( AND HAVE AT IT ) your best teacher is experience and that first kit may look awfull. but now you know what you did wrong and right. so now open the second kit ( AND HAVE AT IT ) i think you will see a nice improvement over the first one.the main thing is have fun and try not to get discouraged. though in the beginning you will make many mistakes' over time you will make many more great builds., now have fun.
  17. i recently got this cool Danbury mint 1956 desoto fireflight convertible. the car had issues like some bad paint spots and the convertible windshield and frame were smashed. rather than turn it into my normal type of rusty junker i decided to just make it an average Joe's pride and joy daily driver hardtop.i have three adventurer hardtop models and between those i made one decent adventurer that still needs a windshield and this one. one of the other two had a crushed roof and the other has real bad paint.i took what parts i needed for this one and repainted the roof black to match the black on the sides of the car.i switched all hardtop parts like the inner trunk interior panels and back sill and did the conversion. i am not concerned about perfection as this is just a family mans driver.
  18. thats a great work station. but Dude you realy hafta wash your socks better.
  19. get well soon. think little cars and you will get through fine.
  20. i am listening to all of these stories and believe me i have many of my own but i am getting dizzy from all your horror stories all this blood and gore i think i am going to faint as i can't take the sight of blood . moral of story use the right tools and be very carefull please
  21. figure out how to post video images for about a year now and still am having trouble. here is a link to my you tube video album as bad as they are you my like one or two.it takes so darn long to do this and i know i must be doing it all wrong. for instance it says you have 1,500 songs or music to pick from but only lets you use about 8 of them and won't show any more.i think i am done. stick a fork in me.lol jerseyjunker1 - YouTube
  22. real sweet car. danbury does seem to be hanging in there. they are taking orders for the new 48 chevy. http://www.danburymint.com/collectibles/prod/5FD/1948-Chevrolet-Fleetline-Aerosedan_4171-0013.aspx
  23. i realy like the way you did nice little touches to bring out the best in that truck. and the color is killer. somewhere i have the plymouths . here are a restored 41 dodge next to a total junk 41 dodge both danbury mint 1/24
  24. a man after my own heart. love your techniques. and the barn is great also.
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