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  1. welcome Blair we do about the same type of thing except i like to weather Diecast cars and trucks. i would love to see some of your work please post some pictures.
  2. this is another junker done quite awhile ago. it started as a Danbury mint 1934 Packard roadster.
  3. funny!!!! i have heard that before. :D
  4. a realy tough looking dude walks into a bar. long hair tats piercings about 6'8" tall and mean as they come. the bartender asks.can i get you something tough guy say i'l get it myself. with that he walks over to a guy sitting at a table all by himself with a drink in front of him. the tough guy picks up the drink and downs it slamming the glass on the table looks at the guy and says thanks for the drink. the guy looks at the tough guy and says first i get up late then my car runs out of gas then i miss an important meeting and my boss fires me when i get home i catch my wife in bed with the gardener now i am sitting here trying to get the courage to end it all AND YOU GO AND DRINK THE POISON
  6. without going to far out of budget for this project here is the completed diorama as best i could do it. i added a couple of signs on the front but i will recommend that better ones be used over those. also i will recommend that if posible he get a clear picture of the courthouse with the crowd be used as a backround.i would have done that but i have no way to do it. earth removed from top of vault first slab removed second slab removed all slabs removed car sat on rusty i beams inside the vault
  7. its the Gmp but it was a distressed model to start with
  8. little miss Belvedere being uncovered for the first time. more at a later date.
  9. brought a tear to my eyes http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nascar--nascar-fan-fulfills-lifelong-dream-of-going-to-the-daytona-500--then-passes-away-in-infield-050317237.html
  10. here are a couple of pictures of the car itself.engine done. trunk done. side letters and v done the letters i resized as best i could on my printer and the front fender v i made from electrical solder. i am currently working on the vault and it is almost done and i have made the time capsule the plaque and a few signs.
  11. these are two great muscle cars. they are super detailed and perfect colors.your a lucky man.
  12. super job Maarten in the right setting this would look like a 1:1 car. the new owner will surely be proud to display this car.again great job.
  13. to cool. scanned images look real nice. i like all of these trucks. great job.
  14. i can't wait to see the finished product. there is a whole lot of work being done here and i can appreciate that
  15. your project looks darned good to me. i like the color choice.if this is your first just remember to take your time. it saves time in the long run.
  16. another of the past junks. this one is the Franklin mint 1930 caddy bullet riddled.this is what happens when a car sits to long.
  17. lol AGREED. i just finished the accessories in the trunk and will be working on the tarp and vault as soon as time and the weather lets me. i do most of my work in my shed and its been a little chilly in there lately.
  18. sorry but i had to do this in two parts.this is on that i did for my good friend Brian a few months ago.he told me to go with it. i did'nt want it to look like a rust bucket but rather one that had crashed and has been lying around waitng for a restoration.again i forgot to take a picture before i started but it looked exactly like the one in the first picture that i took off of ebay this morning. the pics will tell the rest.lol
  19. here are the rest of the pictures.
  20. well it was around 4 in the morning and after playing with nugget for awhile i found this cool site if you like old car ads you will love this. http://www.youtube.com/user/AutomobileHistoryUSA/videos
  21. i hate to hear when anyone of our fellow modelers and collectors passes and i know how it feels to lose a great friend as my best friend passed i 2006 in a ski doo accident when it self accelerated went out of control and failed to shut off. R.I.P. Scott R.I.P. Bill
  22. you got it right. it is darn cold in the winter. i have a propane heater that i use to get the shed warm fast then i turn that off and use a small space heater by my feet. i have a blanket covering the door and i always wear a scarf around my neck when real cold and i always wear a jewelers catch apron so i won't lose any small parts and that apron also holds the heat and keeps me nice and toasty.
  23. basically my work table is 3' wide by 2' deep its an old computer table that has a slide out underneath so i get an extra foot of work space. sometimes i to have a companion helper.lol
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