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  1. thank you very much for the info
  2. force thank you very much for clearing that up for me and your help greatly appreciated
  3. What color is the Tyrone Malone bandag bandit should be
  4. In need of the italeri peterbilt 378 long haul instruction sheet
  5. That is very true
  6. I agree that will take up a very big shelf
  7. that sonny's motor looks great under the hood of the 57 chevy
  8. very impressive love the color that is on the duster
  9. sun yellow or maybe red or black
  10. if you can't find the tie rod , I would make it out of aluminum tubing with rod end joints
  11. outstanding craftsmanship the color looks great
  12. that is looking killer love how it looks and it sits
  13. wayne that is starting to look killer
  14. wow that stinks but at the same time is nice to have something to build
  15. will be following this project
  16. I might be interested in the 55 chevy
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