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  1. How are you doing after the fire? we had a near miss with the thomas fire last year. i saw the fire coming down the hill near point magu . hope your doing well.

  2. AMT 1/43 AMX and Cougar built ups

    pm sent
  3. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    What he said.
  4. Looking for Aurora 392 injected engine. Found

    there is one on ebay right now, 79.00
  5. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    I've been watching this post all afternoon. Michael you threw the ball at Bill and he threw back hard and I don't think you can handle it. You questioned his qualifications and he answered you. Now getting back to the original subject matter: I live on the Central Coast of California and we see cars like this daily. I've been serving vehicles like this in my restoration shop for over 20 years. I'm with Bill on the initial impression that somebody wasn't thinking about the serviceability of a car. Going through this sort of thing with a lot of different Ferraris I asked a representative of Ferrari of North America why they did certain things. His answer was, the dealers have to have a way a making money after they sell a car. They don't sell very many Ferraris, Bugattis, or whatever; so the service department has to keep the dealer alive between sales. That's exactly what I was told word for word. The owners of these cars usually have so much money they don't care. Many of my clients I never meet, I just talk to "their people". As far as Bill goes, I always follow his posts and as one car guy to another I can tell he knows what he's talking about, even though we have never met. As far as you as a moderator, Michael, you're no Harry.
  6. Hot rod magazine did an article on ed newtons mid engine model t roadster. it had a 392 hemi and looked a lot like the drawings on dan woods sight. it was some time in the mid 1970s. if not hot rod mag it was in car craft, one or the other. hope this helps you.
  7. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    I would by those boxes,you wont find a better deal than that.
  8. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    you need to call a paper supply company in your area, the boxes you are looking for are called tuck top folders aka baseball card boxes. they dont cost to much, just tell them the size you need.
  9. Foose Cadillac Body

    Funny you should ask, i just got back from Los Angeles with some fresh resin. this body will be available soon. sam
  10. Estes Garage

    what scale is your garage?
  11. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    That truck is a 1956 FYI
  12. Foose Cadillac Body

    I'm just trying to make this body perfect. If you look at the photos carefully, the rear trunk line isn't quite up to snuff. I'm getting close. Please be patient. I'm just trying to make something really good here. Check out what's taking all my time and keeping me away from the model car work bench more than I would like: www.freemanautomotivedesign.com
  13. Is this the hardest model car magazine title to sell on eBay?

    would you be up for a trade?
  14. Foose Cadillac

    I finally completed my Foose Cadillac body! Other work at the shop kept me from finishing it as quick as I wanted. Basic body will include a template to cut out a rear package tray from behind the seats, or perhaps cast the extra piece if there's enough interest. Let me know if you are interested. Questions and comments encouraged.