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  1. the plan is to use tesla batteries and as much as we can we will try to use the motor controller and other parts from tesla. this is our first electric car so planes might change along the way.
  2. That's yet to be determined. I am in contact with a company that rebuilds large electric motors. They say they can hop it up and broaden the performance envelope of that motor. After they do it we will put it on their dyno and see what we have performance wise and that will determine the rest of the drive train. I didn't want to take the easy way out and just plug a used Tesla motor in there. It wouldn't be as cool. We are HotRodding an original electric motor.
  3. This is an electric hot rod we have planned. General Electric automobile motor manufactured between 1899 and 1901. We're building the car on a 1917 Model T frame. We hope to begin construction early next year. We would like to enter it in The Race of Gentlemen.
  4. what would you like for trade on the dodge charger III?
  5. Dose any one have a windshield for a 1/8 scale monogram jag xke? have lots of 1/25 parts and resin to trade. thanks sam
  6. Dont worry i got you covered. all take pics of the car end to end for you. sam
  7. Are you still in ventura? if so you can come by the shop when the car is hear and shoot what you want. let me know. i think i am about 30 min north of you. sam
  8. I had a 904 in my shop 3 weeks ago, wish i knew you need pics. its going to be back in a month or so. let me know if you would like me to take some pic. sam
  9. Thanks for the input , you have all been very helpful. sam
  10. Is it all wrong, like to much to list wrong?
  11. can somebody please tell me how accurate the mpc 1969 pontiac bonneville is? and if there is any problems what they are.
  12. Also you can get a good deal on a vacuum pump military surplus.
  13. Yes the freeman manufacturing and supply is your one stop shop. they also supply other plastic/resin retailers. if you go to there web sight you will find all sorts of cool stuff you might need. i never met greg wann or seen what he makes but his advice is spot on. Delrin is real good for mold boxes as resin dose not stick to it but its very expensive.
  14. Look cool, what is it? is it a real car or a concept.
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