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  1. Good point, good luck with the build
  2. These views make me want to build one now! Is there any chance you are casting the flares? If so, I'll be waiting in line.
  3. I don't know what your process is but I would suggest using some form of a reducer. Start at 0% where you want to start the fade and go in incriments of 25% and work you way down over top the white
  4. That was mine and it was the Dali Lama by the way; I found it during my philosophy class. I didn't post it from a religious point of view, i just thought it made sense. As I stated, it wasn't that positive so I changed my post with the original as a basis for my new post.
  5. I realized my original post wasn't too positive so let me change it and repost something along the same lines: "Do everything and regret nothing. It's all a learning experience" -anonymous
  6. I found this inexpensive way to vacuum form parts with nothing more than a 2 liter bottle, peanut butter jar, and a vacuum cleaner. http://makezine.com/projects/how-to-make-your-own-plastic-vacuum-former/
  7. Probably just that. Remember that is not a transmission but rather where the torque tube connects. The vents are probably there to allow air flow to cool down the components.
  8. This is an awesome build! Please tell me you are going to use the holes in the front as pockets for headlights.
  9. You sir have the worst luck with this build, but it looks like it will turn out great. I cannot wait to see more
  10. I got these goodies in the mail to build a replication of my dad's 1:1
  11. Same here in central Michigan Von. I guess our storm has moved to the east coat and in Connecticut they have closed every road in the state.
  12. Will someone please post a photoshopped 1969 corvair coupe with a 1974 opel mantas c pillars and rear windshield, I have no photoshop skills lol
  13. I started working on my floor and then got a small drafting table that I use now. I could use more space but I also have other stuff on it.
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