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  1. slammedon24s added a post in a topic Rat Rod and Spare parts build!   

    Hey Tom,Your build reminds me of something I built a 1 1/2 years ago on another forum.It was a parts bin car.Which started as a '29 Ford Roadster Pickup and engine from a 25th anniversary Countach.It isn't perfect but I like how it turned out.Here is a link to it.

    Also, I might also join in the fun,in a week or so.
  2. slammedon24s added a post in a topic Real or Model #187 FINISHED!   

    I am going to say REAL
  3. slammedon24s added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Small update on "Roadkill" I got some primer on it and put some paint on chassis.I still have to get some paint for it and create some more weapons.

  4. slammedon24s added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Hey Doc here are a couple of new pics for the slide show. Hope you like what it has been done so far.And the name I have come p with is ROADKILL.
  5. slammedon24s added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Time for a update on the '57 Chevy.Since my first post(on page 38) I have made a lot of progress,1st body added more armor and bars to the window.2nd the interior,added a TV screen for a on board camera`s so the driver can keep on eye on the hoard/help weapons control.Also added a control panel for the weapons,made using styrene and small screws.3rd was adding a some sheet styrene to the back of chassis for a flatbed look and a cargo/weapons area.The under side of the bed will be filled in to give it a more solid feel.The 4th item was the chassis.The rear suspension is from a Chevelle donk,it will be added later for a better apperance.Got to find a better front axle,the one I have is for mock up only.Wheels and tires are from a toy truck that was found at Value Village.Also the motor is supercharged 454 from the same chevelle that donated the rear suspension

    There is a change from the pics,the bed does not have the two sheets with the curves cut out.This was for some tanks that were made from the NHL version of a Kinder Surprise Egg.I have since changed for some tanks taken from a Peterbuilt truck.

    The next update will hopefully be quicker,will include a front protection/weapon,rear deck/tanks/weapons

    That is all for now going to continue on the build,and try to figure out a name for it.Thanks for looking

  6. slammedon24s added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    I am new here but,after watching and hearing about the build though Doctor Cranky's I am going to enter into the build.

    This type of build is also new to me.My vehicle started out as a badly molded '57 Chevy Hardtop.First was was add some armor to the side windows to add some occupant protection and a brace for the big cut.Next the big cut,this cut was done from 1/8 inch back from the door.This was done to remove the portion of the car that was molded bad, there was not enough plastic on the right rear fender.
    After that was done cleaned up the cut and stuck some sheet styrene to cover up the hole,some more armour was also added to the body.Also work on the was the interior,the interior tub was cut to fit inside the new cab and was glued to the chassis.

    I still have to fiqure out/find or build a weapon(s) to add,and to build a whole new rear portion of the car.
    Let me what you think,Slammedon24s