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  1. Maybe limit the build to junk from your parts box?
  2. I didn't know it - but I found it via its hubcaps.
  3. It only takes two keywords to find this thing. Good luck picking the right two keywords!!! (No, I didn't find it - I reverse image searched in eventual frustration.)
  4. I've never seen this monstrosity before!
  5. Immediately recognised it, although I don't recall the details. I do recall the last time it appeared here it was red/orange.
  6. I was seaching RHD countries. I really wish you wouldn't waste my time like that.
  7. I have found this thing so often when looking for other cars. Now that I actually want it??? nope. no way. nothing. .
  8. Wasn't easy for me, either, but I felt the difficulty was just right.
  9. Never saw one before ever, but immediately knew who it was made by.
  10. Considering that I can't find anything IN ENGLISH for this, I am stumped. Reverse lookup found it, allright, but no ENGLISH search words found anything, and I tried for hours.
  11. I recognize the front but not the back, so I must have the wrong car in mind.
  12. It was obviously from Brazil, but none of my searches actually found it, despite me concentrating my search there.
  13. The hazards of picking cars that are too obscure. I've wasted too much of my life on this one.
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