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  1. Autoquiz 370 - Finshed

    NO HINTS to be revealed in the thread, be they right or wrong!!!!
  2. checking interest on 30 dollar limit cbp

    I couldn't even buy a kit for $30 in Australia.
  3. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    I looked in every right hand drive country except England. After all, who would put a Rolls grill on something that looked like it was out of Russia or China?
  4. AutoQuiz 365. FINISHED

    Usually they are available. At least the last 3 have been. And, no, that's not how I find the cars.
  5. AutoQuiz 365. FINISHED

    I recognized the cylinder head cover... What a way to find a car!
  6. Autoquiz 364 - Finished

    It only took me moments to realized it was Ford F1000 from Brazil. What took forever was finding which variant it was. This one doesn't come up in a lot of search word variations.
  7. Autoquiz 364 - Finished

    Some of their designs look like they took their cues from van culture.
  8. Autoquiz 364 - Finished

    Well, it does look better than Hummer's crappy attempt at a consumer car.
  9. Gauging interest - A Just-Whats-In-The-Box CBP

    We did a group out-of-the-box Gremlin build a couple years back.
  10. Autoquiz 364 - Finished

    Fine, but which variant is it? That's the part that gave me real trouble.
  11. Autoquiz 362 - Finshed

    Even knowing what it was, I was unable to find it with searches (without directly referencing it by name). Yet, last week's I found with the very simple search phrase "split rear bumper"!
  12. Jet Rod Community Build

    looking good.
  13. Autoquiz 362 - Finshed

    I had the right idea, but couldn't find it, so I cheated to put my mind at rest. Long enough is long enough!
  14. Autoquiz 358 - Finished

    I followed every Renault/Renault Export or clone/copy/inspired by mustang phrase I could think of, all with zero success. Even searched through museums. Finally, I thought - "I'm forgetting my magic word. If you can't find a car, its from Brazil." Searched for "Brazil Mustang", which brought it up right away. Of course, I didn't actually RECOGNIZE it from the different angle. It wasn't until I spotted the fuel filler that the penny dropped.
  15. Autoquiz 358 - Finished

    You are doing better than me. I've searched this from multiple angles and still can't find the thing. It will be interesting to see how close I got with my assumptions.