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  1. So...you think you have a stash????

    Some years ago in Los Angeles I had an insurance adjustor at my house (long story). She was a nice young woman, and while we were looking at all the model kits in the garage, I joked that sometimes I worried about turning into a (plastic) hoarder. She said, "Nah, this is a collection, not a hoard. You can trust me on that. I've dealt with hoarders. They aren't nearly this organized." She may have been a little biased. A few minutes later she was eyeballing one stack and said, "My boyfriend builds models, and he really likes those Tamiya kits..." For those of us who build more than car kits, the stash adds up fast. My house has a "basement and a half." The bigger basement is the workshop and storage for all the car kits, figures and accessories. The half-basement is for military vehicles/figures/etc., aircraft, motorcycles, 1/32 scale cars and Miscellaneous Kits...like the 1/8 scale resin figure of Alfred Hitchcock. I mean, how could I pass that up...? But like the woman said, at least it's all organized. More or less...
  2. Some eBay Weirdness...

    Thanks to everybody for taking the time to answer. I appreciate it. Looks like everything is OK, just 2 stubborn bidders. Which is something I like to see, as a seller.
  3. Some eBay Weirdness...

    For any eBay sellers out there, just checking if you've ever seen a bidding pattern like this. I've been selling on eBay since the 1990's and never seen it: At 8:22 AM this morning PDT, Bidder #1 placed a large bid on one of my kits. At 4:26 PM Bidder #2 started bidding against him. Bidder #2 placed 11 bids, all within 2-4 seconds of each other, so that was some kind of Automatic Bidding. He came within $1.00 of Bidder #1's top bid, then quit. At 5:34 PM, Bidder #1 placed a second bid, for the same amount as his first bid. Both are long-time eBay users with lots of 100% positive feedback. I still wonder why Bidder #2 only started bidding 8 hrs. after the first bid was placed. But maybe they live in different time zones or something. I'm probably just being paranoid and everything is fine, but this struck me as weird.
  4. What Irked You Today?

    Irking started Sat., when my U-verse cable box suddenly horked up the message "Please Wait." That can mean it's rebooting but did not, since the message stayed on-screen. Went up to the website and did the procedure for a soft recovery. That keeps any saved shows in the DVR. It ended with a big red "X" on the screen and the number "1." The handy guide on the website said that means hard disk failure. Ack! OK, let's try the Disaster Recovery. That wipes the DVR. Big red X did not go away. Website said, Yep, your box is dead. Just choose your model of cable box from this handy list. My box's model number was, of course, NOT on that list. Gave up and called Customer Service, as usual a nice woman in Mumbai or somewhere. She stayed on the phone with me a long time and ran thru a couple of other tricks, including a reboot from her end. Nothing worked. She said they would get a new box out immediately, UPS should deliver it today (Monday 10/22). Waiting impatiently... UPDATE: Box did arrive, booted up and worked with no irks.
  5. What non-auto model did you get today?

    That makes two of us! I wanted that Hasegawa Kate for a long time. Several on-line reviewers said the interior detail was so good, there was no need for any after-market stuff except seat belts. Finally found one on eBay last year for a decent price and jumped on it. Earlier this year, Sprue Bros. had a clearance sale and I picked up its kid sister for a good price, the Hasegawa B6N2 Jill. Here's a Hasegawa kit I had once, traded off and decided I wanted it back: the Hasegawa Zero "Strange Insignia." Nothing but the basic old Hasegawa Zero, but the decals are for American and British evaluation aircraft.
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Same here in Upstate SC. Both of those kits just showed up. I have a new HL very close to me and check it just about every week. This store also finally got the Revell '85 Olds 442/FE-3X. A HL about 25 miles away has had that kit for a long time but not my local store. The store only had 1 of those left on the shelf, so they must be selling well.
  7. Grrr... Seriously, Flies?

    Sorry, that hurts. You might camouflage them with these, photo-etched Eduard Fauna - Small Animals. But they're not the right scale either, being 1/35. OTOH, bugs, spiders and rats come in all sizes.
  8. Well...not exactly a rip-off. Ford Motor Co. and the Soviet Union signed a licensing agreement in 1929, and Ford shipped unassembled Model A's to be bolted together in a Moscow assembly plant. Ford also agreed to help the Russians build a new car factory in Nizhny Novgorod. That factory was the Gorki Automotive Plant, or in Russian Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod - GAZ, where those "Ford-skis" were built.
  9. And now for something really obscure...Russia's GAZ M-415 pickup truck, based on the GAZ M-1 passenger car. The good news: model kits of it exist. The bad news: only in the scales 1/72 and 1/48. And a very hard to find 1/35 scale kit from the Russian company Maquette, released around 2004. Maquette had already done the GAZ M-1 car in plastic; the pickup kit used its chassis, but Maquette made up a new resin body, fenders and interior. Sounds weird, but it's a nice kit. The resin parts are almost as thin as the plastic.
  10. Howdy! I'm also in Upstate SC. I never finish anything.
  11. Academy Hyundai Excel GLS

    An eBay auction for the Academy Excel GLS ended on Oct. 4. It didn't sell. Not too surprising, since the seller was asking $59.99 plus $24.40 shipping from Portugal. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HYUNDAI-GLS-EXCEL-GLS-1-24-MOTORIZED-MODEL-KIT-N-CA048-ACADEMY-KOREA-MIB-/153166530918?hash=item23a96fc966%3Ag
  12. AGHHHH!Dont drop the airbrush!!!!

    That hasn't happened to my Aztek (yet). I'm fumble-fingered and dropped one on the basement concrete floor several times. Finally set up the compressor etc. so it can't get to the floor. I recently did something really stupid with an Aztek. Loaded the cup, pressed the trigger and paint shot all over me and everything else. Turned the air blue, screaming and asking what was wrong. Know how the opposite side of the paint cup has a little black plug, so you can mount the cup on the left or right side? I had forgotten to put that plug back in. Duh...
  13. I just looked in the box. Only the 4 Goodyear GT Radials are included, with white lettering. Exactly as shown on the box side, under the "Special Bonus" hype. No other tires.
  14. Heller Massey Ferguson 2680

    The fe-mail carrier just dropped off my Heller 2680 tractor from the UK (see post above). I placed the order thru eBay on Oct. 8 and it arrived today, Oct. 15. One week to come all the way across the Atlantic! Can't beat that, and the price was fair, too. Yep, the ancient Heller tradition of doing...interesting things with clear parts. Their Hispano-Suiza K6 kit has an interior limousine divider with fantastic detail molded into it: wood-grain storage drawers and cabinets, frame around the divider window etc. But it's all molded as one big clear piece. The interior side panels also have great detail, including a readable clock. And are also molded in clear.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Ouch! That's pretty close to one recent eBay auction. 3 have sold recently: Sep 15, 2018 AMT 1964 MERCURY COMET CALIENTE MODEL CAR KIT $56.00, 7 bids Aug 3, 2018 AMT 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente $76.00, 13 bids. Looks like that one turned into a bidding war. Jul 24, 2018 AMT/Model King 1964 Mercury Comet, with extra resin teardrop hood $41.15, 12 bids For reference, I have one of these kits with the original hobby shop price sticker on it: $24.99. That shop gave me a 20% discount, so I paid about $20 each for the ones I bought. I feel very lucky. I happened to go into that shop on a Friday when the new stuff came in, and they were still unpacking these. By the next Friday, the shop had already sold out of the Comet.