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  1. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    This might give you some ideas. Here's a link to a photo collection of a RAJO-equipped Model T Speedster tricked out for touring. This is a 1918 Model T chassis with a 1912 Speedster body. The link also has some history of RAJO equipment. I was researching T speed equipment while building the ICM 1913 Model Speedster. Hop-up equipment for that year is easy: there ain't none. Looks like the first T speed equipment didn't appear until 1917 or so: "About 1917, Craig-Hunt sold a 16-valve single overhead cam Ford racing head nearly identical to that of the 1912 Peugeot (DOHC) Grand Prix racing engine. Crude in the beginning, later versions of the Craig-Hunt head used an enclosed bevel gear and shaft setup to drive the cam, and a cross flow design with four ports on each side with two plugs per cylinder...Craig-Hunt cross-flow 16-valve single overhead cam heads (the first overhead valve heads built for the Ford motors) were built for racing only and not for touring cars or trucks. Not surprising when you consider that each of the four valves per cylinder in early heads were advertised as 1½” in diameter (1 5/16” in later heads). Price in 1918 was $85." https://dyler.com/cars/6736/ford-model-t-rajo-speedster-cabriolet-roadster-1918-multicolor-for-sale
  2. My First try.

    For the lettering: it might be even easier to use Plastruct letters. They come in many different sizes, from barely visible to BIG. I recently used some tiny Plastruct letters to make the "B," "C," and "R" letters on a 1/24 scale Model T brake, clutch and reverse pedals.
  3. 1924 Ace

    It is a shame. Maisto did a die-cast 1903 Harley in 1/24 scale. I think it's long out of production, but they're on eBay pretty often for about $10 bucks.
  4. New Revell Landrover Kit.

    That's a rare kit you have there. The 1/24 ESCI Land Rover with the soft top is the only one never re-issued by Italeri (yet). The other 2 were the "Paratrooper" military version with no top and the "African Safari" version with the hard top. Just a couple of years ago, Italeri upgraded its ancient 1/35 scale military Land Rover kit with some new parts: a different hard top, police lights/decals to build a Spanish "Guardia Civil" version, and even options for left or right hand steering. I keep hoping they will do that with the 1/24 kits. Italeri did upgrade their 1/24 Jeep and (ex-ESCI) Toyota BJ-44 kits with a new .50 caliber machine gun but that was quite a few years ago and the BJ-44 is Unobtainium now. A straight re-issue of their BJ-44 "Savannah Master" kit would also be great. It had a roof rack full of nice accessories: jerry cans, wooden crates, 2 spare tires and some tarps.
  5. New Revell Landrover Kit.

    Nobody seems to know the status of the Monogram Land Rover. Link below to Chuck Most's great 2015 article about the kit. Some trivia: years ago on the internet, a guy posted that he had worked on the real Land Rover Monogram measured for that kit. He said it lived in Burbank, CA. He knew it was that Land Rover because the real vehicle had a U.S. spec carburetor, and so did the kit. The bad news, I guess, is that this can't be the Monogram kit. The Monogram kit was a short wheelbase 2-door Land Rover. All of Revell's descriptions/photos say the new one is a long wheelbase 4-door. The good news is that it isn't 1/35 scale, which is what I suspected at first. Assuming the Revell photos and descriptions are right, of course... http://chuckmost.wixsite.com/madhouse-miniatures/single-post/2015/04/07/The-Sad-and-Sordid-tale-of-Monograms-Land-Rover
  6. New Revell Landrover Kit.

    No photos of the actual kit yet that I could find. The ONLY pic I've seen is the one of the real Land Rover with the roof rack. Several non-US vendors have it available for pre-order. But only one vendor, Spot Model, is showing a release date: October 14, 2019 https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=52324&language=en
  7. 1924 Ace

    Great job on that monster! At a flea market, I recently found a 1975 copy of "Scale Modeler" magazine. It had a review of that 1/16 scale Ace kit. The kit was brand-new then, and in an ENTEX box, along with the other 3 vintage bike kits you mentioned. Don't anybody bother trying to find an original ENTEX kit, hoping it will be easier to build. The builder of that kit back in 1975 also had a lot of problems getting it together. The Ace story went the other way. William Henderson developed the 4-cylinder engine and started Henderson Motorcycle. He sold that company to Excelsior (a division of Schwinn). He didn't get along with his new bosses, and left in 1919 to start Ace Motor Corporation. Henderson was killed testing a new motorcycle in 1922. Ace was eventually sold to Indian Motorcycle, which wanted its 4-cylinder engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ace_Motor_Corporation
  8. Violent Road

    I watched it and didn't know anything about it, either. It was sort of a remake of the 1953 French movie "The Wages of Fear" with Yves Montand. That one was about truckers transporting dynamite. TCM shows it every now and then, so keep an eye out. It was neat seeing Merry Anders (and her '57 Ford convertible!) in that movie. I used to see her at work almost every day. She was in quite a few movies during the 1950s/60s, and the 1960's version of "Dragnet" with Jack Webb and Harry Morgan. After a couple of bad years when she made very little money acting, with kids to raise, she went to work for an aerospace company. The movie on before "Violent Road" was pretty good, too. "Red Hot Tires" from 1935, with Lyle Talbot and Mary Astor. Lots of vintage stock footage of 1930's Midget and open-wheel racing action, including some incredible wrecks. Some of it was filmed at Legion Ascot Speedway near downtown Los Angeles, which only operated from 1924 to 1936.
  9. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Another unusual 1/32 scale PYRO kit we'll never see again: the '34 Plymouth 4-door sedan. Military modelers hoarded these PYRO oddballs for WWII conversions and wrecks in dioramas. That was historically correct. The German army "requisitioned" every vehicle in Europe that would roll, especially leading up to the invasion of Russia. Somewhere around here, I have a picture of a '30s 4-door Plymouth in Russia that the Germans converted into a radio car, with a big "clothesline" rail antenna mounted on the roof. They also hacked up American sedans and converted them into troop carriers. Those were literally throwaway vehicles, driven until they died, then abandoned.
  10. IS-3 with BL-9 in 1/35 scale?

    I found a post on Reddit asking about the BL-9 from a couple of weeks ago. Was that you? It only got one reply. That reply said the BL-9 was only mounted in one tank for experimental purposes. When fired, the gun was so powerful it cracked the tank's gun mantlet. So the Russians dropped the idea. I do a lot of military modeling and couldn't find a 1/35 scale BL-9 anywhere. Good luck!
  11. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Two more pre-WWII French aircraft for the pile. The Bloch 174 and Potez 631 light bombers. Both made by Heller, of course, who did a lot of French aircraft kits no other company would have released. Many Heller kits were re-issued by SMER. They're not hard to find and usually pretty cheap, even on eBay. Both of these are still shrink-wrapped, with their original $15 price stickers. I saw them as a lot on eBay, with just a few minutes left to go and no bids. The minimum bid was $7.00 for both, and that's what I bid. Nobody sniped me, so I got these for $3.50 each plus shipping.
  12. I just found this huge collection of Jeep photos. Thought anyone building the 1/24 Italeri, AMT "Hogan" Jeep kit etc. might be interested. https://riverpinesjeeps.tumblr.com/ While many pix are WWII vintage, there are also some interesting later photos. Like the Kern County Rescue Squad Jeep from the 1960s, and Steve McQueen out in the dirt with his toy. Also some photos of scrapyards and post-war government surplus sales, with Jeeps as far as the eye can see. And some modified Jeeps, like the stretched Shore Patrol versions used by the Navy. Here's one photo. This is a building roof made entirely from Jeep hoods. According to the caption, it was just recently discovered in Germany.
  13. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    All three of those have been in my local Hobby Lobby for quite a while. The Duster and Chevelle for a couple of months, and the '55 Chevy showed up about a month ago. This store is in a small town and takes forever to get new kits in stock. Some of the kits people in here are getting, like the Revell Porsche Tractor, still haven't shown up yet.
  14. USN Classic Fatty - Matchbox Buffalo (OOB)

    Since this turned into a Weird Subjects thread, sort of, I wondered if anyone else has seen the kits from Arsenal Model Group (AMG) and its offshoot Dora Wings. They're in the Ukraine and do some odd aircraft, armor and watercraft subjects, like a 1/35 scale Russian Armed Speedboat from WW2. A couple of photos are below. The Dora Wings branch does a whole series of 1/48 scale Bell P-63 KingCobras, including the ultra-rare T-P63-E two-seat trainer. (Only 2 built.) These kits have nothing to do with the old 1/48 P-63s from MPM, Hi-Tech and Fonderie Miniatures. They are short-run kits but very well done, with photo-etched parts, canopy masks and big decal sheets. The P-63E kit includes decals for 6 different aircraft, including 2 from the post-war Honduran air force and a civil racing KingCobra. I ordered my P-63C and some other kits from "aceUA" on eBay. Like many Ukrainian vendors, they flatten the kit boxes to save money on shipping. So you get a big brown shipping box crammed full of sealed parts bags and the flattened boxes. You have to figure out where everything goes, which is not too hard.