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  1. Mike999 added a post in a topic 1958 Impala convertible   

    Sounds like MasterBox Pinup Series I.  A search on that will bring up lots of info and photos. Three 1/24 scale female figures (and a dog!) in the set. The figures are also sold individually.
    They've been mentioned on these boards before.  I ordered a set from an online vendor, the detail is incredible:

  2. Mike999 added a post in a topic chain   

    Many companies make chains intended for 1/35 scale kits, including Trumpeter, Verlinden (photo-etched chains) and others.  But since "chains is chains," they might work on 1/25 scale depending on the size you need.
    These Trumpeter chains look really good:

  3. Mike999 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks, I always enjoy seeing what Hobby Lobby is doing in other parts of the country.
    I went to Hobby Lobby the same day you did, Thursday 2/16, in Anderson, SC.  That store had 1 Heavy Chevy left, NOT marked down.  I only saw one kit on clearance - the AMT '66 Ford Galaxie.  The store had a pair of those - one sitting on the kit aisle, the other opened, re-sealed and in the Clearance aisle on the other side of the store.  Both were marked down to $16.99. The re-sealed one felt sort of light, like it might be missing parts, so I passed.
    On-topic: after many years of good service, my old Aztek A470 airbrush finally croaked.  I had taken it apart and fixed it several times over the years.   I really like that airbrush for general use and have another one for super-fine work (SOTAR 20/20).  Michael's had the A470 in stock and I got it with a 40% off coupon.  Still expensive, but probably cheaper than buying it online and paying shipping. 
  4. Mike999 added a post in a topic WW2 Helmet Air Filter Covers?   

    Look for some very old TAMIYA 1/25 figures.  These were made back in the 1970s to go with the TAMIYA 1/25 tank kits.  An eBay search showed none selling recently, but I have seen them on eBay from time to time.
    TAMIYA did these figures in both metal and plastic.  A pic of a metal figure is shown below.  The plastic and metal figures are identical except for the kit number (and material, obviously!).
    The plastic 1/25 German figures I have are numbered as follows: PF0001 German MG-34 Machine Gunner; PF0003 German Wehrmacht Squad Leader; PF0004 German Artillery Officer.  The German helmets are separate parts in these figure kits.  So no need to hack out a face.
    Another idea: find the figure sprue from the old TAMIYA 1/25 Tiger tank. It has a set of 4 German officers (scaled up from 1/35 figures) with 2 loose German helmets.

  5. Mike999 added a post in a topic Ghost Kits - Shown But Never Released   

    Thanks!  Memory Fail as usual. I have 2 open Range Rover kits with the resin LHD dashboards.
    The HiLux is still shrink-wrapped. For anyone else who runs into one at a swap meet etc.:
    Boxtop info:  Aoshima "Toyota HiLux Surf Down."  Kit #021163, or #15 in the "Exciting Tuning Vehicle (ETV)" series), whatever that is  It has a clear sticker on the boxtop with the following info: 
    "01393 - '92 US Toyota 4Runner - includes left-hand instrument panel - SATCO 319-634-3999"
    From the "includes left-hand IP" sticker, I just assumed that was a resin dashboard.  But your post indicates that it's plastic. That's good news.
  6. Mike999 added a post in a topic Ghost Kits - Shown But Never Released   

    "Resin lump" is exactly right. I have a Toyota 4Runner and a Range Rover with American SATCO resin LHD dashboards. They're pretty awful.
    But their tires were very good.  At the KCI swap meet in Buena Park CA a few years ago, one vendor had a bunch of different 1/25 aftermarket stuff they were dumping cheap.  Got a few sets of SATCO red-line/blue-line tires and several different sets of off-road tires.  Also a couple of Ross Gibson resin engines.  All for a lot less $$$ than the current arm-and-a-leg eBay prices. 
  7. Mike999 added a post in a topic Ordering From Other Countries, Any Guidance?   

    On eBay, I've ordered from Tokyo-Hobby several times.  They have great prices and ship quickly.  If you're looking for an older or discontinued Japanese kit, they might have it.  I ordered a couple of Aoshima kits from Tokyo-Hobby that nobody else seemed to have.
    Lucky Model is also great to deal with.
    Haven't dealt with Hobby Link Japan in a while, but never had a problem with them when I did.
  8. Mike999 added a post in a topic Italeri 2017 releases   

    As a benchmark - full retail price of the re-issued Ford Transit Van is $37.99, according to a couple of on-line vendors. So I'd expect most of their kits to be in that general range.
    If you don't know this, some Italeri re-issue boxes say "Upgraded Molds."  That just means they threw in a couple of new parts.  In the 1/24 Willys Jeep and Toyota Land Cruiser, it meant a new .50 caliber machine gun and mount.   So don't expect a whole new body casting or anything if the box says "Upgraded Molds."
    Snake45 said: "Dunno about their cars, but their most recent reissue of the ex-ESCI, ex-AMT AD-4 Skyraider had a jaw-dropping price. And not in a good way."
    Last year's Italeri re-issue of the old 1/72 AMT B-52 retailed at $72.99.  Though that is a BIG model.  I just hope Italeri learned to protect the tiny cockpit glass.  Some friends worked in hobby shops around Los Angeles when that kit was first issued in 1994.  They had many irate customers complaining - the cockpit glass was just tossed into the box with all the other heavy plastic parts, which shattered the clear parts beyond repair. 
  9. Mike999 added a post in a topic Spielwaren Messe Neurenberg 2017 + Pictures!   

    Thanks all, for the info on the Renault wheels.  I bookmarked that Renaissance page.  There is an Ebbro Renault in the stash, so I might try casting a set of wheels from those. The kit's too expensive to rob it just for the wheels.
    Here's hoping Italeri has all the old ESCI molds in good shape, like the Mercedes 450SLC rally cars and 190 police car.  They have released a couple of ex-ESCI Range/Land Rovers and an armed version of the Toyota Land Cruiser, so maybe. 
    Sort of interesting also that Italeri re-issued the rally version of the Mercedes G-Wagen with "barn doors" in the back, while Revell-Germany re-issued the Firefighting version with the horizontal tailgate/liftgate back doors.
  10. Mike999 added a post in a topic Spielwaren Messe Neurenberg 2017 + Pictures!   

    Don't know if this might be cheaper or not.  But the old ESCI R5 Police Car seems to have a Gordini-Alpine lurking in the box.  It has the special wheels, complete with the tiny Alpine "A" on the tiny hubcaps.  It also has the "hemi" engine (with sparkplugs on top of the cylinder head, not entering thru the side.) I found all this out when I went researching the Police Car.  They used the standard steel wheels. And those are 3-bolt Renault wheels, so it isn't easy to find a replacement in the ol' parts box.  Think I have a solution by patching in the outer rim of some Subaru steel wheels and leaving the 3 lug part alone.  At least the Subaru wheels have 6 cooling slots, like the Renault standard wheels.

  11. Mike999 added a post in a topic Let's see your geegaws!   

    The older AOSHIMA Subaru Sambar kit includes some really nice beach accessories, including spear-gun, SCUBA tank, rubber raft, small surf board, roof rack, etc.  These goodies come in at least 2 versions of the kit:  the brown one shown below, and the red-and-white Aoshima #04685 Subaru Sambar Post Office Car.  These are perfect for a lifeguard vehicle:

  12. Mike999 added a post in a topic Another Ebay Comedy   

    I'm always looking for 1/24 figures, so that's one of my frequent eBay searches. 
    Recently came across 2 listings for the 2 different sets of Fujimi 1/24 Mechanics.  Both sets were out of the box, with no instructions, and the sprues in one set had been crudely hacked apart.  Price was $39.99 for the first set and a discount down to $39.98 for the hacked set. Whatta deal! 
    $5.99 shipping on both, with no combined shipping. Yes, this is the infamous Parts Seller Who Shall Not Be Named - the guy who once threatened to sue this group for libel, slander, etc.
    A quick eBay search turned up a bunch of those Fujimi figures, in the box, often still shrink-wrapped, for prices ranging from $7.18 up.  One seller offered the combined Fujimi Mechanics AND Drivers set for $14.95.  Like that poor Mercury in the OP, the listings from ol' PSWSNBN are fun to laugh at , but I'd never buy any of them.  His market must be brand-new model builders with no knowledge of kit prices who buy everything off eBay. I guess such people might exist.
  13. Mike999 added a post in a topic Round2 Adding Decal Sheets to Parts Pack Line - Your Ideas Wanted   

    Agree.  Also some 1950s-60s vintage NASCAR and general racing sponsor decals that are hard to find, like "Grey Rock Brake Lining," etc.
    I'd love to see either R2 or Moebius do some full sheets of Carrera Panamericana decals.  Hudsons ran in that race for 1952-53 with some gorgeous graphics and sponsor markings.  I'm trying to make up my own for a '52 Hudson project, including some generic stuff like "California Hudson Dealers."
  14. Mike999 added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    Another Depression List here.  Younger folk should remember I bought/sold many of these long ago, when they were just used cars.  And after the various gas crises, the rule was usually the bigger the engine, the smaller the price.
    1964 Corvette coupe - the one I always wish I'd kept. Silver with matching interior, stored for over 10 years when I bought it in the 1970s. 327/4-speed.  IIRC, the 327/300 hp.
    1967 GTO convertible - white/red int/black top.  Bought cheap for cash, from one of the ripoff "Buy Here-Pay Here" used-car lots catering to Marines in Orange County, CA.  The same lot had a triple-black '65 GTO convertible with Tri-Power.  Missed that one!
    1968 GTO convertible - I like weirdly-optioned cars and this one fit the bill. Red with black interior, bench seat, automatic on the column, power everything and A/C.
    1969 Charger R/T - metallic green w/black R/T stripe and green int.  440/automatic.
    1972 GTO hardtop - another oddball. Yellow with a white vinyl roof/white interior, but it had a 4-speed.  There couldn't have been many of those built.
    1975 Trans Am - silver/black interior. A great driver.
  15. Mike999 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    That dealership diorama is great!
    Yesterday at the flea market, I scored another cheap HESS Training Van. Badly yellowed plastic (usually from storage in a hot place).  Missing a few minor parts but the working side door is still there.
    Also got a big stack of old car magazines cheap, mostly from the 1960s. I really enjoy the "Road Tests of the 196x Cars" articles. Toronado!  '61 Tempest!
    And speaking of the Pontiac Tempest - the stack included "Car and Driver" mag from July 1982, with a long article about John Z. DeLorean. His DeLorean car factory in Northern Ireland had just been shut down and his company was on the verge of total collapse. But John Z. was still looking for investors to save the company.
    Here's the last sentence of the article: ""If the DeLorean magic can be made to work just one more time, he may yet avoid the collision that threatens finally to smash his dream."
    Three months after that article appeared, on Oct. 19, 1982, DeLorean tried to work his magic in a $24 million cocaine deal with sellers who turned out to be Feds. And that was the collision that really did smash his  dream.