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  1. A 1965 kit for a 1965 price. Thanks, Hobby Lobby! Stopped in the closest HL today and went to the "Clearance" section at the back of the store. Two kits were sitting there: an AMT Plymouth Prowler and a '65 Lincoln Continental. I couldn't quite make out the price on the Linc's red discount sticker, but figured it was $7.50 or so, and worth that for the parts. At the register the cashier muttered, "That doesn't look right." She called over a manager and said, "The original price on this was $29.99. But the scanner is saying $1.87." The manager said that was right. She pointed to another red sticker under the $1.87 sticker, and said, "We've already marked some of these down once and they didn't sell. We're trying to get rid of them." So with sales tax, $1.98. Or about what this kit would have cost when it was new.
  2. Lindberg/Round 2 has some of those molds and still re-issues them. In 2008 it re-issued the ex-PYRO Model T shown below, along with some other former PYRO 1/32 kits: '32 and '36 Ford roadsters, '40 Ford coupe etc. Back in the 1980s Lindberg re-issued a bunch of the old PYRO kits, including the '32 and '34 Plymouth roadsters. Those kits had 1/32 scale 6-cylinder engines, often swiped by military modelers. Many of the PYRO 1/32 kits haven't been seen since the 1960s and are probably gone forever. Like the '34 Plymouth 4-door sedan and the '52 Chevy station wagon (which was a fictional 2-door wagon that Chevy never made).
  3. Yes it does. I just checked an original kit. The headliner is a ribbed pattern, running back to front, molded into the roof. Looks like it wouldn't be too hard to remove or cover up. A few years ago, a resin caster offered some nice stock door panels for this kit. Not sure if they're still available, but somebody in here might know. Did any re-issues of this kit include the side-mounted spare wheel and the chrome hand tools?
  4. Very sharp, clean build, especially that interior. Here's a green one I found at a flea market recently, along with a '60 Plymouth. The sagging rear ends aren't a custom touch; the lowering blocks have come unglued.
  5. I was also in Berlin during the summer of 1990, on vacation from Saudi Arabia. One neat souvenir you could buy was a small chunk of the wall, with a 1/43 scale Trabant climbing up it. My Mom has one on display in her house. The amazing stuff for sale was all the former military gear. The East German Army and the Potsdam garrison of the Red Army both seemed to have giant clearance sales. Street vendors were selling everything from complete General's uniforms to medals and everything else (except firearms). I got a tanker's helmet and some other stuff.
  6. Italeri. They did the 3-ton Blitz in 1/35 and 1/24. Here's a 1/24 civilian version, in a Revell box. Italeri has done it in several different boxes with different decals. As you mentioned, they also did it as a fire truck.
  7. Agreed. I spent some time on their website and looking at their stuff on eBay. Their resin kits look like plastic kits. Thin castings, no or very little resin flash, etc. They do some really stunning 1/32 scale aircraft kits, like this beauty:
  8. Newer modelers, watch out for this dog in wolf's clothing. This Monogram "Classic Cruiser" '32 Ford roadster clearly says "1/25 scale" on the box. You might think you're getting a re-box of the excellent Revell 1/25 scale "Highboy" roadster, or at least something in 1/25 scale. Nope. Inside that box is the ancient 1/24 scale Monogram kit. It can only be built with the full fenders because it doesn't even have a chassis. The front/rear suspension is glued to the fenders.
  9. Thanks! I may use that. Another good use for fine-grit sandpaper: quick road (or runway) surfaces for diorama bases. It looks a lot like asphalt. Just glue it to the wooden base and instant road surface! I've seen it used for cars, armor and aircraft. In this pic, the carrier deck was made from a piece of sandpaper. Notice how the builder added skid marks, painted lines, etc.
  10. I know it's extremely unlikely, but I can dream. ICM did scale up some of their 1/35 cars to 1/24, like the Mercedes G4 and Opel. Those Model T's are also done in both scales, though the 1/35's are all military versions so far and the 1/24 kits civilian. So maybe there is a little hope.
  11. The Polish company Lukgraph is releasing 1/35 scale resin kits of the Nash-Jeffrey Quad 4WD trucks. The kits have full engine/chassis detail and photo-etched parts. They even include the shovel, ammo crates and other stuff in the bed! Lukgraph is doing several different versions. The one shown below is a Marine Corps truck. They also do a kit with a full tarp over the bed, an ammunition truck, etc. Historically, the Quad was a very important vehicle, used in the 1915 Mexican Punitive Expedition and WWI. I'm hoping ICM or Roden will take the hint and do these in plastic, and in the right scale. ICM already does 2 different versions of the Liberty WWI American truck in 1/35. A quick look at eBay shows these Lukgraph kits going for $90 to $125.
  12. I visited Hungary in 2008 and there were still quite a few Trabants running around there. Went on a tour of "Statue Park" outside Budapest. The Hungarians took all the huge Soviet statues out of the city after Communism collapsed, and turned them into a tourist attraction. The park also has a copy of Stalin's giant empty boots, commemorating the tearing down of his statue during the 1956 revolution. A blue Trabant was sitting outside the souvenir shop, sort of like a "gate guard." Here's a pic of it (not mine, found on the internet).
  13. Thanks. Revell sure has worked those Trabbi molds! They've re-issued it for almost every Berlin Wall anniversary, including the 20th and 25th. I'm guessing this is the "new" Trabant, with engine detail. Their original Trabant kit, issued in 1990, was a curbside with no engine. But it did have a big roof rack, which isn't in the newer kit. Here's the 25th anniversary kit: Wrong scale, but for the 30th anniversary, AFV Club has released a 1/35 scale kit with 3 sections of the Berlin Wall:
  14. Same here. If the kit is really big and/or heavy, I put a warning about that right in the eBay listing. I sometimes have "sticker shock" when I'm buying and see the eBay shipping price. So the warning is my way of saying, "Don't blame me, blame the Post Office." This was sort of weird: I did a trade in here once with a guy on the West Coast. I'm on the East Coast. Both boxes were pretty big. I checked his USPS label when my kit arrived, and we had both paid exactly the same amount in shipping, right down to the penny: $17.30.
  15. Preiser makes "G" scale figures (1/22.5 scale). But they also make figures in 1/24. And almost every other scale, including 1/32, 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72. Their "Adam" and "Eve" multi-pose figures are really neat, if you can sculpt your own clothes out of Milliput or something similar. They come as "academy" (nude) figures. This is the 1/24 "Adam" set:
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