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  1. Mike999 added a post in a topic Cool Parts   

    Don't ignore foreign kits when looking for neat accessories.  e.g., this AOSHIMA 1/24 scale Subaru Sambar High Roof 4WD Microvan. It comes with all the stuff on the box art - set of SCUBA gear, a surfboard and a rubber raft in a roof rack.  It also contains some great van interior parts, like a TV set and stove. 
    This is a "kei" van, so it is tiny, even in 1/24 scale. I found one fairly cheap on eBay.

  2. Mike999 added a post in a topic Future floor wax question   

    Here's a page full of great ideas for using Future/Pledge, from Matt Swan.
    Using a tip from that page, I recently clear-coated a body (over decals) with the following ratio. I used an Aztek airbrush and it came out looking good: 70% Future, 30% isopropyl alcohol and a smidgen of Tamiya Flat Base, to cut the gloss.  The alcohol was 91% isopropyl, BTW. I sprayed over Testor's rattlecan Gloss White, on an Aoshima body.
    Another great tip for side-marker lights etc.: mix the Future with Tamiya clear color paints, like red and green.
  3. Mike999 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Wheeler Dealers sure does find some interesting cars.  I just saw the episode with the Noble M12 GTO, a car I'd never heard of.  Only 100 built, powered by a heavily modified Ford Mondeo engine with twin Garrett turbochargers.
    WD is just about my favorite car show, along with the original Top Gear. Mike and Edd are likable guys, and Edd's an amazing mechanic. He can explain complicated stuff so even a dummy like me understands it.  A really refreshing change from all those car shows featuring egomaniacs, car-butchers and "will they finish?!?" fake drama. 
    Noble M12 GTO:
  4. Mike999 added a post in a topic Michael's Clearance, Selected Car Kits   

    Thanks for the responses.  Looks like each Michael's store decides independently what it will put on clearance. 
    Hobby Lobby seems to do it the other way. I always see the same kits in the clearance aisles at the 2 HL stores in this area. Though I noticed a weird thing with the AMT 53 Studebaker - it was clearance priced at $15.59, except I found one in the Clearance aisle for $14.99.
    I also remembered another clearance kit at this Michael's store for $14.99 - the Ohio George/MALCO Mustang Gasser.   
  5. Mike999 added a post in a topic 370hp station wagon. 1 out of 8 made.   

    Casino/hotel mogul Bill Harrah had a 1977 Jeep Wagoneer with a V-12 engine from a Ferrari 365 GTC/4. And it was mated to the Jeep's 4-wheel-drive running gear so Mr. Harrah could travel in the snow. Fast! (Photos at link.) 
    Wish I could find a picture of Harrah's famous early-Sixties Pontiac Bonneville station wagon.  It had a 421 race-prepped engine and 4-speed transmission, bucket seats and console. Also aluminum front fenders/hood from a Pontiac drag car.  Dual gas tanks were installed for long-distance, high-speed travel.  On those long stretches of Western highway, Mr. Harrah liked to sucker young hot rodders into passing the old geezer driving the Pontiac wagon...
  6. Mike999 added a topic in General   

    Michael's Clearance, Selected Car Kits
    Stopped at the Michael's today in Anderson, SC.  They had the following car kits on clearance at $14.99. Normal price was $27.99. There may be a couple more I forgot. The AMT-R2 '66 Ford was NOT on clearance, neither were most of the other car kits:
    AMT-Round 2 Petty Dodge Dart Modified Sportsman
    AMT-Round 2 '60 Falcon Ranchero (1/25 "Ohio George")
    Lindberg Little Red Wagon
    MPC-Round 2 '75 Dodge Dart Sport
    Also stopped by Ollie's.  The big scale model sale seems to be almost done.  This store still had a few Lindberg "Color Me Gone" '64 Dodges, 1 Lindberg 1/20 Surf Buggy, Revell Impala Police snaps, and a ton of military/aircraft/Hawk Weird-Ohs kits.  Didn't see anything new, or any signs of re-stocking the existing car kits.
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  7. Mike999 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Sorry, nothing that new!  I think the newest item in the whole bunch is the body of an AMT 62 Impala convert. I spent a couple hours in front of the TV, sorting and bagging all those interior parts. 
    Speaking of the original AMT 62 Chevy - just for fun, I took some parts from the newer 62 Chevy, released in the 1990s, and they seem to fit almost perfectly!  The hood, grille, rear bumper, windshield.  Even the chassis looks like it will fit without much trouble.  I thought that was interesting. 
  8. Mike999 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    You'll probably like it.  It also has an opening trunk with a spare tire.  Some people have taken the photo-etch grille and used it on the REVELL '57 2-door sedan kit.  Apparently it just drops right in.  I just recently picked up the latest Cindy Lewis re-issue of this one.

    When that kit was first released some years ago, I remember reading that the Kats at AMT/ERTL expected it to banish forever all memories of their first '57 Chevy kit, circa 1962. Which is pretty funny, since they've re-issued that original ancient kit several times since.  I guess the new '57 didn't sell as well as expected. But I'll leave it to those with insider information to tell us about that. 
  9. Mike999 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    Still looking for a method in Ollie's madness, but I should probably just give up on that.
    Back to Ollie's in Anderson, SC last Sunday.  One thing I noticed - a bunch of model kits were stacked near the Books section, not on the end-cap with the rest of the kits.  Though all of these were the old "Rube Goldberg" Weird-Oh kits - "Painless Tooth Puller" etc.  Wondered if these were worth getting as parts kits, decided not.  I did find a "Torture Wheel" to go along with the Iron Maiden I already have. 
    They still had a lot of Lindberg "Color Me Gone" Dodges, and had put out a fresh batch of Revell Impala Police Cars (Snap-Kit but a good one).  Couple of weeks ago they only had 3 Impalas, which I bought. Also had quite a few 2011 Camaro convertibles. 
    All the PL Tommy Grove Mustangs seemed to be gone, along with the Lindberg Little Red Wagons and Dodge L700s - both the single truck kit and the combo kit with trailer and '40 Ford.
  10. Mike999 added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby a great place to go if you're just starting out or getting back in the hobby.   

    Description of Solomon Young, grandfather of President Harry S Truman: "Skeptical of preachers or anyone who made too much show of religion, he liked to say that whenever he heard a man praying loudly, his first instinct was to go home and lock the smokehouse."  (From "Truman" by David McCullough)
  11. Mike999 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Flea Market Day, and I scored a big, cheap box of junk.  Read 'em and weep...just like that poor Monogram Indy Racer mechanic, mourning the remains of a PMC '59 Ranchero (along with the loss of his right hand in a pit accident).
    This builder must have loved '58 Buicks. He had 3 of them, 2 hardtops and a convert.  One hardtop still has all its trim, and only suffered some customizing with wood putty. Which fortunately tends to dry up with age.  The other 2 Buicks have all the trim removed except for the 1 side spear. The '59 Edsel also has most of its trim intact, except for the EDSEL and CORSAIR badges. Which are available on a photo-etched metal sheet.
    Lurking in the back is a '58-'60 Lincoln Continental body, and an original AMT '59 Chevy convert with most of its trim/badges. The rest of the big junk box was full of mostly interior parts and random junk.  And a Monogram Green Hornet decal sheet!  The AMT "Pro Shop" '58 Edsel and REVELL '48 Ford Woody were only $5 each, so I couldn't turn them down.

  12. Mike999 added a post in a topic What kits did you miss ?   

    ERTL farm tractors, among many others.  I remember a Los Angeles toy store, back in the 1980s, where those kits were being dumped at clearance-sale prices.  Also remember them going cheap at kit shows, circa the early 1990s.  I had a few over the years and foolishly sold or traded them.  They sure don't go cheap now!
    I only have 2 farm tractors left:  the reissued AMT John Deere and a built-up Massey-Ferguson 1155.  The 1155 cab is missing the rear window and driver's door, and has a broken but repairable front axle.  It is neatly built and not painted, so I'm thinking of dumping the cab completely and going the "abandoned behind the barn" route. With lots of weathering.
  13. Mike999 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    Worst part of those Dodge truck kits, in my experience: the doors.  They use tiny plastic hinge pins that break if you look at them wrong.  If you want working doors, drill out those things and replace them with metal.  A common straight pin trimmed to fit will work. Or you can just glue the doors in place. But then you'll need to do some work on getting everything straight and flush.  They don't fit all that well.
    As far as molding and flash, the Lindberg reissues of the Little Red Wagon etc. look better than some IMC originals I've seen.  I have an original IMC "Touch Tone Terror," the telephone version of the LRW.  Not only was it molded in a gruesome translucent see-thru white plastic, there was so much flash I practically had to whittle the parts out with an X-Acto knife.
  14. Mike999 added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Max Wedge   

    Amazing!  Some great ideas there that I will try my best to steal.  Especially like the emergency brake cable/clamp detail and those open header caps.
  15. Mike999 added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Heartbreaker: Wrecked/Salvage C2 Corvettes
    For a modeling idea, I went looking for photos of wrecked, abandoned etc. Corvettes.  Came across this heartbreaking site - a whole page of C2 Vettes, flood-damaged, wrecked, or just nearly-junked "project cars."

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