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  1. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Some minor trivia about the '23 T: the steering wheel in that series of kits is bigger and more accurate than the one in the '25 T series of kits. See the photo below, with the '23 part on the left and the '25 wheel on the right. That info comes from Model T master modeler Anthony Hazelaar. Here's a link to his website, with his collection of Model T's and other early Fords. https://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/tonhazelaar/wwwhome/model-t-1908-1927.html
  2. Vintage (Brass-era) farewell

    Thanks for the photos, and it's great that so many of Tony's friends showed up. (Human and automotive.) The Dodge roadster may be a 1916 model or thereabouts, though I'm certainly not an expert. I'm guessing that because it looks like the 1916 Dodge touring car in this photo. This was a staff car for General John "Black Jack" Pershing. The general ordered 6 Dodge touring cars for his "Punitive Expedition" to Mexico, chasing Pancho Villa. Pershing never caught him, but those Dodges must have impressed the famous outlaw and revolutionary. Pancho was shot to death in July 1923, while riding in his favorite car - a 1919 Dodge.
  3. Yep, you'll need exhaust headers. I'm currently scrounging the parts boxes myself for some, after grinding off the headers molded to that AMT flathead engine block. You probably know this already, but the flathead block only has 3 exhaust ports on each side. So we can't just steal any old headers. An internet search was definitely my friend in learning what they look like and how they mount. In parts searching, I came across a flathead engine from the 1/24 scale Monogram '40 Ford pickup. It has a molded-in exhaust crossover pipe, among other problems. But it also has a killer set of triple carbs. The manifold fits almost perfectly on the 1/25 scale AMT flathead, so I'll probably cheat and use them. This is model building, we can do (almost) whatever we want!
  4. Thanks for the responses, everybody! For those interested, here's a detailed, 2-part history of car A/C systems from Curbside Classic. Part I covers factory air before WWII, Part 2 aftermarket systems: http://www.curbsideclassic.com/automotive-histories/cold-comfort-history-of-automotive-air-conditioning-part-1-pre-world-war-ii/
  5. What a coincidence. I'm messing with the '50 Ford flathead right now, and looked thru a bunch of other flatheads in the parts piles. One problem with the AMT '49 and '50 Ford flatheads: they have a big honking hole thru the block and oil pan for a metal axle. I wondered if that had been changed in later issues, so I opened a '50 Ford "Millenium" kit from 2000. It still had the big hole. Other than that the AMT '50 engine is well done for its age. It has the oil-bath filter mounted on the left side of the engine and the oil filler tube on the front right. I want to put an Old School flathead in a '32 Ford. But I'm too cheap to rob a Monogram '50 pickup, and didn't want to fiddle with making engine mounts. So I took the '32 flathead block and will use the aluminum heads etc. from the '50 engine on it. They fit with a little tweaking. I want it to look like a Deuce with a later flathead swapped in, so that should work.
  6. When a Model T is just too high tech...

    If you don't mind turning to the Dark Side and working in the Wrong Scale, Roden makes a 1/35 scale kit of the Holt 75 Tractor, circa 1915. They were used in the Punitive Expedition against Pancho Villa and WWI. The Germans borrowed some from Austria during WWI, and copied the Holt suspension for their Krupp A7V tank.
  7. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    Amazing, seeing those kits clearanced. And annoying! The Chevelle hasn't even made it to any of the Hobby Lobbys close to me yet. Only one of those stores had the '34 Ford pickup and it hasn't been there long. Some on-line vendors have the '60 Chevy pickup & Go-Kart, but their price is close to HL full retail ($28-29). I'm trying to hold out until I can use a 40% off coupon. Just checked 2 big online kit vendors; both show the '60 Chevy pickup, but one says "Out Of Stock" and the other "Unavailable." That could mean they're not in stock yet, or they sold out quickly.
  8. "Unusual aircraft" is Valom's specialty! I just searched on "Valom 1/72 scale" and all sorts of oddballs popped up: Bristol Brigand, Handley-Page Harrow, a whole series of F-101 Voodoos, Heinkel He-119 and on and on. They do seem to be improving. Their series of Fisher XP-75 kits got good reviews on-line.
  9. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    That seller's prices sure are all over the map. I displayed all their items for sale, then searched for "model." They're selling a mint-in-box Rommel's Rod for $19.99, which seems sort of low. And this slice of nostalgia, or nausea: a Palmer 1/32 scale "Screamin' Demon." With chrome parts! For that one, they're asking $29.99. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PALMER-SCREAMIN-DEMON-ROAD-RUNNER-SERIES-1-32-MODEL-CAR-W-CHROME-PARTS-Vintage/382836693238
  10. WW 1 helicopter

    Yes, it came out back in 1996. I checked eBay. None are for sale right now, but 3 have sold this year, so it looks pretty easy to find. It's Eduard kit number 8015. Here's the box art.
  11. WW 1 helicopter

    Great job! I've had the 1/48 scale Eduard kit of that thing for years, and still haven't gotten up the nerve to build it. Bailing out of the PKZ-2 would be interesting. The observer better have very good co-ordination to jump thru those spinning blades. As dangerous aircraft go, the PKZ-2 is right up there with the Royal Aircraft Factory BE-9 "Pulpit." You'll notice the gunner stands in FRONT of the spinning prop and roaring engine. One on-line article said, "The pilot wouldn't know there was a problem until he was hit in the face with pieces of the gunner."
  12. I've been looking for 1/25 scale air-conditioning system parts. Especially compressors and the belts that hold them, since those are usually the most visible A/C parts. I didn't find many. Anybody know of any other car and truck kits with A/C setups in 1/25 or 1/24 scale? Is anyone making these parts in resin or 3D printing? Here's what I found: AMT, original - searching on this board, I learned that some 1960's AMT kits had a one-piece, under-dash a/c system. AMT\ERTL '62 T-Bird '66 Olds 442 (convertible kit only) '69 El Camino REVELL-MONOGRAM: '59 Cadillac '00 Ford F-100 in the Harley-Davidson Limited Edition package (with Harley and trailer)
  13. Your favorite manufacturer of 1/24 kits

    Tamiya for fit and quality, as others have said. That also applies to their aircraft and military kits. Military modelers joke that you can just pour glue into a Tamiya box, shake it up and a perfectly-built model will fall out. Monogram for 1/24 scale nostalgia. I'm still looking for an original Yellow Jacket '30 Ford (but not at eBay prices!). Found an original '40 Ford pick-up not long ago. Heller for variety, despite their wonky ideas like molding interior parts in clear plastic along with the glass. Who else would have released a Mercedes 170 4-door sedan (and its companion panel truck); a Citroen Hotel Taxi; a Renault 4CV police car, etc. etc. The long-gone ESCI also for variety and 1/24 weirdness. Not just one but TWO Mercedes 450SL African Rally cars; Land Rovers and Range Rovers; Ford Transit van; Mercedes G-Wagen; and the Toyota BJ-44, released as a safari truck and as the totally bonkers Philippine Taxi (one of the few ESCI kits with chrome parts), etc.
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I hate to be nit-picky, but this is the "What Did You Get Today?" section. The "Car Kit News & Reviews" section is...over there somewhere.
  15. Name that movie quote

    "Say hello to my little friend."