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  1. Walmart Prices ?

    Mine too. I always check that aisle myself. Once I went into a California WM and they had the 1/32 scale Signature Models die-casts clearance priced. I think they were $5 each and I snapped up a bunch. I know, wrong scale, but those die-casts are little jewels. They put a lot of 1/24 die-casts to shame: separate chrome door handles and trim pieces, nice paint, close-fitting door lines etc. Their '39 Lincoln Zephyr convert has optional up or down tops. Since I also do military stuff, one of my faves is their '41 Plymouth 4-door sedan. Perfect as a WWII staff car in a 1/35 or 1/32 diorama. Here's their '41 Packard Darrin convert. Pearl Harbor diorama! Not my photo, but I found one of these at flea market for $2, IIRC.
  2. 60 thunderbird kits?

    You might be able to find a built-up '60 T-Bird cheaper, especially if it's a glue-bomb. Steve Kohler at Star Models sells a '59 T-bird resin kit for $61.00. It's a complete curbside kit with chassis, interior, bumpers and vac-form glass (but no engine and no chromed parts). Here's a link: http://resinrealm.net/Star/STAR Models/59_T-Bird_Htp.html
  3. Walmart Prices ?

    U.S. Wal-Marts haven't had kits in the store since 2008 or so. The link above is all third-party vendors selling thru Wal-Mart, the same as Amazon does with a lot of stuff.
  4. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    ABSOLUTE LAST EDIT, just to confuse things even more: #31741 has the "medium-sized" camper, with back door and cabover piece. But the side pieces are small, like the topper. Kit #6062 has the large, full-sized camper with big side windows. I have several of those campers and just pulled one out to check it. The INSTRUCTIONS in kit #31741 show the small topper shell. It's even labeled "Topper Assembly." But what's in the box is that medium-sized camper. Not the little topper. When I posted a few minutes ago, I was going by the instruction sheet. But when I took a close look at the parts, I saw that the other camper was in there. I guess this is just another example of AMT-ERTL quality control at its finest. Or something. Enough! I'm never posting anything about this @#!@# kit again. You're all on your own. :-)
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I watched that too, just now. Then I opened the new "Gear Hustler" and compared it to kit number 31741, shown above with the red car on the box. It does have the custom front/rear chrome parts and dual-quad manifold, headers, etc. Like I said, this gets confusing... EDIT TO FIX GOOF: Kit #31741 has the big cabover camper. But the instructions show the small "topper" camper shell, like the Gear Hustler. The big cabover camper and blown engine are also in the re-issues from the 1990's. I think it was released twice back then with the same kit number, but different box art: kit #6062. Or wait until Round 2 re-issues it, which they probably will at some point.
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Another swing by Hobby Lobby and picked up the R2 '65 El Camino "Gear Hustler." Everybody probably know this, but just in case: this version does not include the hot-rodded engine and other dragster parts. It only builds a stock El Camino with the small topper camper. The old AMT/ERTL version below has all those parts, and the big cabover camper, though none of those parts are mentioned or shown on the box. It's AMT/ERTL kit number 31741. The 1990's Buyer's Choice re-issues of the kit, #6062, also had all those parts. This kit has been re-issued many times with different parts, which can get confusing.
  7. hobby lobby

    Had errands to run in town, so swung by the Hobby Lobby in Seneca, SC. Some new car kits had sneaked in, like the '66 Fairlane and '70 Vette LT-1/ZR-1. So if some of the new stuff isn't in your store yet, it should be soon. Seneca is a very small town, and probably near the bottom of the HL food chain. A little off-topic, but I finally saw something Snake has been talking about: the first Airfix aircraft kits I've ever seen in a Hobby Lobby. This store only had the 1/48 scale P-40B and P-51D, and a single 1/72 scale P-51. More to come, I hope. Weekends: When I worked in Saudi Arabia, the weekend was Thursday & Friday. In Egypt it was Friday & Saturday. Foreigners adjust pretty quickly to that. In Saudi Arabia everything closes on Fri. for the Prayer Calls, and you do not want to be out on the street then. The Religious Police roam around harassing people. If you ever go on a tour to Egypt, beware of scammers telling you the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum or whatever is "closed for Prayer Call." Nothing closes for Prayer Call in Egypt. The scammer is trying to lure you to his cousin's (outrageously overpriced ) souvenir store, rug emporium, etc.
  8. Revell

    That must be a mistake, and the seller seems to have some kind of listing glitch going on. I went to his store. He has that same price, $333.38, on 1 bottle of Testors paint. And 1 container of Testors glue. And a Revell Nova kit and a 1/35 military kit. But a couple of other scale models are reasonably priced. Weird. I guess the lesson here is "Always preview your eBay listings." Then go back and double-check after the listing is posted. I still can't believe the seller asking $299.98 for the Foose truck...which did not seem to be a mistake. I hope he bought several cases of that kit.
  9. Revell

    Adding my own "Heh heh heh ..." I just did a quick eBay check. Here are some recent prices on the Revell Foose F-100: Buy It Now asking prices: $44.99, $69.99, $79.95, $85.00, $89.57, $92.99, $99.99; $299.98 (plus $13.98 shipping!) Auction Starting Bids: $40.00; $55.00 or Buy It Now $72.00; $75.00 or Buy It Now $125.00 Some actual Sold Prices: $40.00 with 7 bids; $43.00 with 5 bids; $75.00 with 5 bids; $100 with 1 bid (I'd like to deal with that bidder!); $49.99 Buy It Now One Foose F100 was parted out, with fairly reasonable prices ($3 to $8.50).
  10. Comic Book Ads

  11. Great Traders List

    Just did a great trade with larry ray. His trade items were delivered quicker than expected and just as described.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Me too, that box is small. Just for fun, I compared it to original boxes for the Lindberg 1/16 BMW R75 and Triumph Tiger 100. It's quite a bit smaller, but those old boxes were sort of over-sized and had a lot of air in them. I also had a little sticker shock at the price: $29.99, or the same as a Round 2 car kits. But I used a 40% off coupon. And it's not like 1/16 scale Honda bike kits from the 1960s are common.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The "MPC" Honda Super Hawk CB77, just arrived at my local Hobby Lobby in Seneca, SC...along with the AMT '40 Ford sedan, Gear Hustler Elky, Scout II and some other new kits. Round 2 updated the Honda's decal sheet with a nice choice of different Honda emblems and markings. The Super Hawk is shown below in its original Lindberg box, dating from the 1960's or early '70s. Don't let the Lindberg origin scare you off. All their motorcycle kits that I've seen were very well done, and I have a few of them. They had some of the most in-scale wheel spokes of that day. At flea markets and swap meets, I've bought some glue-bombed and incomplete Lindberg 1/16 bike kits just to get the wheels for other projects.
  14. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    If you're in Burbank, I hope you hit Burbank House of Hobbies. And AutoBooks on Magnolia Ave., where Jay Leno sometimes drops by to browse. I used to like eating at a little burger shack named Norm's, also on Magnolia.
  15. Beatles question.

    Link below to a great, detailed article about Lennon's "bigger than Jesus" remark and its effect on their touring (and lives). It shows that the media creating a circus is nothing new. Nobody said anything about Lennon's interview for 6 months, even though it was syndicated internationally, including in the New York TIMES. Then a DJ in Alabama heard about it and starting burning records. If you've never seen it, try to find the video "Beatles Anthology - The Director's Cut." It's the bootleg version of the Beatles Anthology, with all the interviews left in that the lawyers cut out. Among other fun stuff, you get to hear McCartney and Harrison discussing how they REALLY felt about Yoko Ono. The set runs to 10 DVDs. The last 2 discs are random interviews and extras. It's very rough, with video timestamp codes on most of it and the color often uncorrected and ugly. But definitely worth seeing. You can sometimes find it on eBay, but I think The Other Apple gets it removed quickly. It used to be available free in strange dark corners of the Internet... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/when-john-lennons-more-popular-than-jesus-controversy-turned-ugly-106430/