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  1. Awesome work! They look like great little kits. Ben
  2. Just got mine yesterday. Looks ace! The seats are multi piece to aid painting. Assembly seems logical. I’ve got to finish a couple of projects before I start this one. Cheers. Ben
  3. Made a proper start on this. Cleaning up the cab mould lines and sink holes. Not too bf considering it’s 40 years old. I hope Round 2 finds these and rerelease these again. Ben
  4. That’s really impressive! Not my preferred subject matter but looks like it would be a fun OOB build. Hopefully they do the new corvette and a new big rig would be nice! Ben
  5. Revell made them. eBay is ok, just the postage is getting crazy. Ben
  6. I like the look of that! Ken Block special! Ben
  7. Hi fellas. Started the Audi recently. Way better quality than other recent Revell releases. A couple of sink holes, but very much improved. Cheers.
  8. Very nice! I better get my Camaro finished. Ben
  9. Wow! Thanks for showing how you did this. Cheers Ben
  10. Thanks very much! I’m keen to get a flat bed going. Cheers Ben
  11. Very nice. Where is the trailer build? cheers Ben
  12. I’m not sure what colour to go with. The options: 1. bright red 2. gloss grey 3. light gunmetal grey The grey and gunmetal would definitely cover the molded colour easier. But I love the bright red. I don’t mind all the colours. I’m going with the black pack (black grill, black badges). Ben
  13. I’ve got mine today. Not too many sink marks on the body. Way better than the 1/16 Porsche 356 and 1/24 Porsche Panamera in quality. Cheers. Ben
  14. As soon as I’ve finished uni for the year, it’ll be back on my bench. Ben
  15. I’m kinda surprised by some of the new car kits coming out. I would’ve thought a modern sporty Kia or Hyundai would’ve been kitted by now. Ben
  16. Very nice work on the fuel tanks. I notice that you also don’t like the wheels/tyres from monogram or AMT. Aoshima does some pretty nice wheel/tyre sets in 1/32. The biggest issue is the price. I plan on using a set on my 1/32 Mack SuperLiner rebuild. Ben
  17. I’m surprised academy haven’t done an Hyundai N model such as the i30 N or Elantra N.
  18. That’s surprising. I was tempted to get 2. I’ve also ordered Tamiya TS49 bright red. Although maybe I go Nardo grey. I’ve got an Audi Quattro that is going to be red. Ben
  19. I went though eBay. Finally found a seller from Germany that was at a great price with reasonable shipping. Cheers Ben
  20. I’ve just ordered mine. If I have mine first, I’ll take photos of the contents. Ben
  21. Good to see progress. I’m looking forward to getting one when they’re rereleased. Ben
  22. I’m doing mine in red with the blacked out grill. Cheers. Ben
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