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  1. I’m wondering how successful this project will be? I’m not sure how popular a garbage truck will be. The International CO4070 seems to be going well and has a solid fan base. If the Round 2 people are reading the boards, are they looking at a more modern big rig? Just curious. Ben
  2. I wonder how well the International Transtar CO4070 is doing? I bought 3, it’s a great kit. Ben
  3. Looks like it will be more expensive than the CO4070. Ben
  4. It’s a good sign that they’re willing to do whole new moulds. I’m hoping they work on a new modern truck. Ben
  5. You can get the red tractor still. It’s a Heller product. Ben
  6. It surprised me too. It went together well too. I hope they acquire the moulds and reissue it again. Ben
  7. I hope they do the Hyundai i30 N and Kia Stinger. They have appeal to car enthusiasts. Ben
  8. Very nice! Hopefully Tamiya does the “400” Z next. Ben
  9. You inspired me to build one! I’ve made a start but life has gotten in the way. Hopefully I’ll get more done on holidays. Ben
  10. My 1/32 Volvo N10. Couldn’t get the bonnet 100% right and lost a headlight to the carpet monster. Ben
  11. Hi fellas. A quick little build. They’re not too bad, but I struggled with the window stickers so used a molotow chrome pen. It’s a little rough, but it’s the first model I’ve completed this year. I need to get back to it. Ben
  12. Well, they’ve virtually done every other Z car. I dare say you’re right about the new Z. Ben
  13. I’m just glad their doing a new mould. It gives me hope for a whole new truck kit. Ben
  14. I build in multiple scales. I think it will look ace. I hope it builds well. Ben
  15. Hi fellas. Interesting news from Roden. Ben
  16. My prediction would be the 86 & BRZ, followed closely by the new Nissan Z, as Tamiya has done most previous Z cars. If anything Porsche related comes out, it’s probably going to be from Revell as they seem to be releasing new moulds of Porsche lately. Ben
  17. Awesome work KJ! Auslowe makes those spoke wheels too. Yours look ace too. Ben
  18. That’s looking ace! You’ve even got the tanks looking good. Ben
  19. I’m glad that deadline has extended! I’ve only just got some time to get back to the bench next week. Ben
  20. I preordered from hobby search Japan. I’m in Australia. Postage was steep, but I got it very quickly. They don’t seem to have a slower, cheaper option for postage. Ben
  21. Mine just arrived today. Very nice kit from what I can tell. I’m curious about how I am going to put the black trim around the chrome parts. Ben
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