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  1. mopower added a post in a topic 1957 Dodge D501   

    Love it... Great color choices too!
  2. mopower added a post in a topic '64 Imperial Crown Convertible   

    Wonderful work
  3. mopower added a post in a topic 1962 Chrysler 300H, Johan.   

    Reeeeaaaly nice!
  4. mopower added a post in a topic 1970 Ford Country Squire wagon.   

    i love unique builds! great job
  5. mopower added a post in a topic Another Oldie 3   

    beautiful! Great paint job
  6. mopower added a post in a topic 1960 Chrysler Imperial Update, 4/18 Starting Over   

    For me the smooth flow of the trunk without the spare sets the fins off.
  7. mopower added a post in a topic WORKS IN (very slow) PROGRESS   

    Looks great and I love the styling of them both.
  8. mopower added a post in a topic Kodak Oldsmobiles ..............   

    Nice Builds!
    Here's my Ernie Irvine Chev. It's a short track survivor.

  9. mopower added a post in a topic Monogram Paint Instructions.   

    I've noticed a lot of the stuff inside the cars is just unpainted aluminum too.
  10. mopower added a post in a topic Decal Help! building a unique match racer...   

    Here is my progress on the decals. There are some small stickers on the back bumper area i need to create but everything else is good to go.
    i printed the decals on regular paper and cut them out to check my scaling. I'm pretty pleased with the fit so... Off to the presses!

    I'll post an update when i get the decals. Thanks for looking!

  11. mopower added a post in a topic 1954 Dodge Royal Convertible Official Pace Car   

    The color is perfect, great work!
  12. mopower added a post in a topic 41'WOODY "lowrider"   

    Top notch!
  13. mopower added a post in a topic '67 Plymouth GTX build Update 7-28-14 (Under glass)   

    I like the blacked out chrome. Looking good!
  14. mopower added a post in a topic Dave Marcis Charger   

    Thanks Yall!
    Yes it is the box stock stance. you get to choose how high you want the back to sit and i went right in the middle.
    I also shaved down the fender flairs a bit around the wheel well.
  15. mopower added a topic in NASCAR   

    Dave Marcis Charger
    This is my 1:16 Scale General Lee Kit turned cool. I resin cast the wheels and had them done just in time for one of the big dogs to come out with a better looking wheel. The decals are home made on white decal sheet. I matched the blue on the printer so i didn't have to cut out inside of anything.

    As far as the history of this car goes i don't know much. It was one of the few tunnelback cars and he didn't do too well with it.
    I just found some reference photos of the car and thought of the General Lee Kit.

    But the Car just looked too sharp. Like it was just too clean, I started to think maybe it was raced on the dirt tracks too.(I wish they still did that) so i decided to make it dirty. My only regret now is no dents...lol

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