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  1. WOW, am blown away. If you decide to makes copies of this I want one!
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah I was really happy how it finally turned out. The rear decal may be a little risque, but nothing really obscene.
  3. Well I have beenb working on this off and on for a few years now. Well I finally got off my ass and finished it. Well this was a long time coming but the Anime Hiace van is finally done.
  4. Well I found the Foki page. How do you order them?
  5. Does anyone know if there are 1/24 or 1/25 scale Ford AA truck wheels anywhere out there. I am looking for a whole set for a project. Thanks
  6. Actually, there are chrome inserts already in the mirrors that came with the kit. They are just reflecting the body color at that angle.
  7. Here is my newest finished model, the Pandora Daihatsu Copen.
  8. Looks great, I like it. I have several VIP kits myself. So far I have only built the FABULOUS Previa, but I do have the FABULOUS UCF10 on my workspace right now.
  9. kingtoy


    Thanks guys, it was a really fun build. It is 1/24 scale. It is based off the Testors model.
  10. kingtoy


    Here is my latest slammer, the Rata-coupe.
  11. Ok, here is my work station and MOST of my collection. There are still two big boxes and the biggest tote you can get from Walmart filled with them.
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