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  1. I think the small building on the left side of the very first picture in this thread is the rest rooms.
  2. Aren't the Anglia, Thames and S-W-C WIllys using Olds rear ends?
  3. I don't believe Sox & Martin ever ran an automatic in anything. The '65 AWB cars would have been 4-speeds with the sedan being a S/S car originally.
  4. The Harts Parts manifolds would have been stock on a '63 or '64 Stage II or Stage III 426 wedge I believe
  5. The engine has a 427 SOHC front cover instead of the correct Boss 429. The correct part is in the pro stock Maverick or Comet kits. The last Holman Moody car which ran one race at Riverside in January did run a Boss 429. I think that's the only race a Boss 429 was used by anyone. Dave is right saying the 351C is more appropriate.
  6. Boy, I really spurred this conversation on!!! BTW, I bought Dave's Imperial,;71 T-bird, "71 Buick and a bunch more of his other kits. I also buy every Jo-Han kit I see that I don't have (if I can afford it!). I like wire axle kits. I'd love to see the roadster chassis accessory parts pack reissued, So I'm not against reissuing these Mopars..... Like I said originally, I would buy several of them myself!
  7. Who would buy these except the lunatic fringe? I don;t think they have the drawing power for sales to have Revell replace the missing tools. BTW I would definitely buy the Lancer to build the Dragmaster "Golden Lancer" A/FX car , the Plymouth to build as an S/SA car and the Valiant as I had that kit at one time. I'm sure Tom Geiger would be in for at least a case of Valiants too!!
  8. The OP did a great job with that horrible body. Probably the most realistic I have seen of that. Sorry to say I threw mine away soon as I got the kit and am using an Altered States dragster body instead.
  9. The engine parts packs that were reissued did not sell. As a result, Revell, which had been considering reissuing the motorcycle parts packs, said forget about it. I would think that management would be thinking about that in regards to doing anything with any other thing to do with the parts packs and those double kits, which probably would not sell except to old-time members of the lunatic fringe. There were also rumors back in the day that some of the parts pack tools may have gone to Japan.....and could be lost like the old IMC tools like the Lola T-70 that went to Union. And before you flame, I would buy the double kits myself.....I had the Fiat/Thunder Charger kit as a kid. But I've also accumulated enough stuff to build the Bantam, Fiat , T-bucket, and Mooneyes from existing kits and parts packs.
  10. The '66 Chevy has the mystery motor exhaust manifolds.
  11. The suitcase was not a LeMans-specific requirement but actually a FIA requirement for all FIA races.
  12. None of the original owners ran a straight axle on the '65 factory AWB Mopars. And Mark is right about the '64 car but Landy did that late in the year.
  13. Twin engine top fuelers never worked out very well. That car was an outlier anyway as almost all twins were in Top Gas. The only Top Gas cars I can recall with a full body were Jim Minnick (single engine) and the Gopher State Timing Assn. twin.
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