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  1. Just got my order of the roadster chassis speed equipment. Atlantis ships fast!!
  2. This is something of a recent design....some kind of pro street monstrosity S/S meant STOCK. Rollbars were not used at that time and fuel cells did not exist. 7" tires with some tread (cheater slicks like in the JoHan '64 Dodge). Way more things on this thing are not S/S legal/
  3. Probably lacquer based on the age of the kit.......91% alcohol is probably the only thing that will touch it and not hurt the plastic.
  4. He means that Hurst built the real hemi cudas in 1968.....there were no super stock hemi cudas built in 1969. I am doing the same thing though and building a '69 as the Sox & Martin car as it is close enough for the shelf.
  5. Tim, 331 sounds right........the HAMB guys often mention the extended block
  6. Had that kit when it first came out and wish Round 2 would reissue! It was the only kit I ever saw that included a Jim Davis starter, too!
  7. The cover over the quick change rear is to protect the driver.
  8. Mark, the last rendition of the Revell 283 Chevy parts pack also had the dragster headers in it. I don't believe the original kit had both SBC engine packs . Do you know if the Sting Ray engine pack with the dragster headers was already available when the double kits were issued....but I checked my Sting Ray engine parts pack and the headers do look the same as om the 283 parts pack.
  9. You need something like Xuron hardened wire cutters to cut piano wire. Safety glasses too.
  10. The problem with those kits is the tires.....I believe that Revell no longer had the tire mold and they are an oddball that only fits the 1962 annuals. May not be financially viable to be doing a new tire tool for that.
  11. There are 4-slot wheels in some AMT kits...I have some here and am trying to remember where they are from
  12. I think that any of the products like Super Clean will melt the resin. Stick to Westley's
  13. Too much work!! I just keep mine in a dedicated drawer!
  14. The engine paints like the Pontiac and Olds blues will be hard to match in another line. Those are probably the biggest loss.
  15. Street hemis ran AFBs so would use the Edelbrock intake. The cross-ram was for Holleys on the race hemis. Had to run the stock carb in Super Stock.
  16. I think the small building on the left side of the very first picture in this thread is the rest rooms.
  17. Aren't the Anglia, Thames and S-W-C WIllys using Olds rear ends?
  18. I don't believe Sox & Martin ever ran an automatic in anything. The '65 AWB cars would have been 4-speeds with the sedan being a S/S car originally.
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