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  1. The engine in the IMC Lola is smaller because it is a 289 Ford , not a Chevy.
  2. To add to what Dave said, the MPC modifieds are pavement cars with dirt tires while the AMT Tobias chassis cars are dirt cars with pavement tires!
  3. How about the AMT parts pack tall ex-MPC M&H slicks?
  4. Fred is a good guy and you can get great deals from him but his good stuff sells really fast! I too have missed out on stuff I wanted, even back in the day when he mailed out the lists and I called quickly.
  5. The Pinto and Vega modifieds are based on a '55-'57 Chevy chassis and are pavement cars. The AMT modifieds are a Dick Tobias chassis and are dirt cars. Ironically, both kits have the wrong tires for those surfaces!
  6. Back in the day, the cars were level when standing still, but would lift the nose on acceleration.....think 90/10 shocks on the front so a lot of lift and little rebound, The pictures of the cars in motion give the wrong idea of the stance when parked.
  7. I think Jerry Jardine would be disputing that spelling......
  8. maybe, but it's annoying, like the "Muldoon" instead of Milodon on the Slixx KS Pittman sheet or the "Stahl-Muffler" instead of Stahl-Moroso on a Slixx nostalgia drag sheet
  9. Jardine Headers is misspelled on the decal sheet.........
  10. The AMT Ivo car is not the same equipment that Tommy Ivo ran in the early 60s. There is a huge difference between early 60s and late 60s dragsters.
  11. In real life, the chute would not work...it would be more upright That is an excellent paint job!
  12. The shock tower braces support the front structure. Just like the LeMans bar on the GT350 Mustangs which provided even additional strength.
  13. Not many pictures because S&M converted it to an altered wheelbase sedan. I honestly don't remember ever seeing a picture of it as a legal super stocker.
  14. If the side window is the only problem, I am sure people can live with it and fix it if need be. Let's see what the rest of the kit looks like when it is available.
  15. The AMT and MPC '57 Corvettes are 2 completely different kits. The MPC '60 and '57 are similar.
  16. The Ebay photo looks like the prior version of this offering from 10-+ years ago which I have.....I doubt Round 2 would be running the 3 different colors of plastic....BTW the prior offering included the MPC '57, not the AMT.
  17. Very disappointing kit. I don't understand how there could be so many errors in the chassis setup of this thing, along with as someone mentioned earlier, the odd looking sizes of the too small appearing engine and too long transmission. Doesn't even appear that useful as a parts kit.
  18. I think what he meant was that the real car was a super stocker......no cutting of wheel wells or tires sticking outside of the body was allowed.....also no roll cage was run in super stockers of that era
  19. Front brakes would have been required on a street roadster........altered classes did not have to run front brakes if desired
  20. Excellent idea with the front tires......I have 2 roadsters and 2 Lotuses to build and I think I will use those Firestone supremes on the front of all of them. Beautiful build too.
  21. Hubcaps are not legal.........don't use them
  22. The Rayson-Craft drag boat has probably never been issued since the original offering......the boat issued by Dave the model King with the '70 Pontiac was an MPC offering, not the AMT Rayson-Craft boat.
  23. I believe Rob is correct on that. I don't think Okey was able to run anything.
  24. The Jo-Han tools are long gone and even if anything was available, I believe John Haenle did not have the same type of machinery that is used for most injection molding , so it would be difficult if not impossible to run the tools. And I don't think the tools and inserts were made like AMT/MPC/Revell....I know he used an oddball metal which is why the employees sold the inserts for a high scrap value.
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