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  1. I was asking myself how they could run the Jo-Han tool anyway as it would not have worked in their molding machines. Forgot that MPC did issue one at one time.
  2. If you're dreaming, the Triumph motorcycle from the '63 annuals and pickups......the Bonneville go-kart from the '62 or '63 pickups that someone mentioned too. It's too bad Revell will never repop the roadster chassis speed equipment and dragster chassis speed equipment....very useful stuff
  3. The Ford oil pan is for a dry sump system so it should be okay
  4. The Monogram 427 is 1/24 scale though.
  5. It's not about shortening the wheelbase necessarily........it's about weight transfer
  6. Excellent collection!! I had a lot of them as a kid and wish I still had them.
  7. You do realize that the goose never ran a wedge body dragster, right?
  8. This particular car was one of the 4 Mopars built to run A/FX at the ;'65 NHRA Winternationals. As said earlier, converted to the gold AWB car after that date.
  9. The second and third pictures in the middle of young iron's post look like Dana Chevrolet Camaro hoods
  10. The reissue body is not the same as the original. The original hardtop (which was also in one of the fastback reissues) does not fit correctly.
  11. The torsion bar setup was not used to reduce weight, but rather to enable the engine to fit. NHRA FX rules did not permit a tubular subframe and never did....factory chassis had to be used
  12. The AMT Nitro Charger had a Jim Davis starter in it. Try using a diesel truck starter and adding a handle.
  13. Uh.........I was talking about building kits.........making do with what you have to work with.......which is what a real modeler does
  14. If you're a real modeler, you should be able to come up with something good out of anything........detail paint a flat pan chassis or just paint it flat black if you want......the old annuals can come out really nice with a little effort. There's no reason that every kit has to have a high part count.....these guys need to use their imagination and work with what they have I like to get old builts, gluebombs, even, and try to rebuild......I don't need 150 part kits to make me happy.......but I have been a builder since like 1962
  15. You can't just take stuff from one tool and put it in another
  16. You do realize that this kit is not really a Hemi Under Glass, but rather Tom McEwen's Plymouth Dealers car with Hemi Under Glass decals. The real Hemi Under Glass kits are much different.
  17. MCW has the old Jo-Han 426 wedge fenderwell headers in resin and also Chevy fenderwell headers
  18. Radius rods are not used with a 2 leaf spring front axle.......they are used with a single buggy spring front axle.......so the kit is accurate in that respect. And please remember this is a circa 1966 kit.....this is what we got in those days
  19. At one time, this kit had the MPC 428 in it and was labeled Cougar 428CJ.....I believe the engine was later used in the '73 Cougar
  20. I believe that the '67 decals have been discussed in the past over on the Spotlight board and the Kevorkian Bros service station information is accurate as it was a real service station.
  21. Most of the '64 wedge cars were hardtops...the sedans were A990 hemi cars
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