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  1. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic Suicide or Normal Door Hinges?   

    i garner a lot of information from this forum: www.scalemotorcars.com

    it's for big (1/8th) scale modeling mostly, but there's a trove of knowledge being shared

  2. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic 1941 HOLLYWOOD GRAHAM - Posted for George 53   

    why would 37 coats of paint be needed?
  3. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic O.T. Any advice on this situation?   

    eerrr.......... have you seen a newspaper lately? this may not be the best time to have the "take this job and shove it" attitude.

    but there's no reason you can't put out some feelers and look around while you adapt and possibly learn new skills and still get paid for it.
  4. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic Scaleing down the "color"?   

    model railroad paint (Floquil brand) prided itself on making "scale paint" by grinding their pigments many times finer than average model enamels. maybe it's dated technology now, but the theory certainly was valid.

    i think that's why silver paint looks more like "scale chrome" than chrome plated plastic.
  5. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic Hot Rod TV model car coverage   

    i've got my 'reminder' set on the cable box; thanks for the heads up
  6. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic sanding foam pads   

    i've bought 3M products at Home Depot. the best i have used is Klingspor UltraFlex but did buy several grades on the internet in 10 packs. i would imoagine Lowes and most paint shops would sell them locally.
  7. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic More-so, looking for tips & tricks!   

    file only on the "push" stroke.

    and invest in an OptiVisor or other optical magification; makes a BIG difference. not only in the quality of your time spent, but how long you can keep at it before your eyes get tired. whe doing close work, eyes tend not to blink (lubricate) as often and become irritated. get some eyedrops, too.
  8. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic Header Help   

    methinks Replicas & Miniatures makes at least 2 different sets
  9. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic New Hobby shop in Eastern Mass.   

    jeebus . . . i hope this guy knows you did this!
  10. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic measurements   

    maybe the right brain/ left brain thing comes into play. i know some real cars (and the artists who creat them) may have a great deal of imagineering built into certain components, but if it's going to track straight or not succumb to mechanical vibration or excess wear, there has to be a substantial degree of acuracy in certain places.

    but my initial comments were mostly directed at wordsmithing which, although i didn't consciously make the connection, would help the story flow. if i am reading, evidently i am reading in scale, and when i hit a dimension that may not have scale relevence, i have to stop and see where it fits into context which interupts my train of thought.

    buider: i just chopped my deuce 1/4"

    reader: 1/4" in 1/25 scale is about . . . . . gee, my exacto blade is thinker than that, he must have used a laser..... oh! he means almost 6 scale inches. bitchen ride, dudette!!
  11. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic measurements   

    i guess that's another difference between model railroaders

    btw, there's 25 millimeters in 1 inch. so if we build in 1/25 scale, 7mm = 7".
  12. j_nigrelli added a topic in General   

    if we model in scale, why don't we use scale measurements when describing - or working - on our models?

    i've just finished reading several of today's posts, and even though most builds are 1/25 - 1/24 scales, most modifications were expressed in 1:1 nomenclature.

    example: 'i've chopped the top 1/4"' or 'to make it look better, i cut down the windshield 3/16"' or 'the body has been sectioned 1/8" front to 7/32" in back'.

    do we not think in scale? not one post indicated the car rode on 3/4" cragar mags or 7mm cheater slicks. most used a scale size - so why not be consistent?

    rant over.
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  13. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic 1928 Pierce Arrow   

    what scale?

    looks like quite an accomplishment
  14. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic Offy Powered T Model Ford Lakester   

  15. j_nigrelli added a post in a topic Amoco   

    any chance you could post a link to these forums?