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  1. Thanks, Bruce..... More work done on the sails.....
  2. There's been a few scale builders that I've seen work from online that I wished were members here, just to chat about their beautiful work if for no other reason....
  3. This guy was 3D printing one in pieces, then building from that... I'm not sure what happened to the project, tho....
  4. Yep, I went back to edit the post, didn't change anything, and it turned blue when I was in the text box....
  5. Trying a link.... https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/waxhaw-corvette-kart-24hrs-of-lemons-ls/7030191809.html
  6. Lately, when I try to post a link to another site, it doesn't work in the initial post. If I go back and edit the post, it somehow works then..... Is it something on my end, or something maybe I'm doing wrong? Thanks......
  7. Thanks a bunch, Guys.... Chris, I actually just got lucky with the way the deck looks. The first color I put on wasn't completely dry when I started dry brushing the second... It made it blend some. So I just did what "felt" right at the time, and it turned out okay! Working on the sails, still, but I have a quick question....... were the anchors like a wrought iron? The instructions say to paint them "wood color and black"? Thanks....
  8. Yea, that was me! It was before my teen years that I remember seeing them........ Seems like the weeks that they didn't have cars advertised, it was some sort of decorative plate or something.
  9. Have you guys ever heard of Keller Williams? He's an acoustic guitar virtuoso who has more fun with his music than should be allowed.... a bunch of his stuff sounds like BlueGrass, but he has songs with titles like "Doobie in my Pocket" and such. Anyway, he's done a cover of Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" in which he does all three parts as one song.... it's really good and worth a listen!
  10. I vaguely remember there being diecast cars advertised in the Parade magazine in the late '80s and early '90s..... I seem to remember a '50s Buick convertible. I'm just wondering if anyone else remembers this? Do they still sell diecast vehicles in that magazine? What company was it that sold them? Thanks.......
  11. I've read several times that the Alexander Bros. designed the custom parts in a lot of the old AMT kits..... maybe they wanted to see how the treatments looked in scale before spending time and effort on the 1:1 examples. Do the more modern releases of the '50 Ford coupe have the custom parts in them?
  12. Thanks, Guys.... the cool part of this build is I can go back and do all of the rigging later if I decide to..... Worked on some sails today
  13. What defines an "outlaw", as far as these cars go? Is it that they don't fit into a specific sanction of racing?
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