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  1. Thanks.... the speed parts are in the kit, the one with the yellow truck on the box.....
  2. Roger and I had the same idea for skirts........ he was cool enough to make a pair and send them to me..... best forum!
  3. The Revellogram '37 Ford coupe has a nice IFS setup........
  4. From what I've been able to find as far as online info, the Countach seems to have been made with the option to make it motorized, where the Porsche is based on an enthusiast series model.... I guess that means the 959 would be the more accurate and detailed one.......
  5. I think these will do! It's the lenses from a '61 Impala..... As soon as I get some primer, I can begin to make some real progress.......
  6. TOOL is on Napster now....... something I thought I would never see. They have a new single out called "Fear Inoculum" from an upcoming album by the same name........ It sounds pretty good....
  7. That's pretty cool of you, Tom! The more I looked at the mock-up tho, the more I thought the taillights were too large. James Hetfield did the same treatment with this pickup, but the lights look much smaller on his. What do you guys think about maybe using these instead?
  8. Cool, Thanks guys! I'm trying out the idea of working the taillight pods from a '57 Del Rio into the rear fenders..... I think it's gonna look pretty good.
  9. I've removed the mold seams..... there were a bunch on the cab and hood. Also working on smoothing some stuff out..........
  10. I have a birthday coming up, and would like to get my first large scale auto kit....... There are two kits in particular that I would be interested in. One is the 1/16 Porsche 959, the other is the 1/16 Lamborghini Countach LP500S. They are both from Fujimi.......... Anyone have pics of one or both of these kits, reviews, or any opinions regarding them? If you do, please share.........
  11. So Microsoft is doing away with Win7........ I currently am using a Win7 Dell desktop computer. I have the option in my control panel thingey for "windows anytime upgrade". Would this be free to download, or is there a charge for it? It was offered for free a while back. Thanks for any help and discussion.....
  12. Porsche 906.... I believe the only plastic of this car is an old Bandai/Entex kit that's always out of my price range....
  13. I have a Bone Shaker done up as a Joker vehicle in this Dark Knight set.....
  14. Everyone here likes "Hot Wheels" so let's show some of your favorites....... I like the one called "Pony Up" and Another one called "Rodger Dodger" I have a video game which features both of these.... You get to drive them! What's cooler than that?
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