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  1. I was goofing around with some engine parts earlier, and I kinda found a quick way to get a magnesium effect on parts..... This supercharger was a chrome piece. I just sprayed it with a very light, non-covering coat of TS-21, then a quick, thin mist coat of DupliColor black sandable primer.... This would look better if I had some dull coat of some sort, but I thought it pretty convincing....
  2. I'm just wondering if any of you guys still buy hard copies of music? I have a Napster account, used to be with Rhapsody until they got bought out.... I haven't bought any music in a decade. For $10 a month, I have access to over 60 million songs on my computer. With TOOL now there, I don't have any reason to get CDs anymore.....
  3. Is it a three-piece snorkel type scoop? I have one from the MPC '69 Daytona if it's the same scoop.....
  4. Can you post a pic of the instructions that involves the suspension? You may be able to just flip the front spindles and block up the rear......
  5. Got the basis of the chassis done.... The piece across the frame was cut from the fender piece and glued in place to positively locate the cab and bed.
  6. Still looking for these parts..... I have all of the extra stuff from the pickup (stake bed,, tow boom....) still on the sprue that I can trade.
  7. Anyone into Progressive Rock? I just started listening to an album called "Voyage of the Acolyte" by Steve Hackett.... I guess he was in Genesis? The first song on the album is the best one, it's called Ace of Wands.........
  8. Thanks, fellas.... I have a can of a dark leather brown color that I plan to use on this. Quick question, could the dropped axle from the '50 Ford pickup have been used on the front? It's a heavy I-beam piece...... If so, I have the axle that I may need.
  9. Just a quick mock-up of my current project. I've pretty much got the frame ready to paint, which was a lot of work in itself. There was some sink marks all the way down both outside frame rails, which would have been very noticeable with me building this without the fenders...... Also, the bed has been shortened some. Still need to finish with that. I'll probably end up using another set of wheels and tires, not sure yet.... I would really like to find some from the '32 Chrysler. Thanks for looking, and all comments are welcome.......
  10. Thanks a bunch, Guys, for the responses..... This started out as a "back to basics" build, but one change leads to another.
  11. I've gotten the Lindberg '34 Ford truck on the bench.... Just had a few questions about it. First, I would like to build it without it's fenders. The way the model goes together, the cab floor rests on the fender piece, then that goes onto the frame. Would it be okay for the floor of the cab to rest directly on the frame? I'm wanting to do something like this.... Next question.... what is the optional V8 in this kit? It looks like a Ford FE engine? and is it really to scale? It just seems a tiny engine.... also, what's a good source for a drop front axle? doesn't have to be chrome.... Thanks
  12. Hey, fellas.... I'm in need of the wheels, tires, hubcaps, and backs from the MPC '32 Chrysler. They're a wire wheel with a wide whitewall tire........ If anyone has these and don't need them, they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any and all help...... Edit.... I would also like to find a dropped axle that would work under the front of the '34 Ford pickup from Lindberg.... I was told the ZZ Top '33 coupe has a nice one. I have stuff to trade........
  13. You got the artist right, but you're way off on the song title........ (that's a joke) song's called Love Story
  14. I've built since I was a kid off and on, but my skills didn't start to really improve until I joined the forum.... From the Monte Carlo to the '48 Ford was about 16-18 finished builds with another 8 or so started but not completed.......
  15. Going back in the Morning time to see if my love has changed her mind yet Going back in the Morning time to see if my love has changed her mind yet............
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