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  1. Karmann Ghia build.....

    Thanks.... this kit is so similar to the Beetle kit, that it has a Beetle dash and steering wheel as extra parts....
  2. Karmann Ghia build.....

    Thanks, Dann! Got some progress to show...... pretty much have the belly pan done, now comes trying to attach the interior. Thanks for looking in, guys!
  3. Karmann Ghia build.....

    Thanks for the advice, Ken.... The bracing is still attached to the body, the plan is to leave it in place until I can get it painted and foiled.....
  4. Karmann Ghia build.....

    and for a good cause! I'm building a replica for a friend...... Here's the latest progress, got the suspensions painted. Also painted the engraved VWs in the wheel covers...... The rear is all one piece, I tried to make it as interesting as I could.... Thanks for lookin', guys....
  5. Karmann Ghia build.....

    Hey, Fellas.... I thought I would post my progress as I go of this little car. The kit is a Gunze Sangyo Karmann Ghia. I don't think I've seen anyone do a build thread on one, so here it goes. The kit is very nicely done, but it's very brittle plastic, as I discovered by running too cold water over it and breaking the A-pillars. The interior is molded in the same vinyl as the tires. Luckily the interior will be staying black. I'm using 'Beacon 527 multi-use' glue on the vinyl stuff....... The car will be white with a black interior and built as a convertible....
  6. some corny jokes

    What's black & white, black & white, black & white, black & white? a penguin rolling down a hill....... What's black, white and red all over? a newspaper..... What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? elephino.....
  7. https://www.vettix.org/ This organization supplies free tickets to concerts and events to our Veterans, currently serving troops, and their families......
  8. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Party on, Garth...
  9. Karmann Ghia convertible

    Cool, thanks Guys! If anyone has the above kit that they might want to trade away, I would be very interested........
  10. Karmann Ghia convertible

    The kit that Brian has posted builds into either a convertible or a coupe? kinda like a 2n1?
  11. Karmann Ghia convertible

    I have a friend that had a Karmann Ghia convertible back in the day, and I would like to build a model of it for them.... anyone have an idea as to where to get one? or if you have one that you wouldn't mind parting with, would you be interested in making a deal for it? Thanks for any help!




    1. magicmustang


      Address cleared from your profile and PM resent.

  13. Small Barris crest decals from AMT Munster Coach

    I have those..... please PM me your address...
  14. Optical illusion

    I saw the people before I saw the animals.....
  15. Hey fellas in the Truck section! I have a question.... Has anyone put the FD-100 chassis underneath the Revellogram '50 Ford pickup? I think it would make an awesome Pro-Touring project as I'm bouncing around ideas for my next build..... Any photos would be greatly welcome...... Thank You!