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  1. '37 Ford Coupe done up '60s style

    Thank you, fellas.... your comments are always appreciated! I painted the interior with Tamiya "Dull Red". I really like it, nice color and sheen. I also want to use some '48 Ford bumpers, we'll see how it works out..... The steering wheel from the '56 300B will replace the Grant GT wheel that comes in the kit. Thanks for your interest and for looking in..............!
  2. Revell 68/69 Charger Bodies

    PM sent.........
  3. Were's is the global warming ??

    Is it at all possible that we are closer to the Sun than we were? Maybe just a cm would cause a change in climate. The spheres in our Solar System are on a huge "blanket", with the Sun in the center......... eventually all the little spheres roll into the bigger one........
  4. '37 Ford Coupe done up '60s style

    I wasn't happy with the stance of the rear, so it came down some......... Looks much better to me now! Now I'm working on getting the body parts to line up as they should. I just need to get the main body to nestle down into the fenders, then the front pieces should line up...... Hope you guys are enjoying, and all comments welcome..........
  5. Painting tinted windows ?

    Hey, friend....... If the glass piece is tinted all the way thru it, you can maybe polish off the signature...... that would give the glass a nice shine also, and make it more realistic.....
  6. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    This is some kind of Cool!
  7. '37 Ford Coupe done up '60s style

    Thanks, Mike... One would think that as much racing went on thru the '50s and '60s they would have developed MSD before then........ Some progress to show, basic frame stuff painted, and a final ride height check..... I lowered the front by using a spring with less arc than the kit piece, the rear is out of box...... Thanks for lookin'!
  8. '37 Ford Coupe done up '60s style

    Some progress to show...... filled the hole in the firewall and the fuel door, and started on the engine........ Tell me what you think.......!
  9. '37 Ford Coupe done up '60s style

    Thanks for the interest, Fellas! I have a good feeling about this project, I think it's gonna turn out good..... Plan is to use this gray from DupliColor, that is if I can find some at the parts store. A question for you guys...... Would a custom car in the '60s have an MSD box for ignition, or just a coil? Again, thank you for looking in..........
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I've read a book recently...... of course it was on the Annunaki and Nibiru, and how and why they put us here..... I have a friend that has a 22" push mower with a 6 hp engine on it. About TWICE the engine it should have..... he said that his Engineer uncle built it. He says " I don't even pick up sticks and pine cones, I just mow over them"........
  11. Here's what I'm working on now.... I'm going to try back-dating this kit to build a custom that may have been done back in the day. I'll be using the stock front suspension, which necessitated using the Sedan chassis, since it has the cross member that is missing from the Coupe's frame. Also using the awesome louvered hood from the Sedan......... I'll be mounting the brakes to the frame instead of the firewall...... the wheels and tires are from the Moebius '56 300B Let me know what you think!
  12. Hey, Guys...... I'm just wondering what would be the best method for making flush mount skirts? They will be going on a '37 Ford Coupe. Thanks in advance!
  13. You are what you drink

    So, what does it make you if you "drink the Kool-Aid".......... like I so often do? I talk to a shrink, He's a pretty smart guy and has been in the practice for years..... worked with all walks of Life from the destitute to the celebrity. He never asks "that" question.... mostly just carries on a conversation. He probably gets more info with friendly banter than being a Psychiatrist..........
  14. Startin' the New Year off right...

    At least we have a beautiful full Moon this evening...... At the end of last year I had some things interfere with my modeling budget, that's all taken care of now, this year should be smooth sailing...........
  15. You could scrub them with Comet and a tooth brush...... I've done this to paint finishes to dull them.