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  1. JollySipper added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    I am VERY interested in this kit! Does anyone have content pictures, and what would be the differences between the '79 and the '80, '81 versions?
    Obviously the hoods and decals are different, is the rest of the kit basically the same?
  2. JollySipper added a post in a topic limited amount of pics ?   

    I went to check my attachments as I try to keep my alloted space free of too many uploads, and noticed the percentage bar was missing....... Do we now have unlimited attachment space? 
  3. JollySipper added a post in a topic Model Roundup   

    I like Model Roundup! I've been ordering from them for about 5 years, now..... It's almost like shopping at a "Mom and Pop's" store, and if you ever have a question about something you can call and talk to the owner directly........ 
  4. JollySipper added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    How about the "Defender" from the Viper television show........

  5. JollySipper added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    I've never seen either of these done in scale! What movie was it where they smuggle a van made of hemp across the border?
  6. JollySipper added a post in a topic Unfinished wheels question   

    There's some good info in this thread about getting the Mag finish...........

  7. JollySipper added a post in a topic Has it all been done before?   

    Bill, are you putting a Viper nose on the Predicta II? The profile shot looks awesome!
  8. JollySipper added a post in a topic Has it all been done before?   

    Yea, those cars are Wild! It would take a fair amount of sheet stock to build one......... I believe there is a kit of a van done Bosozoku style, not certain tho.........
  9. JollySipper added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Has it all been done before?
    Do you guys think that, in the 1:1 and model world, that every genre has been touched on? that every style has been explored? What trend would you like to see that we haven't seen?
    I think we are just borrowing ideas at this point, but maybe blending styles to add our own personal touch........
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  10. JollySipper added a post in a topic Future Polish Uncertainty   

    Krylon makes an acrylic in their Cover Maxx spray can line. I know you said no to decanting, but you can use it on your acrylic craft paints, and it sprays from the can just fine, no need for an airbrush........ 
  11. JollySipper added a post in a topic Top 10 TV cars   

    What about some of the more obscure TV/Movie cars?
    Dodge Stealth from Smokey and the Bandit TV show
    Inspector Gadget's Lincoln
    Viper from the TV show of the same name (I liked when he went into battle mode)
    Dodge concept car from The Wraith
    and my personal favorite, the Coyote X from Hardcastle and McCormick..........
  12. JollySipper added a post in a topic Anyone have an English Bull Terrier?   

    So, I'm excited! I made contact with a Bully rescue in South Carolina called "Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue"..... She was very nice and knew the breed, but they didn't think that a puppy would be in my best interest. She described the Bully puppy as "Hell on wheels".......... probably too much dog for an apartment. She was more than willing to talk to me about an adult dog, though, so I must have come across as a sincere person. It's still a couple months out, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they can match me with the perfect Bull Terrier, where we will fit each others lifestyle..........
  13. JollySipper added a post in a topic F1 Hedge ... not what you think   

    This is called "Topiary", I looked it up........ I believe this sculpture was done by growing Ivy over a wire mesh shape. Looks like something Edward Scissorhands would carve!
  14. JollySipper added a post in a topic When your beater lights up that right rear, here is who you can thank...   

    Nah, ol' Leo presented to the World a complicated "bad" idea so that future generations could look at his designs and say 'there's a better way to do that'.......
    A man ahead of his time! Look at some of his flying machines and you'll see what I mean.......
  15. JollySipper added a post in a topic Finish on these wheels?   

    Thank you, Guys! I was curious as to if these wheels served a purpose or if they were done just for the look.......
    Snake, I'll look into that paint, thanks....