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  1. Kustom Kwizz

    Next up is this lovely car! Any guess as to what it is?
  2. Kustom Kwizz

    This car happens to be a '53 Plymouth........ you guys are pretty sharp....
  3. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    Here's a link to the ad we were looking at.... https://fayetteville.craigslist.org/ctd/d/fayetteville-volkswagen-passat-tdi/6918046323.html She want's something that will be reliable in the future, that's why I was looking for used reviews as well as new ones....... Thanks......
  4. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    I have a good friend that is looking at a used car.... it's a 2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI Diesel. It's a low mileage, one owner car.... What would be a good place to find reviews of this car? Both from when it was new, and now that it's used? Also, if anyone has personal experience with these please feel free to share......
  5. Anyone have an English Bull Terrier?

    Thank You! If you look at the pics of when I first got her, you can see how skinny she was and how far she's come..... a little TLC and a healthy food goes a long way.....
  6. Upgrade Status

    Functions are a little more crisp now......... seem to be, anyway
  7. Anyone have an English Bull Terrier?

    A little grayer, a little more spoiled......
  8. iso testors midnight blue spray paint

    DupliColor makes a nice deep blue, it's just called "Dark Blue Metallic"......... it's a GM color....
  9. some corny jokes

    An elderly lady and a young woman were both approaching the apartment building door. The young lady opens the door for the elderly woman, saying "Age before beauty"..... "That's usually the order it happens in" says the older lady.....
  10. funny thing happened

    I had over an acre to push mow when I was a teenager...... the year I moved out, my parents bought a brand new John Deere riding mower.......
  11. Beach Boys Song. Shut Down Dodge Dart

    Something I've never understood about the long ram induction..... it put the carbs right over the exhaust manifolds/headers..... Wouldn't that heat the intake charge? I always thought you wanted that as cool as you could get it....
  12. what everyone favorite mopar car post photos here thanks

    Favorite MoPar pickup would be the Sweptlines......
  13. what everyone favorite mopar car post photos here thanks

    '63 Plymouth Max Wedge.......
  14. Beach Boys Song. Shut Down Dodge Dart

    I would use the sedan if it were me....... they have always had a more basic "utilitarian" vibe
  15. Great Traders List

    fordf-100 is an excellent guy...... I'll be doing a second trade with him soon. Although I didn't have much to offer, he was willing to work with me so I could get one of his kits...