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  1. Have you guys seen a movie called "Big Fish"? Excellent Tim Burton flick, if you're into him at all....... I like all Burton's movies.
  2. That's really cool that you guys are enjoying it.........
  3. For those interested, this one is now Under Glass............
  4. Finished up the 959 today! Pretty good kit overall..... the only thing that disappoints me with this build is the rear wheels are a little too far forward in the wells. My fault entirely, and I can live with it....... Paint is DupliColor's Toreador Red and Perfect Match clear over Rustoleum primer. I have a WIP thread for those interested. Thanks to those that followed the build and feel free to comment!
  5. Do you guys remember seeing him in that sitcom "Just Shoot Me"? He played the absent-minded head of a glamour magazine...... That show was really good....
  6. I like that also, Dave........ It looks very similar to the Druid Princess, which if someone was to make a fantasy box of, I'd definitely would get one....
  7. Were you still interested in a trade, Bill? Could you please drop me a PM? It says you can't receive any messages......
  8. Turns out the next update is the chassis............ I've started the trim around the windows, once that's done it could be time to join the chassis/interior to the body....... Thanks! and feel free to comment.....
  9. I was joking with you..... That's the name of an old jazz album.....
  10. What medium would this have been done in? It looks like some water color, airbrush, and some fine pens maybe? Mixed media, for sure....
  11. I ran across this while perusing the auction site. How often does something like this come up for sale? I am guessing that these are pretty rare! https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMT-AURORA-MONOGRAM-MPC-REVELL-MODEL-BOX-ART-49-MERCURY-CUSTOM-COUPE-1975/224219020405?hash=item34347ebc75%3Ag%3AbJ8AAOSwChheZPtc&LH_BIN=1
  12. Got the white running boards and firewall done.......... Still need to cut up the interior, then I will be pretty close to able to button this one up! Thanks! and feel free to comment..........
  13. I've used it under four paint jobs so far..... haven't tried other paints over it, though, just DupliColor.....
  14. Thanks, Bill Man...... The 5 Window wouldn't have to be complete, I would only need one engine and maybe just one set of wheels and tires for it.......
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