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  1. Cool...... I'll send you a PM........
  2. Will the Monte Carlo glass work? If so, I have that i could send. Pretty sure it's the same?
  3. Nah, it just means that Legos look bulky and unrealistic when built...... That was very thoughtful of a gift, tho!
  4. Hey, Carl! Yes, the interior is all brush painted.... I just used a soft sable brush and a little water to thin it. Most of the brush marks work themselves out.... Thanks, Kurt, for the explanation. and Thanks, Guys, for following along!
  5. Thanks for following along, guys! Question for you Kurt...... Is it going to be possible to get this back apart once I try to test fit? or Is it a one and done kind of deal? I'm thinking I should try to fit it together once it's time for it to stay together...... if that makes sense?
  6. This one is from the soundtrack to the anime show called "Cowboy Bebop"...... The band is called the Seatbelts, the song is "Bad Dog No Biscuits". It starts off as kind of a free-form jazz number, then turns into a ska song, then it kinda falls apart toward the end..... I like it!
  7. Porsche's first foray into supercar'ness, is what I've read about this car...... Got the interior pretty much done! It's just two Folk Art colors cleared with a matte clear...... still need to paint the seats, there's some ejector pin marks on them that need to be fixed first. Thank you, and feel free to comment/make suggestions........
  8. Thanks for the Wiki links, Alan! It seems these planes were impressive in both performance and the looks department......
  9. I don't know anything about these two particular aircraft, I just grabbed a pic to illustrate the style plane that I like most.... Those that are purpose-built for racing. I really enjoy the Red Bull Air Race type prop planes! Also, I have the good fortune of living about a mile from a small airport that houses some Cessna type planes, so I see those on a regular basis. My favorite is when the Marines use it for Touch-n-Go practice in the Ospreys......
  10. Thanks for the heads up! I was asking around about that, and thanks to Mr. Atin who has built this, I think I know the fitment problem. Seems the two protrusions for lining up the chassis within the body are actually in the way..... I'll try to get a pic sometime later to show the issue..........
  11. Thanks, Fellas! Got some more done on this. The next few steps, anyway... Also decided on the interior color! I found a pic online of a two-tone ruddy brown and tan that I thought looked good, so I'm going with that. Still need to put some satin clear over this dash to give it a sheen........ Thanks, and comment freely...
  12. Made myself a steak sandwich yesterday......
  13. Do the Bump de Bump.... I have a complete flathead from the '49 Ford coupe or the decal sheet from the same kit to trade......
  14. Hey, Mike man..... I believe this is one of Tamiya's more simple kits. It appears to be an excellent kit, tho.
  15. I'm excited to be working on this kit...... it's the well-known Tamiya Porsche 959. If I had a Porsche, I would want it to be one of these..... Got this kit in a trade with a good friend on here and started on it the day it arrived. I'm just working on the engine now, this is the first two steps of the build. Looking at reference pics, the block and cylinders are a dull aluminum, where the cam covers and front plate are a more shiny silver aluminum, I tried to replicate that....... also washed the cam covers a bit to bring out the detail in them some..... This is going to be a fun build! I hope you guys follow along.......
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