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  1. Ah, the Iron Fist........... Hetfield has a lot of super nice cars! Someone should build the Crimson Ghost, it's my favorite of his.........
  2. So, working on applying the trim! The rocker strip and rub strip........ Note to self, next time place all the exterior trim before paint, then foil and paint as needed. The rub strip is three pieces, one for each panel it's on...... It's gonna be tough to do this cleanly!
  3. Thanks a bunch, Bill! I've made more progress........... I guess this is together for the final time.
  4. Thanks, Pete! The way I did it, it didn't require any filler at all..........
  5. Guys, I had put this away for a while..... I've decided to bring it back out and finish it up! I put some decals on it in an attempt to add visual interest. Really all I have left to do is install the taillights (again), put the body and chassis together, then finish up the trim pieces......
  6. Yea, you're probably right. The '57 T Bird has been reissued recently, the wires from the '55 might be a little harder to find......
  7. Is it what I'm asking for, or what I have to offer in trade? This is a good half box of stuff..........
  8. Work is a four letter word to a lot of people.......
  9. Calvin and Hobbes is always a winner! I bet Watterson was a model builder, as many times as it's referenced in his strip.........
  10. Thanks a bunch, guys....... That probably says a lot about the fitment issues with this kit!
  11. That was a good idea, building up the color first then the wet coats......... Wet coats are how you get slick paint, it looks like it worked for you!
  12. These are the wheel/tire sets in the trade.... I also have some gasser wheels and tires that aren't pictured... I have the tires for the set-up in the second pic.
  13. Thanks a bunch, guys! Now that I know how to work around this kit's issues, I might get another one day to build a chopped convertible.......
  14. Hello, trade forum! I have a box of miscellaneous stuff that I would like to offer up..... It's mostly several wheel sets, some decals, extra mechanical parts from a few kits, just some mixed up stuff........ All I really want in trade is a set of 1/16 wheels and tires. They could be the mag wheels from the big scale '57 Thunderbird, but what I'd really like to find is the wire wheels from the AMT '55 1/16 T-Bird. My next project hopefully is going to be the MPC '57 Corvette, and I'd like a nice set of wheels for it....... The second pic isn't all that is in the box, that's mostly just the wheel sets. There's more stuff! If anyone wants to trade, just PM if you'd like to........ Thanks, Guys!
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