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  1. Well, that explains it! I think I should search out one of these kits, they're one of my favorite Beemers.....
  2. That's a striking model! It has a very nice presence about it.....
  3. That looks like a very good and very detailed kit........
  4. Well, guys.... I can't seem to find any gold paint anywhere! If I'm still gonna do a panel paint job on this, it will have to be with these two colors. The bronze is what I used on the 5 window I recently finished, the brown is the Cordova brown I showed earlier. I put down the bronze first....... What do you guys think? I'm on the fence now about even doing the panel job, I may just paint it solid brown.
  5. Thanks, Bill man! The 'spinners' are from the Monogram '53 Chevy lowrider...... As far as the kit, it's right up there with the '60 Starliner as far as details go. My example has/had a lot of flash, tho......
  6. THAT is a nice car...... I'm guessing it has the 390 engine? Most likely I'll be using the custom tail lights for this build...... If I was to use the factory ones, I would get some silver acrylic craft paint. They rinse cleanly until dry, so any mistakes could be cleaned with water....
  7. Mike, man, I like DupliColor perfect match clear. I make close, fast passes with the spray can and hardly ever get any peel in it.... As long as your primer works with the clear, you shouldn't have much issue. The craft paints don't make a very good barrier coat...
  8. Do you mean how I install them, or how I go about detailing them? Neither one looks like it will be a simple task!
  9. Cool, guys, thanks! After reading the review of the 1/48 Comet, it doesn't seem that good of a kit. They may be being a bit over critical, though..... I'll look about and see what I can find...... Thanks.
  10. Bill, are there many kits out there of racing planes? I would like to find a full detail kit of something like one of these...... Doesn't have to be these particular planes, just something similar and purpose built....
  11. Got a little more progress to show! The body and all associated parts are in primer..... Also, I found some knock-offs for the wheels. I've read about some fitment issues when it comes time to mate the body to the chassis/interior assembly, so I plan on building up the "guts" as much as I can and test fit them to the body before I continue with the paint work.... That's it for now, please comment freely!
  12. These guys have been around for some time.... I'm just now 'discovering' them, though. Anyone here like Franz Ferdinand? So far I'm still on their first album (self titled), this song sounds the best to me out of those. Other songs that are good on this album are "Take Me Out" and "This Fire". This one is "40'"...... (forty feet).....
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