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  1. Claypool calls Purple Onion his "midlife crisis album"........
  2. Are you sure it was deceased? It could have just been playing, um.... well, you know.........
  3. This build is MOST superlative! The proportions of the scratch built body are perfect, the details are all perfect......... It's just perfect!
  4. That's a nice car...... Probably something not often seen there!
  5. Thank you, Dennis..... Yes, it's a GREAT kit! The most fully represented model kit I've encountered.....
  6. Still working on this, guys! The interior is pretty much done....... I dropped the dash, so I had to put it back together........ Also, I've done some detail painting on the bumpers....... I use these paint pens for a lot of stuff, they're very handy! Just showing a bit of progress! Please feel free to comment.........
  7. Thanks, man, but I'll have to pass....... We're not really allowed to buy/sell here on the forum. Thanks for wanting to help, though!
  8. Wow! That looks worse than the Delorean-based car......
  9. I've had the MPC Coyote kit in the past. I tried to build it box stock, but that proved pretty much impossible........ What I did notice about the body is the rear "haunches" are more curvy on the 1:1 and they're kinda flattened out on the model......
  10. Hey, Friend..... It might would! I'm unfamiliar with that kit. It sounds vintage and rare, though...... I believe I'll just grab a Tamiya kit, since they're cheap and readily available....
  11. I think what I should probably do is get the MPC Coyote kit first since I'll definitely be needing it, then I could figure out the wheelbase needed and go from there.....
  12. Thanks for the responses, Fellas...... This is all most helpful! I have it from a very reliable source and wealth of info that the engine in the hero car wasn't the basic VW engine, it was the 411 series engine, which has a lower profile........ (If I understand that correctly)
  13. Would it be this kit, Les man? https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/tamiya-24136.htm
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