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  1. Sorry, Guys... I guess you'll have to google "Alexa Meade Art" and look at her website.... You can look at that all you want without having to join anything. I would LOVE to visit her "Immersed in Wonderland" exhibit!
  2. Her name is Alexa Meade. She paints actual people to look like they are in a painting..... I just recently discovered her instagram and was blown away by what she does. You shouldn't have to join Instagram to look at her work. Here's the link..... https://www.instagram.com/alexameadeart/
  3. Model Master makes an enamel clear coat.... It should work okay with decals, but i would test first to see....... most decal sheets have a serial number that is also a decal. You could paint a spoon with your Testors, apply the extra decal, and clear it to make sure it doesn't harm them. As for smoothing out your paint, I use automotive wet/dry 2000 grit for things like that. Just put a drop of dish soap in your water and proceed carefully, staying away from edges the best you can.... EDIT... I saw your other post about clearing before decals... that would be a good idea as decals like a smooth shiny surface to stick to. So you definitely can clear, decal, and reclear...
  4. That's pretty cool, got to be as fresh as you can get..... I was talking to a friend of mine about this topic, she said that on the West coast where she's from they didn't have Little Debbie, only Hostess..... I've since turned her on to the cute little freckled kid on the box..... There was for a while a black and white pic of Mrs. McKee on the back of the box, passing out brownies as a kid.....
  5. Do they sell snacks out of the factory? If they do and I was you, I'd be there every day getting fresh Fudge Rounds!
  6. That's very cool! and it's even cooler that you're going to wait them out instead of disturbing them..... I once took care of a fledgling Mocking Bird that I found by the driveway that leads into the complex here. He was in danger of either being ran over or the ants getting him, so I took him in. Kept it for about a week or so....... I fed it canned dog food and water off my finger...... I was woke up every day at about 5 AM to him screeching for food.
  7. A diecast of some sort (Jada, maybe?) could donate it's wheels and tires..... you may could find a damaged one cheap..... EDIT... These look like a good deal! https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Set-24-pcs-Car-Wheels-Repairing-Add-On-Custom-1-24-Diecast-Car-Rubber-Tires/192855006017?hash=item2ce70ddb41:g:WF0AAOSwxtVcS3tN
  8. I'm primarily an automotive builder, but have built other things. That includes a large scale Headless Horseman and a small scale Pirate Ship.... Both of those projects taught me techniques that I could use on the cars and such..... It never hurts to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!
  9. I would like to see some models of characters that were in a show on Cartoon Network..... the show was called "Symbionic Titan".... There were some smaller robot-mecha suits that when combined made this much larger and more powerful robot..... It was a cool show, but only lasted one season.... They make models of the starships from my favorite anime show "Cowboy Bebop"...... I think the same company that does the Gundams also does the starships...
  10. Thanks, Guys... The sails are indeed vacuformed, and I weathered them with some Folk Art acrylics. Here's a link to the in-progress thread.... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/137215-captain-kidd-ship/ Now I have one to display in my little apartment here.....
  11. Hey, guys! This is my second attempt at a ship. The first was the USS Constitution, which I didn't do too well on..... I used what I learned from that one on this, the Lindberg "Captain Kidd" ship. I can always come back to it to do the rigging if I feel to in the future......... I shelved this a few times because I ran into some problems with it..... Thanks to those who followed it's WIP thread, and comment freely!
  12. You can get a lot of the Girl Scout cookies as an off brand from Dollar General...... There's like 50 thin mints in the box... I really like the samoas style cookies from DG, more in the box for less money!
  13. Malt-O-Meal is maybe my favorite brand..... it comes in this Huge resealable bag, really a lot for your money. My two favorite flavors of it are the honey-puffed wheat and the s'mores kind. The S'mores one is just golden grahams, cocoa puffs, and tiny marshmallows all mixed in one bag...... Crunchies for the munchies.........
  14. That's something I'll have to try.... I love coconut and chocolate together.... Really like Mounds bars and the Samoas Girl Scout cookies, too
  15. I'll give Hostess this.... They make an apple turnover that comes in a green and white wax paper wrapper that's really awesome. Did you guys know that Little Debbie was an actual person? You ever have a Yoo-Hoo, Joe? They aren't actually milk, just a chocolate drink..... The ones in the half-gallon carton are the best!
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