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  1. Are you still having this problem? I am...... I can't get beyond the first page of subforums or my profile. I click on 'view my activity' in my profile, and nothing happens.
  2. Get yourself some of these pens, man.... They are most useful!
  3. Thanks, Carl my friend.... I'm glad you like it! and Thank You, Dominik!
  4. I like it....... reminds me of what the Ayala's did to the 'Wild Bird', with mimicking the front opening on the rear...
  5. If you say so, Richard.... I did just see it happen this morning, tho... I sprayed a spare part with the aluminum, then primed it. I then put the white DupliColor on (which is a hot paint) and watched it turn pink......... I'll surely seal it before trying to paint any important parts.....
  6. Cool.... I just saw on Amazon that you can get it in an aerosol can. This will most likely be what I do....... Thanks!
  7. I'm working on a Thunderbird SC that's molded in red. Of course, I want to paint it white..... I've tried to seal it with aluminum paint, but when I spray the DupliColor on it, the dyes still bleed thru. I read on here about someone using ( I think it was) oven cleaner to pull the pigments from the plastic.... Does that sound right? This is the only molded-in-color kit I've had that I can't cover the dyes from... Thanks for any help!
  8. He was also in a movie titled "Dirty Work" with Artie Lange..... One of the funniest skits he did on SNL was being a police sketch artist that couldn't draw....
  9. Cool, glad you fellas are enjoying seeing this one! It was overcast yesterday (natural light filter) so I got a little better pic for you.....
  10. Thanks, guys....... This one is now under glass.
  11. Got this one wrapped up today, Fellas! It's the full bumper Camaro kit from AMT. I've dubbed it "Camar'Oh!"........ It's pretty much box stock minus the stance, wheels, and rag top roof. I added heater hoses and battery cables under the hood, and a chain link steering wheel. The kit was a darling to build, only final fitment gave me any problems. I did a WIP of most of it. Thanks to those that followed it... So, that's it for this one! Please feel free to comment.....
  12. "Someone Reacted" sounds like something you'd hear in a crowded elevator... It would make more sense to show who reacted to your post, not just for the poster, but for the one liking it....
  13. I'm having the same problem.... I can't get into beyond the first page of my profile, and I'm unable to go past the first page of the subforums.... My build is on page two of the workbench forum, and I can't get to it to see if I've had any comments lately or to update it..... It's not all the time though....
  14. That looks really good, Tom! Has more of a modern feel than just black for a graphic color.....
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