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  1. Sharp car! You could get a set of Mustang wheels from a salvage yard and they would bolt right on..... probably dress it up quite nice...
  2. If you made that piece from wire, maybe you could get the wires tension to hold it in place.........
  3. How about a bare metal finish?
  4. I just discovered this art technique, I've been looking for something for my niece's birthday and stumbled upon it.... All it takes is a few basic hand tools and strips of paper. Here's some examples I found.... Anybody here do this? I think I may take it up myself........
  5. Sometimes brown is not a bad color......
  6. I've spent quite a while on it and it's finally ready for some primer. I want to try a two tone that emphasizes the coke-bottle body lines......
  7. If you look at the Craigslist ads in Arizona the weeks before the auctions, you get to see some really nice stuff........ I often look at the Phoenix listings.
  8. Spent the afternoon cleaning up an MPC Dodge Daytona Charger body of mold lines and flash.... I'm just doing it to have something to paint ( I love to paint.....).
  9. Thanks, Carl! I'm thinking about tinting the head light lenses now that I see how it looks in the pic...... I used the front air dam, but decided against the full treatment......
  10. Thank you, fellas! Here's a final full-on mock up with glass and interior...... it still needs one more coat of paint, then clear and polish. Things look kinda monochromatic, but maybe the black trim will break it up some...... I plan to get some foil to do the trim with...... Thanks for looking...
  11. I remember Weird Al did the theme to the spoof 'Spy Hard'..... it was hilarious!
  12. Rick, you can paint large areas with them, if you flow them kinda wet.... they range in tip sizes, so pinstripes would be pretty easy to make... I don't see why you couldn't make custom decals with them.
  13. They are in the 'arts and crafts'....... They are very useful, especially for things like battery posts, radiator caps and the like...
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