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  1. Not today, but over the past couple, I turned this '34 pickup into a roadster..... Here it is with a shortened bed from a previous try at this kit. I want to get some bronze paint for it, maybe that would look good with the orange-ish wheels........
  2. I really wish I lived in SoCal, you can find pretty much anything automotive there..... Very much jealous!
  3. That's amazing! I thought it was just for sanctioned events, like our Laguna Seca or similar course......
  4. You get to see the coolest stuff! (but never have any pics....... ) Just kidding. SoCal has always been and always will be the hot bed for anything automotive. I look at Craigslist in LA often for that very reason........
  5. That's moving! Do they let more than one class of car on the 'Ring at the same time? They passed a couple of slower cars.......
  6. I thought kit bashing was going on a couple threads down...... My first major kitbash was this that I built of my Dad's Charger. I used the chassis and engine bay from the AMT '71 and the body from the '73/'74 superCharger. I've been at least changing wheels since........
  7. Hey, guys. I'm in need of both parts of the rear end from the Lindberg (recently reissued as AMT) '34 Ford pickup... I have a few things I could trade for these parts. Any help is appreciated!
  8. Nah, man..... Anything that's been tinkered with to make it faster than stock could be called a "hot rod". At least that's how i look at it.......
  9. Those look more like Countach wheels in your screen shots, especially on the Deora II..... I have a set from a 1/24 Countach I could send you if you'd like. Just send me your address in a PM......
  10. You guys should check out a band called Kanoo (I guess it's pronounced "canoe") on your music streaming services. It's instrumental prog rock. They have several single albums with usually three songs on them. They also do a cover of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" that is really good. Sorry I can't find anything on youtube of them......
  11. Thanks, Mike! I think that when it comes time to fit this thing together, I'm going for a "one and done" deal.... There won't be much test fitting, I'll just wait until it's time for it to go together. Hopefully it won't bite me in the rump doing so.......
  12. Hey, fellas..... Just wanted to show that I've got the body in primer. It hasn't been sanded yet, I want to wait until a day that I can actually paint before sanding, so everything is freshly clean... I did decide to blend in the rear wing, and it doesn't really pose a problem as to paint coverage......... Thanks!
  13. The jazz tie-in for each episode was brilliant...... They even called an episode a "session". (like a jam session). The band calls themselves "The Seatbelts" because the style of music is so energetic, as in "fasten your seatbelts"!
  14. Actually Callie is an English Bull Terrier (think Spuds Mackenzie...) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_Terrier They don't like to fight, by the way...... They haven't been bred for that for about 100 years. They weren't very good at it.....
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