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  1. Signs that you listen to AC/DC (or at least know their music) are evident.
  2. Hey, guys....... I was just wondering, which kit exactly has the correct M10 engine that could be used in the 2002 kit? Thanks!
  3. Cool, Thanks a bunch fellas! I really enjoy learning what I can about these cars.... Les, do you happen to know what all is represented as far as the underside goes? Will it be as easy as just opening the hood? or Will I need to source things like a driveshaft?
  4. Hey, guys! I've been eye-balling the Hasegawa 2002 Bimmer. It's a curbside, but a company in the Ukraine makes an engine bay for this kit.... I'm wondering.... is this the only source for the engine bay? I'd like to build the lil' BMW as a full detail... Also, what engine came in these little cars? Was it an OHC 6 cylinder? Would the engine from the Fujimi 635CSi fit a 2002? I realize that wouldn't be correct, just thinking aloud......... Anyways, thanks for any help with this!
  5. I've wanted one of these kits since I knew it existed............ and For a 1:1 wish........ I don't have a chimney, though, so I guess I'm stuck wishing!
  6. The Allman Brothers is always good..........
  7. "Flight of Snoopy" they should have called the mission.
  8. Really good song here..... Sounds like Talking Heads on some places.
  9. I really do appreciate your enthusiasm, but please pace yourself! Let's have time to catch up............
  10. You guys want to share some instrumental songs? Here's one for you to start...... This is a very smart little song. It gets really good about 2 min. 10 sec. in. If you like xylophone (or vibraphone?) you'll like the first 2 minutes, too.
  11. Tables are often used in science to organize things, like the Periodic Table.
  12. You can bet your tushie that the 1% won't be doing without these things!
  13. This definitely looks like something you'd see here in the Carolinas! Unless they have it squatted so they can pull their push mower on their 20' trailer.....
  14. They're remaking 'A Christmas Story' with the original Ralphie......... Not sure if it's a sequel or what. I'm not sure how they could best the original though.......
  15. '60's customs had a lot of asymmetrical styling cues....
  16. Physics, along with Geometry, governs everything in the real Universe.
  17. Musk is probably too cheap to buy autonomous sprayers..... The cars maybe really ARE sprayed by hand!
  18. This car was nicknamed "High & Mighty"........ I guess they called it Ram Rod also. You'll be getting into the years of street-driven dune buggies soon! It would be cool to see some of those, the Manx type buggies.......
  19. Frogs never last long in France, those folks eat them....
  20. I really like what you have going on here! It's been noted that there aren't a lot of kustoms made from this year of car..... Different is good.
  21. Thank you, Carl! It's Dark Garnet Red Pearl from DupliColor.......... It's a really nice color!
  22. Thanks, fellas! This is with just one coat of DupliColor 1K high gloss clear......... It dries slow and you have to put it on kinda heavy, but you can use it over any paint......
  23. Paint and clear happened today! I'll need to get some outside pics for you guys. The clear I use takes a couple days for the cloudiness to clear up. Thanks for lookin, and tell me what you think!
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