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  1. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Tires and wheels needed...   

    Try Plaskit.  Daniel cast the original Unimog tires and even cast a modified one which is wider.  I don't believe he cast the Unimog rims but he should have rims that fit all tires that he casts.
  2. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Ideas for mpc's Mack DM600   

    Thanks guys.  This was an original built up that I restored and I am happy to see that it was reissued.  So many variations you can build with this kit.
  3. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Ideas for mpc's Mack DM600   

    I used the Rex Mixer body and spliced in the longer Mack DM800 rails to my DM 600

  4. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just did another awesome trade with MR Mopar Doug Spencer. Awesome guy to deal with, lightning fast shipping and great communication.
  5. doogie7046 added a post in a topic AMT Ford L-Series Tire Size?   

    I bought several of the Coke version Louisville kits all factory sealed and they all had the 11.00 X 20 inch Goodyear tires. Some of the older versions like the Ryder or Pops Produce came with the smaller 10.00 X 20 Goodyear tires. Those 11.00 X 20 tires were originally from MPC and when ERTL took over the moulds for the MPC trucks they started using that same 11.00 X 20 tire in their kits. When AMT became AMT/ERTL those tires found their way into some of the AMT Kits like the Coke version of the Louisville, GMC General, Mack R Model, etc. that previously under the AMT brand only had the 10.00 X 20 tires but the later reissues of those same kits saw the larger tire. I prefer the fit of the 11.00 X 20 tires on the rears as you had mentioned as they fit without leaving gaps.
  6. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Need Help   

    Its good you saved those kits. The plastic won't go bad so he can just take his time building them. Having your son help build them will make for some great Father/son time. Its a shame that there are a few bad apples in every bunch but you just have to learn to ignore them and reflect on all the postive comments coming from the group.
  7. doogie7046 added a post in a topic truck decal   

    Jim does great work but it took about 3 months to get my order and that was when he wasn't really backed up.
  8. doogie7046 added a post in a topic war on truckers   

    I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the benefits of the CPAP machine Highway. I have been using that machine for about 12 yrs now and I too have much more energy and don't even get migranes anymore. It was my wife who pushed me to go for the sleep study and I'm really glad I listened to her.
  9. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Ford Bronco completed, box stock   

    Great looking build. I love the paint scheme.
  10. doogie7046 added a post in a topic Revell Kenworth heavy hauler   

    I had that kit, but was pursuaded to trade it and I regretted for many years. I recently found an Orient Express on Ebay which is the same kit just different decals. They do pop up on Ebay but you have to be patient and be prepared to dig deep in your pockets for it. As others have said if you buy two of the reissue KW cabovers you can build your own for a fraction of the price of the Revell kit.
  11. doogie7046 added a post in a topic old binder   

    That came out looking great. I love the paint job. My only suggestion would be to paint the 5th wheel.
  12. doogie7046 added a post in a topic 1934 Renault TN6C Paris Bus   

    Excellent looking bus. Its a great subject to build. Too bad there are so few bus kits available.
  13. doogie7046 added a post in a topic AMT GMC Astro 95 Rear Wheel ID?   

    The two larger tires were originally in the Mack DM600, DM 800, DM800 mixer and Gravel trailer by MPC. When ERTL took over those kits they also incorporated those tires in the IH Transtar 11, Rubber Duck Mack, IH 4300 and Great Dan Van trailer and Reefer trailers. They can be found in most of the Round 2 AMT reissues now.
  14. doogie7046 added a post in a topic KW 925 rebuild   

    That came out looking great. Nice save on that old built up. Decals look great too.
  15. doogie7046 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Rebuilding an International CO 4070A
    I am working on a built up CO4070A that I got a while back. Its almost done, just need to find a few more of the missing parts. These old cabovers are one of my favourite models and getting harder to come by. The Transtar 11 is also going to be rebuilt one day.

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