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  1. Good to see another Aussie race car being built and you are doing a great job so far, but you need to know that the car didn't run the aero kit or wheels that is in the picture of the restored car. The kits own wheels and aero kit are as the car ran in '94. The wing and the front airdam on the restored car are from 1995 but the B+H car didn't run in the '95 Supertouring season. I hope it's not too late. By the way this car is one of the two that were involved in the infamous crash and subsequent clash between the two drivers that has made many a sports highlights clip show. Skip to 0:45 I am going to have Longhurst's B+H E30 M3 in progress soon to sit with the Sierra he drove in 1988 that I finished last year and as I am also considering this car too I will be keeping a keen eye on this thread. Also, who makes those decals? Cheers ShawnS
  2. 47 Chevy Flight-master Jet Car

    Such a brilliant idea and some outstanding work to bring that idea to life. Well done so far Daxman, keep up the good work.
  3. BMW M3 1/7/19 update

    Great work Dale. Good tip for the springs too I have locked that one away for the future. I have a couple of these in progress at the moment so I'm watching with interest.
  4. If I Ran Revell....

    Yes. I agree on a move to 1:24 for all new kits. Although I haven't purchased any recent release Revell kit as there is nothing in the catalogue that tickles my fancy, it seems to me that the new Revell owners need to take on the world. One Ford GTLM and some old Porsches aren't world beating market changers nor will they raise Revell's market share or profile in non-US countries. Take Beemax, Belkits and Ebbro as examples, They came on the scene and started to issue kits that the rest of the world wanted and the rest of the world is buying those kits and the aftermarket for these kits is firing on all cylinders as well. Even Hasegawa have seen the light and are releasing new subjects and re-issuing some great old kits. If Revell are to survive and thrive in a supposedly dying market then most future new Revell kit subjects need to have world appeal not just kits for someone whose grandpa drove one back in the day.
  5. Tamiya '60s F1 Kits?

    I feel that Tamiya really dropped the ball when they stopped making the 60's cars, not just F1 cars but their 1:24 road cars as well. They did a great job with the VW Beetle, Alfa, and little Honda kit sports car kits. It gave me hope that perhaps they were going to expand on the 60's theme and that we would get some really amazing unkitted non- American 1960's subjects but nope Tamiya seemed to get bored with the idea and went back to releasing more kits of the same tanks and aircraft that every kit manufacturer has.
  6. Hopefully one of the aftermarket guys will come up with a badge-less grille so we can get stuck into those Trans-Am versions.
  7. How many builds?

    I have 6 Tamiya Sierras on the bench at the moment. Two are restorations of old builds, two are half finished projects from years past and two are new builds. Each of them will be built differently with different roll cages, exhausts, RHD conversions and dash layouts so there is enough to keep me busy for a while. I painted the bodies, interior and chassis pieces last year and have recently been focused on painting all of the small bits and sorting out all of the details that are specific for the version that I am doing at the time. Sometimes it seems that I have bitten off more than i can chew but I'll get them done.
  8. 1940 Ford Business Coupe V8

    That's a beautiful model Tulio. Seeing those models make me love those old Fords even more. Great work.
  9. Porsche 935-77

    Very nice. A mean looking race car that looks just as mean in scale. Top job
  10. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    A lovely well finished model Raoul. Such a great colour too. Good work.
  11. Amazing work Pat. Just needs some spider webs . Well done.
  12. Hasegawa Jaguar XJS TWR HE Triple build

    HI guys thanks again for the nice comments. Trevor, the radiator mesh is indeed PE and it's made by KA Models. It comes in a small sheet that can be cut to size for your own requirements. It's available from several sources on the net. Cheers ShawnS
  13. Holy cow that's brilliant, Great stuff Frank, well done.
  14. Revell Volkswagen Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    Cool little VW. Well done.
  15. KenMary Skyline

    That's a mad looking little beast Luke. Great clean looking build with some killer photos too. Well done.