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  1. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    Yeah there has been quite a bit of interest from all around the world. A final decision about if I will sell copies or not won't be made until well after I have finished the last of any intended builds. It kills me to have to tell everyone that because I would love to see what others could do to one, I'm also too busy to do any extensive casting at the moment. Thanks again everyone Cheers ShawnS
  2. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    Thank you everybody for all of your support not just now but over the years. It sounds strange I know but I didn't have any idea if I would actually ever get one of these darn things finished at all. Sometimes I felt the whole thing was way above my head and that my plans didn't match my skills and I always seemed to make excuses so I could stop working on them. I think that now that I have finished one, the other two don't intimidate me so much and although I have no immediate plans to resume work on the other two I now know what it takes to get on with it. I've had a great build season so far with four completed builds and another three about 85% finished so I'm hoping that it will continue long enough for me to get those other Falcons re-started. Thanks again, ShawnS
  3. The first finished model is in the showroom now. Cheers ShawnS
  4. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    I didn't get around to taking a picture of the interior but for the record it's a base model 6 seater with a bench seat front and 3 on the tree. Questions, comments and feedback always welcome. Cheers, ShawnS
  5. Hi everyone. THE CAR: This is a 1:24 scale build of a 1982 Ford XE Falcon. The XE Falcon was built from early 1982 through to early 1984 and was available in sedan, wagon, ute and van. The XE was Australia's highest selling car at the time and was used as family cars, rentals, company cars, police cars, taxis, and work vehicles as well as race versions. I think that most people in who were in Australia in the 1980's have at least one memory of a XD/XE/XF Falcon. My family had two XE Falcon sedans (my parents owned one and my grand parents had one as well.) and there were others that came and went too. They were available in many trim levels and powered mostly by 3.3 and 4.1 litre 6 cyl engines but some had 302 and 351 V8s. THE BUILD: For those who haven't seen the WIP thread this one has been on the bench since 2011. It's scratchbuilt from Evergreen sheet and strips then resin cast. The only things that aren't scratch built are the tyres ( from a Tamiya kit) and the wipers are PE (from Aber). This is the first of 3 builds of this car. This is the low detail version. The next build will be of my grand parents car and will have extra detail and the final build will be of the car my parents owned and will be super detailed. This is a base model vehicle with no bells and whistles. To be continued.......
  6. BMW M3 1987 spec JPS livery

    Yeah I found out about those SK Decals parts two days after I had finished modifying the kit parts. I have another Group A M3 planned so I may go that route in stead of doing it myself.
  7. BMW M3 1987 spec JPS livery

    I got them from hiroboy.com earlier in the year but they are listed as sold out now, spotmodel.com do have them in stock if you are interested.. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Cheers ShawnS
  8. Beemax Volvo 240T Gr. A

    Ah I didn't think of that. I know Fujimi did almost the same thing with some of their touring car kits in the 90's but instead of making the tyre look awful like Beemax did with this kit they just angled the outside of the wheel rim. It took me a while to get used to how the Fujimi wheel looked but once I assembled a kit it all made sense. and could do a better job than any of the photos I could take. Cheers ShawnS
  9. Beemax Volvo 240T Gr. A

    Hi Guys, I got one of these little Volvos delivered to me yesterday from HLJ and after a quick look through the sprues it appears to be every bit as good as the BMW M3 kit... BUT...., the tyres are no good. The tyres have one side molded thicker than the other. Here you can see the shape is anything but square. this after the tyre has been fitted to the wheel. Thickness check Luckily the tyres from Scale Productions E30 BBS fit perfectly so that leaves the option to use the kit wheels open. Also the chrome on the wheels isn't all that great with a rough texture on the spokes and the outer rim only the area in between is clean and smooth. So that's something to consider for those looking at buying this kit. Cheers ShawnS
  10. BMW M3 1987 spec JPS livery

    Hi guys, I'm finally back building again. This one is the BMW M3 that Jim Richards won the 1987 Australian Touring Car Championship with. The kit is from Beemax with wheels from Scale Production and decals from Decalcas. I have back dated the model from 1991 DTM spec to 1987 Group A spec by modifying the front airdam and rear wing, I scribed a fuel flap, fitted a side exit exhaust and added detail to the interior door cards and modified the dash to analogue gauges. I have also changed the mirrors and moved the air jacks to match references of the 1:1 car. There was a fair bit of work to get it sitting just right because the scale production wheels are smaller than the kit supplied wheels so a straight swap leaves the car sitting on it's belly with JDM/tuner style camber on all four corners. Enjoy. The Decalcas decals are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen they went on easily and have reflective gold graphics, I took some photos outside to see if I could get the reflective gold to pop Thanks for looking Cheers ShawnS
  11. I finally got around to digging out my Mustang decal sheet that I got from Patto's several years ago and after looking at it and comparing it to some reference photos I found some other discrepancies that may just be a reason to put the project on hold even longer. I've noticed that many Patto's decals have incorrect fonts and under/oversized or incorrect/missing sponsor logos and this sheet is no different. I know that he will change the colours of any logos at the customers request but I don't believe that he is willing to do anything else to the artwork. You could always ask him I suppose. Cheers ShawnS
  12. Thanks for the extra pics Matt. They definitely look like racecam brackets I'll have to add those on too. When I was tossing up between building the AGP version or a Bathurst or ATCC version I realized that the AGP version didn't have a racecam so I was happy that I dodged a bullet by not having to do all that extra wiring and whatnot. I did put a camera from an old Nascar kit in a Johnson Sierra that I built many moons ago but I didn't go to town with the wiring. Cheers ShawnS
  13. Most excellent Matt . Thanks that helps a lot. If I didn't have a thousand other things to do I'd get back into it.
  14. Hey Matt, would you happen to have any pictures of the rear interior area from the doors looking backwards? I've got pics of most of the rest of the car but nothing that shows the extent of the roll cage or where the seat belt mounting points are. It's one of the two main reasons that the project stalled. Cheers ShawnS
  15. Hi Matt, I started working on a model of the very same car several years ago that has stalled due to the amount of work that I needed to do. I'm using the pace car model for the body and the bonnet from the convertible. I had originally planned to do the early version but settled on the race winner from the Grand Prix support races (the cars 1 and only victory) I am using a heavily modified interior tub from a Tamiya Sierra and the Momo wheels are copied from a Tamiya 1:20 F1 kit. I started scratchbuilding the front clip but I still haven't finished it yet. I am yet to decide on which 302 to use but it won't be the original kit engine. There is a fair bit of work to do to everything. I have had a MPC version in my hands and I can say the Monogram models are easier to convert into a better detailed race car. The interiors of the MPC models are very shallow and the chassis isn't all that great or detailed either. good luck. Cheers ShawnS