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  1. ShawnS


    I will never for the life of me understand why this car has not been kitted in 1:24/25 by one single manufacturer. Surely a car like the Cortina that has such a huge worldwide following and instant recognition would be easy money for a model company. If Ebbro, Beemax or Tamiya released one tomorrow I would order at least 10 of them maybe more.
  2. While some dashboards are easier than others to convert there is no single easy method to do the conversion, scratchbuilding skills are a must. The last dash that I converted to RHD was for a Beemax Volvo. I made 4 resin copies of the kit LHD dash then I cut them up into sections and re-assembled them into one unit. Because of the amount of cutting required there was no way that I could have done it with just the original kit dash. It took a bit of problem solving and two weeks to do and it came out great in the end. I had also previously used a similar method to do a RHD Sierra dash but I didn't need to make resin copies as I had a few spare LHD dashes to work with. Here is the Volvo dash. What kind of dashboards were you wanting to convert? Cheers ShawnS
  3. Judging by some of these pictures, we are truly in a golden age of race car modelling.
  4. Thanks for the offer Grant but I'll pass on the decals as I've definitely had my fill of Volvos for a while. Cheers anyway.
  5. Nice one Grant. I believe that is the same car as the two LHD versions that I made. Where are the decals from?
  6. Just brilliant work Dave. They may look simple but it's quite obvious that a lot of work goes into your builds and your knowledge of the old style sports racers also shines through in the final result. Well done.
  7. Great work. Love the stance on this one, looks mean.
  8. ShawnS

    2001 911 GT3

    Very cool. You nailed the colour, it really pops and looks like a modern version of a 60's Porsche colour. Well done
  9. Good start so far Ismael. I've been considering buying this kit so keep us updated with lots of pics and let us all know if any construction issues pop up.
  10. Model of the year and it's only march. Brilliant work Steve, I'm sure you as the builder would disagree but there is not one single thing wrong with that model. Just brilliant.
  11. I like the look of that. It looks like one of those 50's/60's cars from one of the low volume European manufacturers of the day. Very nice work
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