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  1. The compressors and rearend are printed.
  2. I’m not sure on the kit. I bought it as an old built up. I know mpc has a 68 kit.
  3. Thanks and yes I got them from shapeways. I think 3d model specialties is who I got them from.
  4. Just a few more updates, made some tiny mounts for my sway bar endlinks. Also knocked out a tank and compressor mount. The last picture is just detail work to my bag plates.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. It’s slow going but any progress is good progress right? Built my fuel cell today. I’m gonna work on mounting my tank and compressors next.
  6. Insane! Always love to see your builds. I look forward to seeing the bronco finished.
  7. Had this rack and pinion setup laying around. I just cut and modified it to fit.
  8. I’m gonna try to knock this one out as a quick curbside. I just bought an airbrush so I figured it would be a good kit to get some practice on. If anyone has built these trucks you know the quality is terrible. It seems that nothing on the cab fits as it should. I scratch built the service bed.
  9. Thanks guys, just finished up the 4 link. Shock mounts and steering are up next.
  10. 57/58 hoods are the same aside from the badges. Yes I know the grilles are different and I’m looking for both of them.
  11. Does anyone offer a 57-58 f100 hood and grille? I know it’s out there cause I’ve seen them. I was talking to a guy a couple years ago that casted them but his name has slipped my mind.
  12. The casting on the back side of the tires aren’t quite good enough. So unfortunately they’ll have to stay that way.
  13. Got this one back on the bench. Front suspension is almost done aside from the rack and pinion. I’ll also probably add some bolt heads as well.
  14. Just finished up this curbside.
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