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  1. 502 added a post in a topic 1971 F100 shop truck   

    Really nice build.
  2. 502 added a post in a topic Model A Roadster   

    Haven't had a lot of time to work on the car but I made some progress on the seat and frame. Got the first seat cushion done, the other will feature a similar pattern. Started on my transmission cross member as well.  I am going to build an x brace off it like you would see on a lot of your traditional hot rods. 

  3. 502 added a post in a topic Model A Roadster   

    Thanks guys, the engine is from the revell 48 woody. 
  4. 502 added a post in a topic My 2015 truck builds   

    I got to see the green 41 chevrolet at derby city shootout in Louisville. Nice build for sure.
  5. 502 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Model A Roadster
    Here is the roadster I have been working on. I'm aiming for that traditional hot rod style. I first started by swapping engines to a flat head and making my own motor mount. 

    You can see my motor mount a little better in this picture but I also made a new radiator and leaf spring mount. 

    Filled in the notches on the rail.

    I notched the front rail some to sit the car a little lower.

    I will get a better picture but you can see where I drilled out the front axle.

    I started building a custom seat for the car as well. I got it foiled but I still need to make cushions.

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  6. 502 added a post in a topic Post your "Class of 2015" pick up builds   

    Only one I built this year. 

  7. 502 added a post in a topic 65 chevy stepside , overhaul   

    I liked the original but I love the new patina version. The weathered smoothies look awesome on it. I would add in the side steps between the fender and the cab. I think that would complete it. 
  8. 502 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1950 Chevy 3100
    Finished this one up on Friday. 

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  9. 502 added a post in a topic Derby City Shootout   

    I'll be there with a couple builds. I know of a few other guys from ohio going also.
  10. 502 added a post in a topic 1950 Chevy Patina Trucks (Update 7/23/2015)   

    Almost got one truck finished for Derby City Shootout on Saturday. I still have some minor things to finish such as bumpers, mirrors, and tail lights. I ran out of time on the red truck. I am going to finish it for another show August 15th. 

  11. 502 added a post in a topic 1950 Chevy Patina Trucks (Update 7/23/2015)   

    Here's another update on my builds. I have a contest next weekend some I am really gonna have to get after it and finish these up. I decided to LS swap the blue truck. I decided to give the LS a classic look with the script valve covers. I'll just relocate the coil packs to the firewall. The beds are going back in paint tonight.

  12. 502 added a post in a topic 69 FORD RANGER , SHOP TRUCK ,   

    Wow, the truck turned out great!
  13. 502 added a post in a topic ’72 Chevy C/10 Pick Up   

    Awesome job on the camper top. The weathering looks really good also. This thing would look so sweet laying frame.
  14. 502 added a post in a topic 1950 Chevy Patina Trucks (Update 7/23/2015)   

    Steven Zimmerman made both sets of wheels. He sells them on Facebook.
  15. 502 added a post in a topic 1950 Chevy Patina Trucks (Update 7/23/2015)   

    Finally got back on these trucks. Had a big set back, got my beds assembled and realized I forgot to spray the hair spray under the body color. So the beds are coming back apart and in the stripper to be repainted. Whats everyones thoughts on the roof rack? I tried out some door lettering last night and I am very pleased with it. Shelby City is the old part of my town that doesnt really exist anymore. I thought it fit the idea of an old speed shop so the name stuck. I've had a big obsession with old motorcycles here lately so that's where I came up with the idea.