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  1. dragster fever added a post in a topic "Making a Barn Scale Model From Scratch"   

    ridershobby.com--------------------------------in michigan has a large selection of scale wood products fast delivery too .but if you have a tabletop table saw with a fine tooth blade you can mill your own hope this helps
  2. dragster fever added a post in a topic Using Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine   

    i seen a guys video on youtube his screename was classic plastic 101 he used future floorwax and after he let it dry 24 or 48 hours then he buffed it out useing a dryer sheet the things that make your clothes smell good
  3. dragster fever added a post in a topic Who Offers Modern 1/25th, 1/24th or "G" Scale Road Lights and Signs   

    innovative hobby supply.com has signs its called photo real ultra reflect and sign post to go with them. scalemodeling by chris .com has street lights checks these sites out and tell what you think
  4. dragster fever added a post in a topic Does the tooling for the Revell 'Grease' motorcycles exist?   

    thanks for all the replies i found this website EDIECAST.COM wisconsin real cheap prices
  5. dragster fever added a post in a topic Does the tooling for the Revell 'Grease' motorcycles exist?   

    does anybody know if there are any manufacturers that make 1/24-1/25 scale motorcycles diecast or styrene.i think 31/2 inches to 41/2 inches would be to proper scale.i was going to build THE WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN using a small scale airplane body as seen inthe pictures.ive googled it and came up with miasto but they are mostly street crotch rockets.also evil kinevils 750 harley diorama jump.thanks in advance ALL PICTURES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY
  6. dragster fever added a post in a topic I got an odd parts request   

    i made corrugated hose take a metal close hangar or smaller rod and wrap solder around it.i used the smallest solder i could find to make a coil the length you need leave it on the rod then take teflon plumbing tape and wrap it tightly onto your coil of solder .i left mine white i dont think paint will stick to it though just slide it off the rod and you have your septic truck hose.hope this helps
  7. dragster fever added a post in a topic I finally understand my parent's frustration!   

  8. dragster fever added a post in a topic got 1977 gmc snowplow ?hydraulic hoses   

    thanks mikemodeler it never crossed my mind about wiring the lights or the cinder blocks or the spreader.my next kit to get .
  9. dragster fever added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    thousands of model kits
    i went to .........................amazon.com........................the other day and to catagory toys and hobbies then typed plastc model kits and wow there was over 6 thousand items found it took me over an hour to look through them check it out some kit had cheap shipping.THANKS FOR LOOKING
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  10. dragster fever added a post in a topic got 1977 gmc snowplow ?hydraulic hoses   

    thanks to all for replying and the information i just thought the hydro lines and cables would give more realism i was also thinking about makeing mini sand bags for some added weight in the bed. ;)or maybe a load of firewood
  11. dragster fever added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    got 1977 gmc snowplow ?hydraulic hoses
    i got the 77 chevy gmc snow plow today and looked it over . the plow needed to have hydraulic lines so i googled western snow plows the pump i think is run by an electric motor so i think there should be power cables running from the pump motor to the battery?.anyway heres a couple reference pictures showing the hydro lines and the inside cab control . if anybody knows the correct way please let me know also is the chain factory or did somebody invent it thanks fo looking
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  12. dragster fever added a post in a topic My first garage DIO   

    hey jerred to make the side entry door i used elmers foamboard but its alittle to thick if you got some sheet styrene might work better. but icut the foamboard 1and 1 half inch by 3 and 1 half inch. then i put it between 2 peices of smooth plywood and pounded it with ahammer to make it thinner .For the window i cut the opening to the proper size and used clear cd case for the glass just scribe it 4 or 5 times useing a metal straight edge it breaks just like real glass .for the window trim i used square kitchen matches i painted mine white first then cut al the pieces .i glued the sides and top and bottom and let that dry then the center one let dry then the small crosstrim .after dry a drop of white glue in each corner then set the glass the doorknob i used stiff copper wire its a little smaller then house wiring coating removed cut to lenght you dont want it stick out to far it wont look right i used BBs for the knobs use gel super glue for these HOPE THIS HELPS its not done yet i need to do a little fine tuning yet.some more trim oh i forgot grind the copper door knob thingy flat so the BB glues solid to it.
  13. dragster fever added a post in a topic My first garage DIO   

    im building a 2 car garage i used standard size sandpaper for shingles its 11"by9" first iused flat black spraypaint then a light coat of gray primer on the granules then sprayed the back of the sheet white to make it easier to see when you measure and mark it.1/24 scale asphalt shingles would be one and one half inches by one half inch[1/1/2x1/2 inch]or 3 feet by 1foot. i measured and marked the back including the two tabs on the shingles.i left the tabs uncut until i cut all the individual shingles.i used barber sissors for those tabs half way up the shingle.if you decide to do this its tedeus and time consuming and one row at a time and you have to use weights to hold them down cause they will curl up. but they look very realstic when done.my roof took 4 and a half sheets.i overlaped them just like real shingles useing elmers glue.thing of it is sandpapers cheap iget spray bombs at wallys for a buck or two also bought acorrugator for making metal roofing useing soda can aluminum.HOPE THIS HELPS heres a couple pictures
  14. dragster fever added a post in a topic question about larry gscale order   

    thanks to all with all the responses its kinda like fine wine wait. wait .wait and wait some more
  15. dragster fever added a topic in General   

    question about larry gscale order
    does anybody order from larry gscale ?.i ordered some diecast items that shipped on the 20th of august 26 days later i still havent got my order . i believe larrys is in new hampshire im in illinois does it take that long to get stuff. i emailed them about this with no response.if anybody out there has had this problem let me know THANKS
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