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  1. You really nailed the look. I like that color, the poverty caps, and the slant six.
  2. I don't think that I've seen a 1:1 Chevy LUV since 1988. Very cool.
  3. I found a diecast 2014 Chevy Silverado that was nearly identical to my 1:1, so naturally, I had to doll it up to look like mine. Painted the bed liner & wheels, made a few decals, plates, inspection sticker and stuff like that, and it is now my desk nameplate paperclip bin. And yes, I took the 1:1 to a sign shop for the windshield header that reads "Red Menace". It is red, and I am a menace.
  4. I like the look of that Mustang. Very cool.
  5. Wow! Certainly not something you see every day.
  6. Thank you to all. Getting back to the rich aroma of paint and plastic model cement is helping me to put my life back together. It's therapeutic.
  7. Excellent color choices for the exterior and vinyl top give it such a nice, factory-fresh look.
  8. Well, if the Duke boys drove a Poncho...it might look that cool.
  9. Using the Motor City Resins kit as a basis for this build was a fairly easy conversion. The hood, bumpers, chassis and a few interior parts were sourced from the AMT '69 H/O kit, and the Revell '72 H/O kit provided some parts as well. The styrene scrapyard provided a couple of things. A pretty straightforward build.
  10. That kit is probably THE best Oldsmobile kit ever released, and your build really looks great!
  11. I made them using Windows Word and some decal paper. Took a few tries to get the size to look right, so you do your practice runs on plain paper.
  12. How cool would that be in 1:1? Very nice!
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