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  1. W-Machine added a topic in Under Glass   

    '69 Hurst/Olds
    Here's a largely box-stock build of the AMT 1969 Hurst/Olds. I did machine new exhaust tips out of sprue, but otherwise kept it pretty simple. I'm currently working on a companion convertible starting with the Motor City Resins bodyshell. I was pretty pleased with the results here.
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  2. W-Machine added a post in a topic 70 Challenger R/T   

    Sweet 'n' clean. I would have ordered mine just like it in October '69, if I had a time machine.
  3. W-Machine added a post in a topic AMT 1965 Riviera Sixties Custom/Early Lowrider   

    I like your Riv a lot, because you kept it subtle and classy. The first-gen Rivvie had such clean styling, hard to improve on. Customizing one can be hard, because some guys don't know when to "lift the brush", so to speak.
  4. W-Machine added a post in a topic Laugh at ourselves   

    Shot propane tanks with a hunting rifle. Crashed cars into utility poles, on purpose. Picked fights, with cops. Homemade explosive devices. I have about 170+ years worth of stupid packed into my life experience. I'm not done yet.
  5. W-Machine added a post in a topic NEVER drink and drive.   

    The laws of physics apply to EVERYONE. And they are, shall we say, "self-enforcing". No matter what your theory about how drunks ALWAYS survive a crash because "they're more relaxed" or whatever (not true), it's probably best not to get good 'n' lickered up before you get behind the wheel.
  6. W-Machine added a post in a topic Watch me work?   

    Who knew that the glue-sniffers who frequent this site had dating advice? I think that you guys are on to something.
  7. W-Machine added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Watch me work?
    A lady that I have recently been keeping company with actually said, "I'd like to watch you work on a model." after seeing some of my finished builds. Frankly, I'm MYSTIFIED by this. I imagine that it would be like watching paint dry. I was able to talk my late wife into building a model in (I think) 1988, when we were dating and she was 18. Can someone explain this request from a woman in her late 40s? I reckoned that a woman of that age would know better.
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  8. W-Machine added a post in a topic Secrets to a long happy marriage   

    As a recent widower after nearly 20 years of marriage (almost 27 together), I can concur.
  9. W-Machine added a post in a topic Bad week....   

    A beer commercial said it best a few years ago: Some days are better than others.

    Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for you.
  10. W-Machine added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    I got BIG LAUGHS...at a funeral.
    My father was tragically killed while riding his bicycle on 13 January 2014. I wrote, and read, this at his funeral service yesterday. He was 73.

    Now, first off, let's have a show of hands from everyone that Pop might have “screwed with” at some time or another. OK, I'm a little disappointed that I'm not seeing 100% participation. Pop routinely enjoyed a ridiculous gag or prank at someone's expense. But the things that Pop really enjoyed were fairly simple. Biking, hunting and fishing with his buddies, spending time with the kids within his sphere of influence (especially his grandchildren, Bridget, Erin, and Peter), traveling, and I certainly won't neglect to mention that I think that he was at his happiest with Brenda. Brenda did manage to grind a few of the “rough edges” off of the old man, but he needed that.
    One of those “rough edges” was Pop's penchant for frugality that was the stuff of legend growing up. A good example of this was his enthusiasm for the Ford Pinto. Pop LOVED Ford Pintos beginning in the late '70s and lasting until well into the '80s for a number of reasons.

    They were cheap, thanks to the slipshod engineering that rendered them a fiery deathtrap in a rear-end collision. The bottom fell out of the market on Pintos once word got out about that.
    Good fuel economy.
    They were cheap.
    Pretty dependable, and while they were crude even by the standards of the day, easy to repair.
    Did I forget to mention that they were cheap?

    Anyway, Pop owned FOUR of those wretched conveyances, torturing his own children by forcing us to ride in vehicles devoid of ANY optional comfort or convenience equipment. You know, like air conditioning. Would've been nice in the summer. I think all four of us learned to drive in a Ford Pinto. The signature “Ford Pinto Episode” occurred when Pop pulled into a gas station and asked the attendant to put in something like three bucks worth of gas. This was back in the days when you could buy more than ¾ of a gallon of gas for three bucks. A half penny short of the desired amount, the nozzle shut off, and the attendant began to pull the nozzle out. Naturally, Pop wanted that 1/200th of a dollar's worth of gas in his Pinto, because everyone knows that a Pinto with a full gas tank represents entertainment value. For the fire department. A spirited discussion ensued, and ultimately, Pop got that half-penny squirt of gas. Yes, it WAS ridiculous. I gave the old man hell about that incident for more than 30 years. And he didn't mind that I poked fun at it. That's what Pop was like in real life. He realized that we are all the butt of a joke at some point. Here's where I graciously bow out, and allow someone else to share a tale that might cause a smile. Bring on the crazy story of poor judgment or stupid humor. I think that's what Pop would have wanted. Have at it.

    My brother, scheduled to speak next, asked, "How the hell am I supposed to follow that?"
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  11. W-Machine added a post in a topic Early Christmas Present I didn't ask for.   

    Al, sorry to hear about your Christmas tragedy. We've all got plenty of battle scars from self-inflicted X-Acto wounds, but I sure never got one THERE! Be prepared to take some good-natured ribbing from the JSMCC guys next month. Oh yeah, and my best wishes for a prosperous and productive 2014 go out to you and the missus.
  12. W-Machine added a post in a topic 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile   

    What's not to like about a '69 H/O? Looks real nice!
  13. W-Machine added a post in a topic 72 Ford Pantera by Fujimi, Updated 1/4/13   

    That's a nice one, Al!
  14. W-Machine added a post in a topic what does everyone do for a living?   

    By trade, I am a municipal tax assessor. I am regarded as more evil than an SS officer, yet not as repulsive as flesh-eating bacteria. My neighbors don't know what I do for a living. They think that I'm a contractor or something. I get into a pick-'em-up every morning and come back at night. I'm not gonna tell 'em. Would you?
  15. W-Machine added a post in a topic Extra-good guys...people who ask nothing in return.   

    Carl Slusher is one of the good guys. The kind of guy who, to me, has exemplified what all of us in the model car community should aspire to be.