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  1. Ok... I’m on my iPhone and I don’t see any pictures!
  2. JohnU

    Wats up?

    Maybe it’s my imagination but does it seem like the ads are targeting the language and wording used in this forums conversations? I don’t visit or should have any history in my browser for some of the inappropriate ads that pop up! Yet, I’ve noticed that maybe one or two words in someone’s dialogue here, taken out of context, will trigger an ad in the same thread! I’m no computer or internet expert just making an observation. I get the idea of having to create revenue with targeted advertising but there’s got to be a way for the forum providers to filter out the inappropriate garbage or find a different ad provider. Yeah, I know, ad blockers are available. But this is a model car forum with expectations of wholesomeness that children may be participating in and feel that monitoring from my end shouldn’t be necessary. Considering that the rules here don’t allow foul language or behavior! I may not be a huge contributor here but I do enjoy visiting, learning and piping in now and then. Now mind you, I’m not a prude or anything but I’m not soliciting this stuff and the quality of these ads tend to spoil the experience of being here. Ignoring them is extremely difficult when they’re so IN YOUR FACE!!! Not shouting, just making a point. I’ve been a subscriber for awhile and have been sympathetic to all the tribulations this magazine community has been through and hope this is just a passing growing pain!
  3. JohnU

    Ad Blockers

    Thanks for the explanation. I just updated my iPhone OS to 13 and thought that had something to do with it.
  4. JohnU

    The Perfect Deuce

    This! This right here! A rolling sculpture with its subtle styling. Just the right amount of rake and chrome. And those wheels with the baby moons and wide white walls, they contrast the dark maroon body perfectly! To me, it’s the perfect deuce!
  5. Or require medical insurance, maternity leave, a pension, special work requirements, a safe place because of any kind of harassment.... get the picture?!
  6. HA!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣!!! Love it!
  7. Has anyone tried using it to restore hazed plastic headlight lenses on actual cars?
  8. Been following this and had an idea you might like to try. How about putting a small bowl of water in the microwave with the styrene and let it steam up. I’m not saying to put the plastic in the water but put them both on the platter together. Or, why not! It’s an experiment right? I’m guessing the steam may get things hotter and the plastic will soften more than with the microwaves alone. Since microwave radiation excites water molecules to do cooking, plastic doesn’t have much water in it to “cook” it per say. Although I have ruined a few Tupperware containers over cooking my leftovers!😜
  9. In the meantime, trucking companies still can’t find enough drivers!😁
  10. Try one of these. Guillotine paper cutter. If it’s sharp and ridged enough it could probably handle thin tin or brass. I’ve used it to cut strips of aluminum from soda cans.
  11. I’m laughing at this one because my wife’s cupcake forum posted the same joke as it relates to the baking hobby!
  12. WHAT!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!🤣🤣🤣
  13. This is awesome! Love the 63 Fury! I’m inspired to try this myself with my kits as well! Please keep up the great work and info!
  14. All righty then, I think I have the information I need now. This is the first time I’m using filler to fix some minor body sink holes. Usually I just block sand the plastic down and highlight the low areas with a pencil and repeat until it looks good to me. The current project I’m working on have some pretty deep ones that will require more attention. Thanks for the feedback!
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