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  1. JohnU added a post in a topic AMT 1/20 Speed Kit Rev 'n' Roll Models   

    This is a fantastic idea! Encourage young kids to get involved in the hobby with contemporary car subjects they recognize. After all, 40's, 50's and 60's cars were all over the place when us old fogies were kids but are for the most part, foreign to youngsters today. Give them something familiar easy to build and play with to keep the hobby alive!
  2. JohnU added a post in a topic Pimp your ride ?   

    Kinda like the watermelon car! Mmmmmm watermelon!!!
  3. JohnU added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2'n'1   

    The front grill work on the chrome tree, are the bars open?
  4. JohnU added a post in a topic New board category suggestion - let me know your thoughts   

    how about "Bash Kits Korner" ?!!
  5. JohnU added a post in a topic It doesn't make any sense   

    Accually, I was joking!
    At least they're serving a purpose as advertising rather than being crushed as cash for clunkers!
    Even if I could afford and had the room to "save" these cars, I wouldn't have time or live long enough to restore them anyway!
    Kinda like the model stash I have!
  6. JohnU added a post in a topic It doesn't make any sense   

  7. JohnU added a post in a topic Another local shop closes it's doors   

    The two hobby shops near me cater mostly to R/C or railroad. One is run by and old guy that doesn't want to be there and the other by some obnoxious long-haired hipster "know-it-all" inerested in pushing the expensive train and R/C stuff and could care less about selling model cars. You might get his attention if you're interested in armor kits though.

    I won't waste the trip only to be ignored and will continue to shop online. Kind of hard to feel sorry for closing HS that provide little or no customer service!! Don't have to kiss my foot just be pleasant, get off your "stool" and be glad to have business!
  8. JohnU added a post in a topic Where unsold NEW cars go to die...   

    Yeah, a guy at work tried to lay this BS on me too till I showed him the truth on Snopes. People really need to be careful of some of the propaganda nonsense that gets passed arround in email chain letters!
  9. JohnU added a post in a topic Are We Model Hoarders?   

    Craigs List. Advertise at $2.00 to $3.00 a kit. Someone will bite at the whole lot. That's how I got my stash! LOL!
  10. JohnU added a post in a topic CHROME TEST   

    Mind you, I have not tried any of these "chrome" products yet. But after following this thread it would seem the the shiney chrome affect is do to the high polish of the bare plastic spoon. Therefore maybe the use of a basecoat would have a better affect if it was polished prior to using the chrome paint? Just a thought.
  11. JohnU added a post in a topic '49 Mercury Woodie Tail Lights ... now I know why   

    More likely for longer loads than the cargo area like short bed PU's today!
  12. JohnU added a post in a topic Wiiiiiiide body from Dubai

    Corn based ethanol may not be all that great after all.
  13. JohnU added a post in a topic Auto modelers - Left or right brained?   

    54. Seems to be a pattern here.
  14. JohnU added a post in a topic Drilling distributor caps   

    (Very cool! Where do you get 1/64" ID tubing? I have looked in several shops, and the K&S website, the smallest I have found is 1/16" OD. I guess the 1/16" OD is probably 1/32" ID, but I can't find anything smaller.)

    Amazon has stainless tubing in small diameters for hypodermic needles. It's what I used for my drill jig. Many assorted sizes! Made drill jigs for exhaust pipes too.