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  1. How about old dried up click type ball point pens?
  2. Keith Marks Decals

    Good idea! “Decals” is the secret password!😁
  3. Keith Marks Decals

    Well, that’s the email I used. Frankly, I only need and prefer to keep one email account myself. Guess I’ll try again and use the term “this is not spam!” in the heading. Although, if I received an email with that in the heading I would be suspicious!😉
  4. Keith Marks Decals

    I tried to email him to purchase some decals once and never heard back! Must not know the secret high sign, handshake, password or something to get a response!
  5. Good to know. I haven’t cracked into this kit yet just going by the box parts layout. If it’s any consolation, the heads up about the glass fit issue is greatly appreciated for when I get around to building this kit! I’m sure you’ll get this worked out!
  6. Is this an older kit? Does it have a one piece windshield back glass? I have the Northwind edition and it has separate pieces. Your first two pictures looks like the glass isn’t sitting up tight to the roof and could be interfering with the tub fit. I’m always fighting with those one piece glass parts! They’re usually the first thing I work on before painting anything!😜
  7. NOS Tank

    I think some of the drag racer kits may have fire extinguishers that could be modified to look like nitrous bottles
  8. Primer

    Easy there Big Daddy! I too can appreciate the frustration of the sound of crickets from this board when asking for advice. Some of us are just looking to save some time by asking questions. I’ll do my own testing as you all so helpfully suggest even if there’s a response. Seems there’s plenty of bad as well practical advice and one needs to sort the “wheat from the chaff “ as it were.
  9. I totally agree with the distilled water use for decals. If I remember correctly it was recommended in the kit instructions of a model I built as a kid! Don’t remember which one though! Has to do with dissolved minerals in tap water. Been using it ever since without a problem.
  10. Headlights

    MicroMark sells a product called Pick-n-stick. They’re a plastic stick about the size of a match stick with a ball of sticky substance that reminds me of the stuff they use to hold new credit cards to the paper mailer on the end. Come in real valuable for handling tiny parts for painting or positioning if you’re all thumbs like I am. And they’re reusable
  11. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    I really have no use for Hobby Lobby for models or supplies in my neighborhood. Whoever is maintaining this isle apparently could give a rats “you know what” about it. Kinda reminds me of a Michael’s model section!
  12. Some talk on car movies.

    1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sedanca de Ville from Disney’s Gnome Mobile!
  13. No remake...Please

    I believe the “original” Magnificent Seven is the 1954 Japanese made Seven Samurai.
  14. Now I think this is silly

    Well, considering that art is subjective and a Jackson Pollock paint splatter is considered art as well then neither is my preferred taste in art. To each his own I guess.