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  1. Eh…don’t mind me captain. I’m just a tourist here and don’t visit often. Usually only to harvest a nugget or two of info that catches my eye over the years. Probably should have minded my own business. Guess this is what happens when I decide to comment a couple of cocktails in! Just couldn’t help but notice though, what seems to me, a lot more snark on the forum threads I tend to visit than I remember. That’s all I meant. Nothing personal! And oh, I get the idea of “spirited discussion” -yada yada ya. Just maybe a little more tolerance for us neophytes maybe. And yeah, I suppose it’s up to the Mods to decide what’s what. So, maybe it’s just me, being too sensitive when I imbibe while internet surfing seeing bullies and demons to defend against! With that, carry on! Didn’t mean to disturb the natives!
  2. Seems some of the kids that were put in “time out” are back in the sandbox again!😜
  3. I subscribe to the channel!
  4. Glad I came across this thread! So, a while ago I bought the original Renwal kit to build again like when I was a kid from EBay. Long story short, it didn’t have all the clear engine block parts. Everything else to make a running model was there and worked! I bought the Revell kit from HL with 40% coupon (before they discontinued) to complete it. After seeing this thread, I compared the parts in question here and found what might be the problem. I posted pictures for reference. The first picture is the Renwal part sprue the second picture is the Revell part and the third is a side by side comparison. Looks like Revell screwed up the mold and rounded off the tops of the lifters! This also added material to the hight as well! Did a measurement of a random part from each sprue and found Revell added approximately .020 in. to the lifter! Renwal is .550 in. Revell is. .570 in. at the lifter end! The rod end looks to be about the same. I suppose if you’re careful about sizing the length of the total rod and lifter it shouldn’t matter. Just thought the radiused lifter was curious. Was Revell trying to make an improvement? Think I might stick with the flat Renwal parts. I remember my original build when I was a kid worked! Although, my Dad did help with the electrical part!😜
  5. Or just don’t use it. Canopy glue, PA glue, clear epoxy is better. I got away from the super glues all together for most, and I mean most everything that’s final assembly. Still use for mock ups. Never on clear parts. Done with that!
  6. What are you talking about? I tried googling “plumbers tape” and all that I could find was PTFE thread tape! Got a better clue of what you mean?
  7. Well, better over shot than under shot! Parts should be fine but, you got a little trimming to do there!
  8. I can’t stand this thing! Aside the poor guy that committed suicide because of it, they incessantly run this commercial until it would drive any sane person nutty!
  9. Really? Nobody’s brought this abomination up yet! I still can’t believe they resurrected this thing again considering it’s history!
  10. Look. I get that this is the “off topic lounge” where anything goes! There’s plenty of fun topics here that I enjoy so I’m not going to “just not look here” as suggested. I was just hoping that maybe the morbid reminder of our mortality could be relegated to a single thread to be added to and perused by anyone wishing to! My thought was, there might be others that may feel like I do so it’s just a suggestion not a demand. I realize that when a kid not part of the clique appears on the playground, there’s going to be pushback. So really, critics, you can back off on the sarcasm! I’m not trying to push you off the swing!
  11. For all the OCD posters that find it necessary to post here every celebrity death that is already public knowledge thanks to standard news media! Jeez! Thank you for letting me vent! This probably should be in What Irked me Today but figured a separate topic might encourage my point. I like to come here to enhance my enjoyment of the hobby and all I see is dead people!👻
  12. If there was a button, I’d give this comment a “Like”!👍😜
  13. The first time I tried the foil under paint for fine script I was puzzled about how to concentrate an abrasive on such a small area. Then I found in my pencil cup an old eraser “pencil” the kind used by draftsmen back in the day before CAD took over for blueprint drawing. Was able to shape it down to a point fine enough to just rub the paint off the high areas of the script! The abrasive in them are perfect for removal of paint because I think they were designed to remove ink on paper. The one I got I’ve had since my apprentice days many moons ago! A light touch is all you need to remove paint, then a buff with a soft clean cloth.
  14. Well, I used to use it for other things other than models that HL provided. I recall using it recently, maybe a month or two ago for my wife’s baking supplies. I literally just looked at my app and discovered the coupon option is gone! Considering I have a small hobby shop full of kits anyway, don’t really mind not using it for that. They weren’t always the best price or selection. At least in my neck of the woods. Seems their data base was recently hacked too!
  15. Looks like they stopped their 40% coupon at the Stow Ohio location plus the coupon doesn’t show up on my HL app either!
  16. Well now, percentage makes more sense and clears the confusion for me!
  17. Wow! I would have gotten that confused pretty quick! Would not have expected equal parts not to be equal amounts! Thanks for the heads up! What kind of a mess would that have made?
  18. Thanks Pete for the link! Mineral oil it is. It’s funny, I just read through the newer Revell version of the visible v8 kit and it says to use vegetable oil as a lubricant! But I’ve seen vegetable oil age, dry out and get gummy in a small bowl so, I don’t think I want that going on inside this finished model!
  19. Hi gang! Need some help. Can mineral oil be used as a lubricant with model plastics? I’m in the process of assembling the old Visible V-8 Engine with lights and motor! Built one as a kid and and barely got it to function! Fifty years later, I want to try again hopefully with better results! Instructions show using oil on areas that move (didn’t know that as a kid!) but does not say what type. I don’t want to go using just anything that would react and possibly craze or melt the plastic! Got a incomplete vintage kit and a new reissued one without the electrics for parts that I’ve been sitting on and decided to bring it to life! Recommendations will be appreciated!
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