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  1. I’m toying with the idea of using a battery operated electric toothbrush and modifying it to take sanding and polishing pads. Still in the mental experiment stage.😏 Not an original idea though, I think it was deep in this forum somewhere!
  2. Jeez! I checked your link and Walmart shows it’s out of stock already! Guess your tip rallied all the hoarders!😜
  3. Another vote for Tamiya smoke. I use the bottle stuff and brush it on. Used it on the rims (not original to the kit) of this Revell Black Widow. You can see the difference to the bumper where I didn’t use it.
  4. On eBay a seller called Larrygscale has a ton of finished diorama stuff. G scale that translates to approximately 1/24, 1/25. A little pricey but appears to be finished and ready to use. Stuff I didn’t know you could find! I haven’t bought anything yet but it’s fun to look at what he’s got!
  5. So...typical used car dealer.😜The wife was curious about them too. I’ve figured with their advertising overhead they weren’t the best bargain in town.
  6. Just did the same thing except I used a round white sticker label on the lid first. Some of the darker colors kinda disappear against the black lid. Also added the paint ID number as well.
  7. Wow Brian, thanks for the link! Gonna book mark it. That looks like a match for the calendar picture car I’m talking about! Got a much better view of the drop top boot and it looks like it might be much easier to fabricate myself than to source it from a different kit.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I figured I would have to make my own. Been scouring my stash of limited convertibles kits and was coming up with nothing that would fit or modify close enough. I didn’t realize Studebaker actually didn’t have a convertible. My inspiration was from a car calendar photo we have at work. It has red body paint, white interior, a black folded down top. It’s got a lowered stance with wire rims and wide white wall tires. The grill bars have been removed for a more open look. I suppose it’s obviously a custom job but boy, I can’t stop wanting to build one just like it! It looks so classic cool!
  9. I’ve got an older release of this kit and I’d love to make a convertible out of it. But I’m struggling with finding a boot that will fit without too much hacking! It would be nice to have this option in the reissue!
  10. Ok, I see a seller from Australia listing $3.30 with $28 US for shipping.
  11. Wow! $27.00 for 14 ml (.49oz) with free shipping from England on eBay! Wonder what it will cost if it becomes available in the US.
  12. Well, after a little gentle research on Google (Scalemates, RC World), I’ve discovered that it is an acrylic varnish. Suggests to me it’s very similar to Future floor finish. In a smaller bottle!😁
  13. I’m a lefty and learned to play guitar at eight years old. Seemed to come easy because all the notes and cords are manipulated on the neck with the left hand! Never understood the need for flipping and restringing for a “left hand guitar”!
  14. Ian Roussel is to custom car building what Bob Ross is to painting!
  15. Shoot them an email and see how they respond. Ask for a phone number to talk to someone to see if they’re worth doing business with. They might be a new start up still getting their feet wet!😉
  16. Well, FedX delivery guy put my 69 chevelle kit right in my hand! Happened to be doing yard work at the time he came by!😁
  17. He also played a pretty good Lt. Sulu in the fan based YouTube production Star Trek Continues. Any Star Trek fans of the original series will get a kick out of this “what if they did another season of episodes before they got canceled” offering! It was made around 2013 by die hard fans with fan funding. It also stars James Doohans son as Scotty! There’s also some cameos of other famous actors along the way. Won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!
  18. This really makes more sense considering how much work goes into finishing the exterior and how much easier and smaller the area that needs masking is on the interior.
  19. That little motorcycle is one of my grails! Hot Dog! Can finally score one for not a small fortune and not resin! Oh, and the Imperial could be used in a small chase scene diorama with the 27 ford T police car!
  20. I think he might be asking about the tank pressure not spraying pressure. I have an old Sears Craftsman pancake compressor that has a regulator that shuts off the pump at 125 psi. If that helps. Can paint at 15 to 20 psi for a couple of hours which is usually the limit of my paint sessions. l’d be careful about making your own pressure vessel though. Unless you know what you’re doing, it could be a bit dicey! If you really need to store air, Harbor Freight sells a separate air tank that can be filled for off site use. For the price it may be a safer option.😉
  21. Remember when you were a kid and wanted to glue on all the custom parts that came with the kit? This is the adult rich kid version!
  22. I haven’t waisted my time with Sears Craftsman since they started limiting their exchange policy on certain power tools before they sold the brand. I’ve found Harbor Freight will exchange tools no questions asked like Sears did years ago! Yeah, I know, “cheap China made carp! Only name brand ‘murican made for me!” Well, in my opinion they have improved a lot and you’d be surprised by the quality most of their tools have. But, if you’re a professional and use your tools daily, then fine go for it! But for the price and the limited use these tools are gonna get around my house, it’s not worth having expensive ones lounging around my garage till the next time I need it. By the way, it’s sometimes been cheaper to buy a power tool from the Freight than rent it too!
  23. This looks exactly like the one I got from Harbor Freight but without the tank. As for noise level, my wife snores louder than the sound this makes!😜
  24. The thing is, do you like NOT being a Mo Tor!?😂
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